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The Website

The Hello Rookie website and app are entirely based around providing our subscribers with actionable fantasy and sports betting data, information, and insights. While there is no shortage of sources offering fantasy and sports betting information, it’s our goal to streamline the process. In other words, if you’re a sports fan, fantasy nerd or sports betting hobbyist, we’ll provide you with the insights and lines that interest you in a streamlined manner.

The Podcast

We’ve been sort of behind the curtains of daily fantasy and sports betting-related web searches for a long time. The Hello Rookie Podcast is essentially us getting in front of the camera and behind the mic, to create more user engagement (as opposed to simply organic web search).

The podcast consists of concise segments relative to all things sports. More specifically, we break down all the latest slates, games, and matches with a focus on lines and odds. Our intention is to provide highly useful fantasy and sports betting information (and or data) in a fun and entertaining way.

Our strategy is to essentially put out as many helpful and useful videos as possible. We publish our videos to Youtube, Apple, Google, Soundcloud, Twitch, Spotify and other hosting platforms.

Recently, we’ve been shooting our videos live on Youtube. Afterward, we publish the entire podcast to the aforementioned platforms as well as chopping up and upload individual segments to the Youtube platform.

It’s our hope that one day, we’ll begin to rank higher in Youtube searches. At which point, we’ll actually start to receive views, likes, and subscriptions.

For the time being, however, we’re grinding away, producing all the foundational content that newbies to daily fantasy and sports betting will no doubt be searching for.

In time, we hope to develop a solid amount of subscribers who look forward to our take on DFS lineups and sports betting odds, lines, and picks.

The Platform

For the time being, we’re strictly focused on the marketing and strategy aspects of daily fantasy and sports betting. However, the final stage of Hello Rookie would indeed be its transformation into a daily fantasy sports game or platform itself.

We’ve been in the industry for a long time and see a myriad of components or factors that can be done better. Frankly, we have a long list of things that we would do differently concerning running our own daily fantasy sports platform.

However, the price to enter the daily fantasy sports market is steep and even steeper for sports betting. We never lose hope though and are confident that in time, the space will actually be made competitive.

We can’t wait for sports betting to legalize throughout the entire country and to one day operate our own platform. We have some very innovative ideas that we’d love to be able to work on. More on this subject later.

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Hello Rookie Newsletter

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