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We love daily fantasy sports, but we love DFS sites with a twist just a bit more. These platforms make fantasy sports that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Enter Vivid Picks. Vivid Picks is a daily fantasy sports platform that focuses on the player experience by offering participants an innovative pick-and-win format and real cash prizes. What more could you want? But does Vivid Picks live up to all of the hype? Is it a legitimate site, and is it worth your time? In this review, we’ll look at the platform in-depth to give you an honest opinion of what Vivid Picks offers.
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4.6 Stars out of 5.0

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Vivid Picks Review Summary

We’re giving Vivid Picks a generous 4.6 out of 5.0. We appreciate it for its fun and user-friendly platform, low deposit requirement, and excellent bonus offer. However, the platform falls short due to its limited withdrawal options. Despite that, picking is fun and quick.


    • Fun, User-Friendly DFS Platform
    • Low Deposit Requirement
    • Excellent Bonus Offer


    • Limited Withdrawal Options
    • Only Email Customer Support
    • Strict Restrictions on the Bonus
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VividPicks Review on HR

What is Vivid Picks all about?

Whenever we review a platform, we like to dive in and check out all the features. What makes it different from other platforms? After playing on Vivid Picks, we found it a refreshing addition to the daily fantasy sports (DFS) scene. If you enjoy Over/Under games and head-to-head matchups based on player stats, Vivid Picks might be just what you’re looking for.

Unlike traditional DFS platforms like DraftKings or FanDuel, which offer salary cap contests, Vivid Picks focuses solely on Over/Under games and head-to-head matchups. This simplicity makes it an excellent option for those who prefer straightforward gameplay without the need for complex strategies. The Vivid Picks mobile app delivers high-quality pick ’em options as you’d find at major sportsbooks.

But its social functionality truly sets Vivid Picks apart from other DFS sites. The platform is designed to foster a sense of community among players. You can easily follow your friends’ picks and engage in lively discussions with other users. This feature makes Vivid Picks an excellent choice for groups of friends who enjoy playing the same entries and sharing their experiences. It’s almost as if Facebook and Caesars Sportsbook had a baby.

The platform includes an activity feed that displays other users’ picks. This feature is handy if you’re unsure about your picks or are new to the game and want to learn from more experienced players. You can even replicate another user’s entry, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay.

That said, while Vivid Picks offers an easy-to-play and socially engaging DFS experience, it does have its limitations. The game options are somewhat restricted, as it only allows Over/Under and Head-to-Head matchups. Other platforms offer a broader range of game types, including predicting where players’ stats will fall within a scope of options or participating in salary cap or draft-based contests.

Vivid Picks is a promising newcomer to the DFS market. Its unique social features and straightforward gameplay make it a fun option for DFS enthusiasts. While the game options may be limited compared to other platforms, the focus on community and simplicity of play offers a unique experience worth checking out.

Types of sports you can find on Vivid Picks.

As we started clicking around the Vivid Picks app and learned how Vivid Picks works, we were excited to see how many sports betting options there were.

Football fans will be thrilled to know that NFL and NCAA Football are part of the offerings. This means you can make picks based on your favorite professional and collegiate teams and players, adding excitement to game days. After all, who doesn’t love a solid college football pick ’em?

Basketball enthusiasts aren’t left out either. Vivid Picks includes both NBA and NCAA Basketball in their lineup. Whether you’re following the high-stakes world of professional basketball or the thrilling unpredictability of college games, you’ll find plenty to keep you engaged.

For those who prefer America’s pastime, MLB is also available. And if ice hockey is more your speed, you’ll be pleased to find NHL among the options.

Golf lovers will appreciate the inclusion of the PGA, allowing for a deep dive into the nuances of individual player performances on the green.

But what truly sets Vivid Picks apart, in our opinion, is the inclusion of eSports and motorsports. You can make picks on popular eSports like CS:GO and League of Legends, bringing a modern twist to the traditional DFS format. Motor sports enthusiasts can also get in on the action with Nascar and F1 available for selection.

The sports selection at Vivid Picks is diverse and inclusive, catering to a wide range of interests. So whether you’re a traditional sports fan or have a passion for eSports and motorsports, there’s something for everyone. This variety of choices adds to the overall enjoyment of the platform, making each pick a unique and engaging experience.

Vivid Picks Make the Pick HR

Over/Under game type.

The Over/Under game is an engaging way to predict whether players will exceed or fall short of their projected stats, such as points, rebounds, or pass/rushing/receiving yards. The simplicity of the game and the excitement it brings to watching live sports makes it a standout feature of Vivid Picks.

The potential winnings increase as you select more players. Here’s how it scales—

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry amount
  • 3 picks = 5x entry amount
  • 4 picks = 10x entry amount
  • 5 picks = 17x entry amount

Such payouts align with other DFS platforms like PrizePicks that offer Over/Under contests.

What sets Vivid Picks apart, though, is the variety of stats available for each player. Typically, you’ll find three options to choose from. For instance, you could select passing yards, touchdowns, or longest passes with a player like Aaron Rodgers. This variety allows for a more tailored approach to your picks and adds another layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Screenshots from VividPicks on Over Under Contests
Screenshots we took from the VividPicks app. This shows you how easy it is to play.

Head to Head matchup game type.

One that particularly intrigued us was the head-to-head matchups.

In these matchups, you’re tasked with predicting which of two players will perform better based on a specific statistic. To make it fairer and more challenging, Vivid Picks adjusts the stats for the player projected to perform worse, creating a more level playing field.

Just like the Over/Under contests, the potential payout increases as you pick more matchups in a single entry. The payouts are as follows—

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry
  • 3 picks = 5x entry
  • 4 picks = 10x entry
  • 5 picks = 16.5x entry

For example, if you pick three players at $10 and all three win, you’ll walk away with $50.

What we found enjoyable about the matchups is their simplicity and the wide selection of players available weekly. Having a variety of choices allows for more strategic gameplay and keeps things exciting. The payouts are pretty competitive compared to other DFS platforms offering similar games.

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How is the Vivid Picks mobile app?

Get the Vivid Picks App HR

Now for the million-dollar question: how does the Vivid Picks mobile app hold up? The short answer is it’s good. Well, it’s excellent.

The team behind Vivid Picks has done an excellent job designing an intuitive and user-friendly app that is easy to navigate. Everything from signing up for a new Vivid Picks account to making picks can be done with just a few taps on your smartphone screen.

We were able to do everything from the Vivid Picks fantasy app that we could do from the website. That says a lot for a daily fantasy sports app. Most limit access to the web platform. But with Vivid Picks, we found all features available for mobile play, making for a seamless transition from desktop to smartphone.

The app is well-designed and easy to use. We also appreciated the ability to view activity feeds and follow other players’ picks, which adds to the game’s social aspect. It’s like having your own Twitter feed dedicated to fantasy sports.

Where to get the Vivid Picks app.

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android or iOS user. The Vivid Picks app by Betcha Sports is available on both major mobile platforms.

You can get the app from the Google Play Store if you’re an Android user. The process is quick and easy; search for the “Vivid Picks” app in the store and download it to your device.

iOS users will find the app in the Apple App Store. Once again, the process is straightforward; just search for “Vivid Picks” in the store and click “download now” to get started.

Once the app is installed on your device, you can access Vivid Picks’ features and start making picks immediately.

VividPicks Screenshots of Registration Process
These screenshots show just how easy it is to sign up with VividPicks. Download the app, enter the promo code, make your account, and follow up with the deposit. Super simple!

What are sports fans saying about Vivid Picks?

Whenever we look into a new DFS platform, we always like to see what sports fans are saying about it. In this case, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Many users commented on how easy Vivid Picks makes creating and entering contests easy. The user-friendly design of the app has been lauded by many, as well as its focus on community engagement and social interaction with other players.

People seem particularly pleased with the range of sports available on Vivid Picks, especially eSports and motorsports.

As for the ratings, Vivid Picks has a solid 3.8 stars on the Google Play Store with over 300 ratings and 3.3 stars with over 400 ratings on the Apple App Store. These numbers are pretty high for a newer DFS platform, showing users are generally satisfied with their experience. We typically see lower ratings for some of the more established platforms, which speaks to Vivid Picks’ success.

Vivid Picks customer support.

The area that concerns us the most is Vivid Picks’ customer service. Unlike their sister service, Vivid Seats, Vivid Picks only offers email as their only support option.

Most DFS sites offer live chat and phone support, allowing players to quickly resolve any issues they have. That said, we did contact Vivid Picks customer service by email and received a response within 24 hours.

This was much faster than we expected, and we were pleasantly surprised with the level of service we received. We got all our questions answered politely and promptly, but of course, it would be nice if there were other options for players who need help sooner rather than later.

This isn’t a complete deal breaker for us, but it should be noted.

Vivid Picks promo code: as good as it gets!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Vivid Picks’ fantastic bonus offer. You can get a 100% deposit match up to $100 for new players using the promo code “ROOKIE” at sign-up.

This is an incredible deal and one of the best offers in daily fantasy sports.

By using the promo code ROOKIE when signing up, new users can benefit from a 100% deposit match up to $100 in site credit, known as Vivid Bucks, and a free $5 entry into a game. This bonus code provides an excellent starting point to explore the various contests and games on the platform without initially dipping too much into your pocket.

Vivid Picks 100 Deposit Match

It’s essential to note that certain restrictions and requirements are tied to this bonus. First and foremost, players must be at least 18 years old (19 in Nebraska and 21 in Massachusetts) to play Vivid Picks legally.

Once the Vivid Bucks are credited to your account, you have 45 days to use them before they expire. This gives you ample time to explore the platform and make your picks. However, you might not want to let them sit too long. Get on the Vivid Picks app and start playing.

The Vivid Bucks come with a 1x playthrough requirement. This means you must use them in contests once before withdrawing any winnings. This is a standard requirement across many DFS platforms and helps ensure fair play.

Despite a few restrictions, the good news is that Vivid Bucks can be used on any contest that Vivid Picks offers. This allows you to choose games based on your interests and expertise.

The Vivid Picks bonus code offers an excellent opportunity to kickstart your journey on the platform. With a generous deposit match and the freedom to use the bonus on any offered contest, it’s an offer well worth taking advantage of.

Pros and Cons of Vivid Picks.

While it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Vivid Picks has many great features that make it an excellent choice for fantasy sports fans.


  • Easy-to-use platform with intuitive design.
  • Great selection of sports, including eSports and motorsports.
  • One of the best bonuses in DFS – 100% deposit match up to $100.
  • The social aspect with activity feeds and the ability to follow other players.


  • No live chat or phone support – only email.
  • The bonus comes with restrictions and playthrough requirements.

All in all, not terrible, but also far from perfect. Vivid Picks has some great features that make it an attractive choice for fantasy sports fans, such as its intuitive design, a wide selection of sports, and generous bonus offer. However, the lack of live support can be a bit of a letdown for those expecting more robust customer service options.

Vivid Picks FAQ.

Whenever we put together a DFS or sportsbook review, we get tons of questions from our readers. To save time, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers here.

Is Vivid Picks legal?

Yes, Vivid Picks is a legally-licensed fantasy sports platform operating in many states across the US.

What states does Vivid Picks operate in?

Vivid Picks operates in most states across the US that allow DFS platforms. You can find Vivid Picks in Alaska, Arkansas, California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Will Vivid Picks expand into other states?

That remains to be seen. Vivid Picks is always looking for ways to expand its reach, but the final decision will depend on the regulations in each state.

How old do I have to be to play on Vivid Picks?

You must legally play on Vivid Picks at least 18 years old (19 in Nebraska and 21 in Massachusetts).

What sports does Vivid Picks offer?

Vivid Picks offers a wide range of fantasy sports, including Nascar, CS:GO, MLB, League of Legends, NCAA Football, F1, NHL, NBA, PGA, NFL, and NCAA Basketball. In a few customer reviews, we’ve seen that some customers want more options, such as MMA. We’ll let you know if Vivid Picks adds more sports to their selection.

What is the Vivid Picks promo code?

The current Vivid Picks promo code is “ROOKIE,” which will give you a 100% deposit match up to $100 and a free $5 entry into a game. This is one of the best deals currently available in DFS, so take advantage of it. Remember that the Vivid Picks promo code may change occasionally, but we’ll always have the latest and greatest Vivid Picks promo code listed here.

Is there a mobile app for Vivid Picks?

Yes, there is an iOS and Android app available for download. The apps are easy-to-use and feature the same intuitive design as the website.

What are Vivid Bucks?

Vivid Picks Bucks are the site’s currency and are earned using the promo code or other Vivid Picks promotions. They can be used in any of the contests on Vivid Picks. They’re like real money but can’t be withdrawn like cash.

What is the minimum deposit for Vivid Picks?

Vivid Picks has a minimum deposit of $5. This is low compared to other DFS platforms, so starting with Vivid Picks is easy without making a significant investment.

How do Vivid Picks payout?

Unfortunately, Vivid Picks’ payment options are relatively limited. To withdraw money on the Vivid Picks app, you must withdraw a minimum of $15, and the payment will be sent to you as a check. The process usually takes three to five business days to complete. Here are the steps: log in to the Vivid Picks app, select the Money Pocket you want to withdraw from, scroll down to the “Actions” section, and tap “Withdraw cash.”

Does Vivid Picks offer customer support?

Vivid Picks offers email-based customer support, but no live chat or phone option is available now. That’s not ideal, but the customer service team is usually quite helpful and responds quickly.

Can I pick the same game as my friends?

Of course! That’s one of the best features of Vivid Picks – you can play with your friends by picking the same game. As the biggest sports fan, keep an eye on the leaderboards and challenge each other for bragging rights.

Does Vivid Picks offer fantasy football?

Yes, Vivid Picks offers fantasy football contests. However, they’re a little different than your typical fantasy football leagues. Vivid Picks offers “Pick ‘Em” contests, which allow you to select the winners of the NFL games for a given week. These work like a prop bet, where sports bettors pay an entry fee for each matchup.

Summary of our Vivid Picks Review.

Vivid Picks is one of the most fun and user-friendly fantasy sports platforms. With a relatively low deposit requirement, an excellent bonus offer, and a wide selection of sports, there’s plenty here to keep you playing all year round.

The downside is the lack of live support and limited withdrawal options. But if those issues don’t bother you, Vivid Picks is worth checking out.

When we compare Vivid Picks with other DFS platforms, such as Underdog Fantasy or FanDuel, we can see that Vivid Picks has some catching up. We think they’re off to a solid start and look forward to seeing what they bring to the table. Until then, we’re giving Vivid Picks a 4.6 out of 5.0. Unfortunately, we must take some points off for their deposit and withdrawal methods and lack of live support. But it’s worth checking out if you’re a fantasy sports fan. If Vivid Picks cleans up those areas as well as a few others, we think they’ll be one of the top DFS sites around.

Vivid Picks Review Overview


Vivid Picks is a fun and user-friendly fantasy sports platform with a low deposit requirement, excellent bonus offer, and a broad selection of sports. However, it falls short in areas such as live support and withdrawal options. With a current rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, Vivid Picks has growth potential, and if improvements are made in its weak areas, it could become one of the top Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platforms.


4.6 Stars (out of 5) 4.6 (out of 5)
Author: Matt Brown
Reviewed By: Chris Lollis

Matt Brown

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Matt’s love for sports betting and daily fantasy sports, coupled with a deep understanding of football, hockey, and baseball, shapes his innovative thoughts on Hello Rookie. He has a B.S. in Aeronautical Computer Science and a M.S. in Project Management.

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