Latest DraftKings Promo Code Offers for July

Latest DraftKings Promo Code Offers for July

Our DraftKings promo code offer for July is attached to their best new player promotion in nearly three years!

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DraftKings Promo Code

Our current DraftKings promo code offer is attached to a 100% deposit bonus with a free contest entry. The free contest voucher is to a DraftKings tournament with over $1.5 million in prizes. This is the first time in nearly three years DraftKings has had a promo code offer with a 100% deposit bonus!

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The featured DraftKings promo code offer above is currently the top bonus offer in daily fantasy sports. We keep the terms and details for our DraftKings promo code updated daily to ensure our subscribers receive the largest bonus possible when they register this July.

We also update the terms to each of these promotions in the FAQ section of this page. We completely renovated this page with the latest details and promotional offers on July 1, 2020.

Is DraftKings Still Operating Through Coronavirus?

DraftKings is doing more than any other DFS website to continue operating throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. You can find a wide variety of contests and sports despite the hiatus the NBA, NHL, and MLB are currently on. In fact, DraftKings has run a Millionaire Maker for every PGA tournament, and announced they will run another Millionaire Maker contest when the NBA season resumes on July 30th!

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Promo CodeOur DraftKings Promo Code is automatically applied for you.
DFS PromoFree entry into a $3 DraftKings contest.
Promo DateOffer valid July 1st – August 31st
Promotional TermsMust be a new DraftKings user and make an initial deposit of at least $5.
More DetailsTo ensure you receive our DraftKings Promo Code, be sure to click on the ‘Get Offer’ button at the top of this page. Remember to do this before creating your DK account. Our DraftKings review is a great spot to learn more about the brand and company.

DraftKings DFS Promotions

By now you must have seen a DraftKings commercial on TV, ESPN, or even heard one on SiriusXM radio. Did you remember to write down the promo code from the end of the commercial? Is that the best new player bonus available?

Our current bonus offer is not only the best available DraftKings promotion but is the top new player offer in the entire daily fantasy industry!

New DFS players that register using the coupon code at the top of this page will receive a free entry that could pay out as much as a $1 million top prize. This offer is active, the terms have been updated for the month of July and DraftKings has yet to update us with any sort of expiration for the promo.

Daily fantasy sports on DraftKings is revolutionizing the way people play fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, and even fantasy golf.

While competing with friends in fantasy leagues is a blast, what do you do once the season has ended and the only thing going on is playoff football?

draftkings promo contests for July 2020

DraftKings Promotional Contests for July

New player bonuses and promo codes are not the only way DraftKings is giving back to their customers this July. Weekly promotional contests and freerolls that payout as much as $50,000 are just another way DraftKings gives back to its customers. Here are three of our favorite promo contests for this month:

PGA Millionaire Maker Contests

Golf was the first professional sport to return from its hiatus and DraftKings celebrated with back-to-back Millionaire Maker contests. Each of these contests featured a $3+ million prize pool and a top prize of $1 million. Nobody offers big prize pool contests like DraftKings.

NBA Return from COVID Millionaire Maker

The NBA announced it will return from the COVID-hiatus on July 30 and DraftKings is celebrating with a Millionaire Maker. NBA MM contests are rare, so this is kind of a big deal. Enjoy the first night of the NBA’s return with a $1 million top prize on the line!

Madden Simulation Free-Rolls

Depending on the night, DraftKings could be running as much as $30,000 in free simulated NFL contests! We get it, simulated football is not the same as actual NFL games, but these are free contests that payout real cash. Building a lineup is the same process as building an NFL lineup, and you can even watch the simulated games.

$10 Million Fantasy Football World Championship

This contest is essentially the super bowl of fantasy football. You have to win a satellite contest to gain entry, but once you’re in you are guaranteed to take home a share of the $10 million in prizes that are up for grabs.

One benefit with the satellite format is the contests are less attractive than cash prize contests. This means you can typically find guaranteed satellite contests with overlay. Looking for some tips for these GPP contests? Check out last year’s Millionaire Maker winners for a breakdown of how a winning roster is constructed.

draftkings 2020 championship series promo

Live Finale Promotions

One of the absolute best DraftKings promotions is their live final contests. These include destination events that you have to win your way into. Each of these events has a guaranteed payout for anyone that makes the trip.

There are also live finals for the PGA and Nascar. These contests are essentially an on-site party that pays out millions in real cash. Just making a DraftKings live final guarantees you a massive cash prize.

Updated DraftKings Promotional Contest Offers

Ready to Start Winning?

What good is a free entry if you have no chance at winning? The biggest problem in daily fantasy sports is the gap between new players and experts. Check out our NFL Playoff lineups, and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive our weekly lineup suggestions!


How Does DraftKings Work?

DraftKings is the king of daily fantasy sports or DFS, but how does that vary from traditional fantasy sports? On DraftKings you build a lineup for today only picking whatever players you want while staying under a salary cap.

Players compete in DraftKings contests for cash prizes of up to $1 million! This includes top prizes of $1 million or more for NFL, MLB, NBA, and even fantasy golf.

If you not only want to play DraftKings daily fantasy but want to dominate on DraftKings, then you have come to the right place.

We have referred more new players to daily fantasy sports than anyone.

We exist to not only help you get started on DraftKings but to win from day one.

Step #1. Register and Make an Initial Deposit

With the new DraftKings promo code system, you no longer need to copy and paste coupons. The whole promotional system has evolved.

Make your initial deposit. DraftKings will then credit you with a free entry ticket voucher.

draftkings deposit bonus offer for 2020

Step #2. Join Contests and Build Your Lineup

You are good to go as soon as you are have created and funded your DraftKings account. Head to the lobby and find a contest to use your free entry on.

The DraftKings lobby is very user-friendly. In a very swift way, you can sort through their different sports and types of games. If you received a free entry for using our DraftKings promo code, you can find the free contests by looking for tickets in the lobby.

You may want to spend your first week on DraftKings in smaller stake contests. We recommend new players stick to entering only 50/50 contests and double-ups before jumping into the guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

Gain confidence and learn your way around the site before getting too aggressive with entering paid contests.

After finding the contest you want to enter, you will then have to build a lineup. This is obviously where the real fun begins.

draftkings lobby overview updated for 2020

Depending on the sport, you’re required to create a lineup of varying sizes.

For example, most DraftKings NBA contests consist of the following positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, and UTIL.

Most DraftKings NFL contests consist of the following positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, and DST.

You will usually have a $50,000 budget to construct your roster. Bear in mind that a player’s individual salary varies. It changes on a game by game basis, a derivative of past production and future projections.

Step #3. Track Your Scores on Game Day

Ok, you are all set up with a funded account and free entry. It is time to get the daily fantasy party started.

The real fun begins as you track your players and lineup on game day.
DraftKings mobile features an industry-leading app for all iOS and Android devices. Their website allows you to track your scores from anywhere and on any device.

draftkings sportsbook live states

You can track both your players and your opponent’s players throughout the night. Tracking an opponent’s squads are available when games start in the GameCenter.

To find the GameCenter, click on ‘Contests’ located in the main menu when logged in. Next, sort contests by ‘Live’ and then click on the ‘Live’ button next to the contest you’d like to observe.

The DraftKings website will show you exactly how many minutes your players have left. It also shows you how many minutes each opponent has left. Thus, you always have a good idea of where each team is going to finish.

Step #4. Accumulate or Withdraw Your Winnings

Any money you win on DraftKings is yours to do what you want with.

You can keep it in your DraftKings account and build it up or you can withdraw winnings through PayPal or a check.

Payments always process fast and funds are available immediately. Please note that if you registered using our DraftKings promo code the bonus funds are subject to a rollover requirement. If that is not met, the bonus money will not be available to withdraw.

We are often asked if DraftKings and other DFS websites are legit and payout. The answer is yes. In fact, DraftKings pays out millions of dollars to contests winners on a daily basis during the NFL season!

It’s also worth noting that the DraftKings Company has a current valuation of more than $1 billion. (For the skeptical among you.)


Answers to DraftKings FAQ’s

Is DraftKings legal and legit?

DraftKings is legitimate without a doubt. They are a billion-dollar company that treats their players well. The giant processes payments in a bolt and works hard to keep their product competitive and fair. Not only that, but DK has partnered with several NFL teams, further solidifying their relationship with the league.

The legal landscape for DFS and sports betting in the US is improving every day. Legislation has already passed in most states. This keeps the industry regulated and provides states a great deal of revenue.

It never has and will never be illegal to play daily fantasy sports. If contests are not allowed in your state, you can not enter them. This is because your location gets pinged when logging in. Check your state to see what the current legal environment is like for daily fantasy and sports betting.

The DFS industry has already seen rapid growth, and with the betting market growing every day it looks like DraftKings should see a ton of growth in the coming years.

Is it easy to win on DraftKings?

Everyone who competes in daily fantasy sports thinks that they are an expert. The games are challenging enough to be enjoyable, but also very winnable.

If you’re new to DFS, you can always create an account and play for free to start with. In fact, you should only enter free contests until you are ready to play with money on the line.

Get your legs under you before taking the plunge into the biggest events. There are no gifts in life. Everything that is good is worth working for. Do your homework and put yourself in a position to win.

While winning may not be a cakewalk, DraftKings does a great job of keeping you in the game. DraftKings players get access to more benefits than any other DFS site. This includes benefits like DK Dollars, which can be used to enter contests, and player rewards, which can be used to grab the free gear.

new draftkings features for 2020 nfl season

Does FanDuel or DraftKings offer a better DFS product?

There are dozens of daily fantasy sports sites. While FanDuel offers a great product, DraftKings happens to be our favorite place to play DFS by far.

Contests and payouts are larger on DraftKings than any other platform. Their website is easy to use and their support team is the most player-friendly we have used.

The DraftKings website and mobile app are as solid as they come. They offer the top promotions in the daily fantasy sports industry. This includes the largest guaranteed prize pool contests in the business, including the only $1 million with only a $3 entry fee!

What sports can I play on DraftKings?

You can find the usual fantasy sports on DraftKings. These include favorites such as fantasy football, basketball, baseball, and golf. Additionally, college football, basketball, PGA, MMA, Soccer, and even Nascar are available.

Not only is their variety, but there are massive tournaments in each sport. In fact, DraftKings has already had many PGA Millionaire Maker tournaments. They offer massive tournaments, unlike any other DFS platform in the market.

Whether you are into fantasy football, fantasy basketball, or fantasy baseball, it is just so much better when $1 million is on the line.

Does DraftKings match your deposit?

DraftKings announced a new, limited time, deposit bonus system that will run through July and into the start of the NFL season! For a limited time, DraftKings will give you an additional 25% bonus on any deposit you make. Deposit bonus offers are few and far between in the current DFS market so take advantage of this deal before it is gone.

How do I receive my deposit bonus?

Your deposit bonus gets released into your account over a period. This is the only way to ensure players do not abuse the deposit bonus policy. People would otherwise only play with deposit bonus funds. Also, this limits players abusing the system by creating many accounts.

The fact that the bonus gets released over time ensures you have every opportunity to win. Play smart and manage your bankroll to ensure you make the most out of your DraftKings deposit bonus.

draftkings promo code for unlocking achievements

What is the rollover requirement when DraftKings does offer a new player deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus is back on DraftKings, which means rollover requirement questions are back as well. 

First of all, playthrough and rollover requirements exist on all daily fantasy and sports betting websites. In fact, the rate of release for deposit funds is the same on all daily fantasy sports sites.

Check out the DraftKings terms of use for more information.

That rate on DraftKings is $4 for every $100 in entry fees. So if your total bonus amount is $500, then you will need to enter $12,500 worth of contests to be eligible to receive the full bonus.

How do I receive the free entry for using the Hello Rookie DraftKings Promo Code?

All you have to do is register with our coupon and make the minimum deposit to receive the best available offer.

As of 2020, users can see what contests they have tickets for right in the lobby. Qualified contests show an orange ticket in the description. Build your lineup and choose to use your ticket instead of money to enter the contest.

new draftkings cfb pick em promotion

How should I withdraw my winnings?

Receiving a withdrawal or payout is never a difficult task with DraftKings. You cannot withdraw the deposit bonus you receive with our bonus code of course. However, you can withdraw the money you win with it.

Numerous players prefer to receive a check that they deposit into their checking or savings account. We prefer to withdraw earnings using PayPal (it is fast and easy). Funds are available immediately and you can use a PayPal debit card to use them anywhere. Alternatively, transfer said funds to your bank account.

Does DraftKings Offer College Football?

Yes, after removing college football for the 2016 and 2017 seasons, DraftKings added it back at the start of the 2018 season. Whether or not you can enter DraftKings college football contests will depend on the state you are playing in. Certain states, including New York, have banned fantasy college sports.

We recommend you check out our latest college football lineup article if you are interested in getting started with college football. It is also worth noting that our current DraftKings promo code can be saved and redeemed on NFL and CFB contests this fall.

free millionaire maker entry promotion

Review of Current DraftKings Offers

As the leader in daily fantasy sports, DraftKings is constantly changing its available promotions and deposit bonus offers. While their current new player bonus is the best in the industry, there are times where you can find more attractive offers elsewhere in the industry.

The review below compares our current DraftKings offer to those of FanDuel, Yahoo, and Monkey Knife Fight.

We have repeatedly referred to the current DraftKings promo offer as the best in the industry, yet it does not have a perfect rating. This is because they have offered a slightly better new player bonus before, and they would have to match or exceed that offer to receive a perfect score.

ReviewCurrent DraftKings Promotions
SummaryDraftKings introduced us to the Millionaire Maker contest nearly 5 years ago and to this day continues to offer the best promotions and contests in the industry. The current DraftKings promo code offer, a 100% deposit bonus of up to $500, is the industry’s best deposit bonus offer in over three years! If that wasn’t enough, Hello Rookie listeners that register this June will receive a free $3 entry into a contest that pays out over $2 million in prizes.
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Rating4.9 (out of 5)