RotoQL Lineup Builder Review

RotoQL Lineup Builder Review

Complete Tool Analysis
rotoql review

Complete RotoQL Review for July

In this RotoQL Lineup Builder Review, we’ll give a brief history about the company and an analysis on the product itself. RotoQL was founded in 2015 by Justin Park, Frank Kim and Mike Shiekman. RotoQL is a daily fantasy sports lineup optimizing tool with loads of features to help users quickly build successful teams. Grab your RotoQL Promo Code before created an account.

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It’s rise in fame is in part due to the names of the investors backing the product. Saahil Sud is one of the most successful daily fantasy sports players in the world, and he came on-board in early 2017.

All of America’s prominent leagues are included in RotoQL’s data system, including NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf and NHL.

Justin Park, Frank Kim and Mike Shiekman took a fantastic idea (building successful daily fantasy sports lineups quickly) and brought it to life.

In addition, daily fantasy sports wiz Saahil Sud, brought almost immediate fanfare to the platform.

Known as one of the world’s best daily fantasy sports players, Saahil Sud also brought another level of expertise to the development of the RotoQL analytics platform.

Justin has a record of success in the digital space.

He co-founded VIdaao (which was acquired by Skyword in 2014) and served as the CBO of APlus (which notably had Ashton Kutcher on it’s board and was acquired by Chicken Soup for The Soul in 2016) in years past.

Importantly, RotoQL has garnered investment in recent years from some absolutely huge names in the industry.

This is of course in large part to the idea of sports betting becoming legal in the United States.

Below are the known persons and companies to have invested in RotoQL:

  • David Stern – Former NBA Commissioner
  • Jason Robins – Founder of DraftKings
  • Peter Blacklow – Boston Seed Capital
  • Tim McSweeney – Technology and Consumer Product Investor
  • Mark Mariani – Vegas Insider
  • Michael Spirito – Sapphire Ventures
  • Paul Beattie – Angel Investor
  • Ralph Topping – Gambling Space Investor
  • Jim Pallotta – Raptor Group
  • Karlani Capital – Technology Investment Company
  • Velo Partners – Gaming & Gambling Investment Company
  • Azure Capital – Technology Investment Company
  • Oakvale Capital – Gaming & Media Investment Company
  • Benjie Cherniak – Don Best Sports

The list above was last updated in July, 2019.

RotoQL Lineup Builder Review of Subscription Types & Options

Consisting of 5 different subscription levels, RotoQL is available at both monthly and yearly rates.

The 5 different subscription types & pricing is as followed:

  • Free – Includes mobile app news feed. (Free)
  • Express – Includes mobile app news feed & cheat sheet. ($12.99/mo or $129/yr)
  • Premium – Includes Express plus 1 sport, lineup optimizer, player research and projections for desktop. ($29.99/mo or $299/yr)
  • Pro – Includes Premium plus 3 sports, multi-lineup manager and stacks & groups for desktop. ($59/mo or $599/yr)
  • VIP – Includes Pro plus ALL sports and trending players for desktop. ($99.99/mo or $999/yr)

rotoql lineup builder data and functionality review

RotoQL Lineup Builder Review of Noteworthy Data & Functionality

The lineup optimizer and or builder is a solid system and allows for all of the filtering and customization that you’d want.

The stacking and grouping functionality is actually quite unique and helpful.

For those that are fairly new to dfs, the RotoQL stacking and grouping function is worth it’s weight in gold.

rotoql lineup builder review of ui and ux

RotoQL Lineup Builder Review of Platform & App UI/UX

To be honest, when it comes to the RotoQL UI and UX, it shines.

It’s quite obvious that a ton of the investment dollars went into developing a very dynamic and intuitive data platform.

Not only did we find the desktop user interface to be polished, but everything on mobile was beautifully designed and developed as well.

rotoql lineup builder review summary

RotoQL Lineup Builder Review Summary 2019

We’re big fans of RotoQL and the team who brought it to life.

RotoQL Review Details
  • Functionality
  • Mobile Use
  • Accuracy
  • Insight
  • Value

RotoQL Rating Overview

Sure, there are some small bits that can and should be upgraded.

However, RotoQL is a tremendous all-around daily fantasy sports tool to have in your arsenal.

Full with latest news, projections, lineup builder and again the grouping/stacking functionality, RotoQL is a tool to keep an eye on.