DraftKings Promo Code

DraftKings Promo Code

MAX Deposit Bonus, Discounts & Freebies | Updated September, 2019
draftkings promo code

Best DraftKings Promo Code for September 2019

Take advantage of the best DraftKings Promo Code offer of the month! DraftKings is quickly becoming the go to source for all things daily fantasy and sports betting in the United States. Other US sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports websites are being left in the dust. Use our DraftKings Promo Code this September, 2019 to get a free entry into the NFL Millionaire Maker Contest along with a deposit match bonus of up to $500.

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draftkings promo codes by hello rookie

Promo CodeOur DraftKings Promo Code is auto-added in a new tab.
DFS PromoMillionaire Maker – Free Entry.
Sportsbook PromoFree $200 bet.
Promotional TermsMust be a new DraftKings user and make an initial deposit of at least $5.
More DetailsTo ensure you receive our DraftKings Promo Code, be sure to click on the ‘Get Offer’ button at the top of this page. Remember to do this before creating your DK account. Click here for a complete review of the DraftKings brand & company.

These promotions do not currently have an end date. In fact, Hello Rookie visitors do not currently have to even use a promo code (follow the ‘Get Offer’ button above).

Each of these DraftKings Promo Code offers are a great way to build up your bankroll in your first few weeks playing. Anything you win with your bonus cash is yours to withdraw or enter even more contests with.

New players should check out our articles for some helpful tips, strategies and lineup selections.

How Do DraftKings Promo Codes Work?

By now you’re aware that while playing on DraftKings is a blast, winning money in dfs isn’t always easy. Thus, use our DraftKings promo code and get ready to manage your DK bankroll.

The bonus cash you receive from our DraftKings promo code helps you build up your account. Free-rolls allow you to develop a strategy without having to risk your own money.

In fact, DraftKings offers more free rolls than any other dfs or sports betting website. Take advantage of them and compete in free tournaments that pay out thousands of dollars.

With that said, the largest free entry you will get is to our DraftKings promo code.

By using our promo code when you register, you will receive a free-entry into a $3 tournament. Those tournaments often have prize pools in the $10,000 to $75,000 range!

We recommend playing that free-entry in a GPP Contest for your first week on DraftKings. Focus the rest of your efforts on free, $2, 50/50’s, double-ups and or head-to-head contest types.

Click on the DraftKings Promo Code button on the top of this page before you register your account.

Upon completing your registration, the free roll will be in your account. This is the most used DraftKings Promo Code on the web.

To verify that you’ve received the promotion, click ‘Tickets’ in the DK menu. It’s located on the top right of the main-menu when logged in.

When you would like to use your free-roll, click ‘Tickets’ and then ‘View Contests’. Then, choose the contest you’d like to enter.

That’s all there is to it. Build your lineup and track it’s progress. You can do so during that slate of games via the DraftKings Live browser.

draftkings promo code for deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is pending and goes into your account as you play over time.

It’s important to stick to contests that have better odds. Contests such as head-to-head’s and 50/50’s would be perfect for example. At least for a few weeks of playing on DraftKings.

These types of contests and or tournaments will allow you to improve your DFS skill and build a bankroll. Ensuring that you receive your entire deposit bonus. Without having to compete in contests with low odds of winning.

draftkings promo code for free $3 entry

Where do you find your DraftKings Promo Codes?

We have made the decision to offer our visitors the largest possible deposit bonus. This is regardless of where the DraftKings Promo Code comes from. The only way to guarantee that you are getting the best possible bonus offer, is to check for updates often.

We differ from other websites that only promote their DraftKings Promo Code. We are marketing the best offer possible 100% of the time.

If you happen to find an offer better than the one we are currently featuring, contact us and let our team know. We will verify the offer and get it added immediately. We work with the DraftKings marketing team and do our own research to stay up to date. We always want to have the top codes available for our subscribers.

how do draftkings promo codes work

How Does DraftKings Work?

If want to play daily fantasy sports on DraftKings, you’ve come to the right place.

We have referred more new players to daily fantasy sports than anyone.

We exist to not only help you get started on DraftKings, but to win from day one.

Step #1. Register and Make an Initial Deposit
With the new DraftKings Promo Code system, you no longer need to copy and paste promo codes. The whole promotional system has evolved.

Make your initial deposit. DraftKings will then credit you with a free entry.

Yet, DraftKings does still give you the option to enter a promo code on their homepage. We’re told that all promo codes are no longer applicable on the site. But, it appears at the moment that you can still enter a DraftKings Bonus Code when you register.

With that, we haven’t come across any actual codes that are operable at the moment.

draftkings promo code for 25k

Step #2. Join Contests and Build Your Lineup
Once you have registered and added funds to your account using our promo code, you are good to go.

The DraftKings lobby is very user friendly. In a very swift way, you can sort through their different sports and types of games.

You may want to spend your first week on DraftKings in smaller stake contests. We recommend new players stick to entering only 50/50 contests for the first week or so.

Build up your confidence and learn your way around the site before getting too cocky.

After finding the contest you want to enter, you’ll then have to build a lineup.

draftkings millionaire maker promotion

Depending on the sport, you’re required to create a lineup of varying sizes. For example, most DraftKings NBA contests consist of the following positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F and UTIL. Most DraftKings NFL contests consist of the following positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex and DST.

You’ll usually have a $50,000 budget to construct your roster. Bare in mind that player’s individual salary varies. It changes everyday, a derivative of past production and future projections.

Step #3. Track Your Scores on Game Day
Ok, you’ve got all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted. It’s time to get the dfs party started.

The real fun begins,as you track your players and lineup(s) on game day.

DraftKings has an industry leading app for all iOS and Android devices. Their website allows you to track your scores from anywhere and on any device.

draftkings promotional rewards

You can track both your players and your opponent’s players throughout the night. Tracking opponents squads is available when games start in the GameCenter. To find the GameCenter, click on ‘Contests’ located in the main menu when logged in. Next, sort contests by ‘Live’ and then click on the ‘Live’ button next to the contest you’d like to observe.

The DraftKings website will show you exactly how many minutes your players have left. It also shows you how many minutes each opponent has left. Thus, you always have a good idea of where each team is going to finish.

Step #4. Rack Up or Withdraw Your Winnings
Any money you win on DraftKings is yours to do what you want with.

You can keep it in your DraftKings account and build it up or you can withdraw winnings through PayPal or a check.

Payments always process fast and funds are available immediately.

We are often asked if DraftKings and other DFS websites are legit and pay out. The answer is yes. In fact, DraftKings pays out millions of dollars to winners all the time.

It’s also worth noting that the DraftKings Company has a current valuation of more than $1 billion. (For the skeptical among you.)

Answers to Often Asked DraftKings Questions

Is DraftKings legal and legit?
DraftKings is legitimate without a doubt. They are a billion dollar company that treats their players well. The giant processes payments in a bolt and works hard to keep their product competitive and fair.

The legal landscape for dfs and sports betting in the US is improving every day. Legislation has already passed in most states. This keeps the industry regulated and provides states plenty of revenue.

It has never and will never be illegal to play daily fantasy sports. If contests aren’t allowed in your state, you can’t enter them. This is because your location gets pinged when logging in. Check your state to see what the current legal environment is like for daily fantasy and sports betting.

Is it easy to win on DraftKings?
Every one that competes in daily fantasy sports thinks that they are an expert. The games are challenging enough to be enjoyable, but also very winnable.

If you’re new to DFS, you can always create an account and play for free to start with. In fact, you should only enter free contests until your ready to play with money on the line.

Get your legs under you before taking the plunge into the bigger events. There are no gifts in life. Everything that is good is worth working for. Do your homework and put yourself in position to win.

draftkings promotion for 1.25 million

Is DraftKings the best DFS website?
There are dozens of daily fantasy sports websites. DraftKings happens to be our favorite product by far.

Contests and payouts are larger on DraftKings than any other platform. Their website is easy to use and their support team is the most player friendly we’ve used.

The DraftKings website is as solid as they come. They have a great app as well with a well thought out user experience. DK also happens to offer the top promotions in the dfs industry. This includes the largest guaranteed prize pool contests in the business.

What sports can I play on DraftKings?
You can find the usual fantasy sports on DraftKings. These include favorites such as fantasy football, basketball, baseball and golf. Additionally, college football, basketball, PGA, MMA, Soccer and even Nascar are available.

Not only is their variety, but there are massive tournaments in each sport. In fact, DraftKings has already had many PGA Millionaire Maker tournaments. They offer massive tournaments, unlike any other dfs platform in the market.

How do I receive my deposit bonus?
Your deposit bonus gets released into your account over a period of time. This is the only way to ensure players don’t abuse the deposit bonus policy. People would otherwise only play with deposit bonus funds. Also, this limits players abusing the system by creating many accounts.

The fact that the bonus gets released over time ensures you have every opportunity to win. Play smart and manage your bankroll to ensure you make the most out of your DraftKings deposit bonus.

draftkings promo code for unlocking achievments

How do I receive the free entry for using the Hello Rookie DraftKings Promo Code?
All you have to do is register with our promo code to receive the best available offer.

As of 2019, users can see what contests they have tickets for right in the lobby. Qualified contests show an orange ticket in the description. Build your lineup and choose to use your ticket instead of money to enter the contest.

How should I withdraw my winnings?
Receiving a withdrawl or payout is never a difficult task with DraftKings. You can’t withdraw the deposit bonus you receive with our promo code of course. But, you can withdraw the money you win with it.

A lot of players prefer to receive a check that they deposit into their checking or savings account. We prefer to withdraw earnings using PayPal (it’s fast and easy). Funds are available immediately and you can use a PayPal debit card to use them anywhere. Or transfer said funds to your bank account.

DraftKings Promo Code Outlook & Review

Our DraftKings Staff Review & Promo Code Rating
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Free Entries
  • Existing Player Discounts
  • Reward Perks
  • Special Offers

DraftKings Promo Code & Review Summary

The DraftKings and FanDuel merger is dead the water. This means that daily fantasy sports players are even more valuable.

We'll see the very best DraftKings Promo Codes and fantastic promotions throughout 2019.

The types of promotions we see are bigger sign-up bonuses and more free entry tickets. Additionally, they'll be continuing to build their sports book. Amazing offers include but are not limited to deposit match bonuses of up to $600.

The website and app design take second only to FanDuel. They also offer an unmatched variety of sports, contests and prize pools. There isn't a company in this industry that tries as hard as DraftKings. They keep daily fantasy sports new, different, original and fun.

You'll love competing in NFL games, college football and basketball, to MMA and PGA. The variety and quality of games on DraftKings is unbeatable. They offer the largest tournaments in the industry with the highest payouts. From Million dollar football contests, to Millionaire Makers for NBA, MLB, and PGA.

DraftKings has a bigger and better contest variety than any competitor. Use our DraftKings Promo Code, get registered and start winning dfs in 2019!

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