FanDuel Review – Breakdown of DFS and Sports Betting Products

FanDuel Review – Breakdown of DFS and Sports Betting Products

Complete Platform Analysis
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Current FanDuel Review – Updated December 2019

In this FanDuel Review, we’ll cover the brand, company behind the brand and the product itself. FanDuel was founded in 2009 by Nigel Eccles, Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones and Chris Stafford and is currently owned by Paddy Power Betfair. Something of a phenomenon, FanDuel alongside DraftKings is a leader and pillar in the daily fantasy sports industry. When you’re ready, be sure to use our FanDuel Promo Code when setting up your new account.

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If you found this review while trying to determine whether or not FanDuel is legit, let us straighten that out right away. Not only is FanDuel legit, but they are one of the fastest-growing brands in sports.

FanDuel, along with competitor DraftKings, spent millions fighting to make daily fantasy sports legal in the United States.

Recently, FanDuel has been pivotal in paving the way to legalized sports betting in the United States. FanDuel earned a $1 billion evaluation in 2015.

Paddy Power Betfair acquired FanDuel in mid 2018 for $158 million.

After the acquisition, the FanDuel business would fall under a newly created subsidy of Paddy Power Betfair known as FanDuel Group. The FanDuel Group consists of a leading portfolio of US daily fantasy, gaming, wagering, and media assets. It operates out of New York but has offices in California, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon, and Scotland.

In late 2018, the National Hockey League (NHL) entered a partnership with FanDuel.

Former CFO of FanDuel, Matthew King became CEO in November of 2017.

The entire founding team of FanDuel no longer works with the company. Due to the tremendous amount of capital raised in the early stages of FanDuel, the Paddy Power Betfair acquisition didn’t leave much on the bone for the original and or founding FanDuel team.

new fanduel sportsbook offers w paddy power

FanDuel Review of Contest Types

We’re talking about the crème de la crème of daily fantasy sports here.

FanDuel has an absolute plethora of different contest types. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran daily fantasy player, there are options upon options to choose from.

For example, FanDuel offers traditional contests such as Tournaments, Head to Heads and 50/50s.

In addition, FanDuel offers a variety of contests that most other DFS platforms don’t.

Those contests include but are not limited to Satellites, Qualifiers Free Plays, Beat The Score, 3 – 100 Players and Beginner Contests. It is also noteworthy that they have a ton of filtering options to enter the exact type of contest that you’re interested in.

A few of these filters include but are not limited to Entry Fees, Entry Types, Quick Entry, Late Swap, Experienced and Highly Experienced, along with Full Roster & Single Game options.

If you have a question about a specific type of contest or even a specific type of contest for a specific sport, check out the searchable FAQ page at This page has answers to almost every question you can think of.

fanduel review of entry limits

FanDuel Review of Entry Limits

This is an incredibly important aspect of daily fantasy sports, especially as it relates to new players, rookies and or newbies. While it’s not a bad or evil aspect of the FanDuel experience, new players simply need to understand it.

That is to say, FanDuel is incredibly successful in part to its gigantic payout type of contests, such as ‘Millionaire Makers’, etc.

However, many of the large prize pool types of contests entail enormous multi-entry rules. For example, it’s very likely that a new player enters a contest that features a large prize pool. They proceed to insert their 1 lineup and cross their fingers. What they have failed to realize, however, is that the rules stated that each player could actually enter a maximum of 300 lineups for example.

Therefore, the new player and his 1 lineup are potentially facing other players who have inserted up to 300 lineups, which drastically decreases the new player’s odds.

When it comes to FanDuel and entry limits, understand that they vary greatly from contests to contest. It is perfectly fine that this is the case, but new players need to be more aware of entry limits. Almost all new players should be sticking to single-entry contests only.

review of fanduel promotions for new players

FanDuel Promotions Overview

If you are new to daily fantasy sports, then the promotions a website offers are likely one of the main factors that influence where you play. While FanDuel does offer some great deposit bonus offers and new player incentives, they are not always the most aggressive name in the industry.

To give yourself a better idea of how the two companies stack up right now, you can compare our current FanDuel promo code offer to our current DraftKings promo code offer. At the time of writing this article, both companies are running identical new player bonus offers. Essentially a free $5 contest with any first deposit.

That being said, these offers vary greatly from week-to-week. If you have yet to sign up at FanDuel this December, you may want to hold out for the FanDuel Super Bowl promotions. This is particularly true if you are considering the FanDuel sportsbook.

New players will almost always get the largest promo offers during the first month of the NFL season… .customers are simply more valuable at that point in the NFL season. The top new player offer of 2019 was a free $9 entry and up to $500 in deposit bonus funds!

Promotions are important and deserve to be included in our FanDuel review, but you certainly should not choose a DFS platform based on the promotion offer alone. Continue reading this review for more must-have information regarding FanDuel’s current product features.

fanduel review of team budgets and player pricing

FanDuel Review of Player Pricing / Team Budget

FanDuel’s player pricing and team budgets vary from sport to sport and from contest to contest. When playing on the FanDuel platform, you’ll be confronted with a number of different salary caps or team budgets including but not limited to $60,000, $55,000, $50,000 and or $35,000.

The reason for the differences is somewhat unclear. However, it’s all essentially the same thing. You have a total budget that will be used to build a lineup of extremely meticulously priced players.

In other words, don’t sweat the budget or how FanDuel prices players, you’ll find little advantage in that strategy. You’ll win by deciphering value and value alone.

Quick tip regarding value on FanDuel: If you read our FanDuel NFL articles, you will hear us say things like, our target value for the week is 4x. To calculate this number, simply divide the player’s salary by 1,000 (or move the decimal 3 places to the left). For example, a player with an $8,500 salary would receive a multiple of 8.5, then multiply that number by our target value, in this case, 4. The resulting number is the number of fantasy points the player would have to put up to reach value (34 points).

fanduel review of platform and app ui and ux

FanDuel Review of Platform and Mobile App

Again, FanDuel is one of the two major players in the daily fantasy sports market (the other being DraftKings). They didn’t become a leader by chance, circumstance or brand recognition.

They’re a leader because they’ve built an incredibly advanced platform via desktop, mobile and native app.

From the actual development and functionality of their product to the intense level of detail in design, FanDuel stands out because its platform is beautifully designed and intuitively developed.

Even DraftKings takes second place to the overall user interface and user experience that FanDuel offers. In addition, FanDuel features a native app for both iOS & Android.

fanduel review summary

Summary of our FanDuel Review

Updated December 1st, 2019
If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re colossal fans of both the FanDuel DFS product and the FanDuel sportsbook. The company has not only the longest track record of success in DFS but is the fastest growing sportsbook in the US.

So how does FanDuel compare to their competition, namely DraftKings and Yahoo? We can sum this review up in about a paragraph that should allow you to decide, base on what features matter most to you, which DFS platform fits your needs best.

In terms of the variety of sports and big prize contests, DraftKings is still king. They offer the widest variety of sports and offer a million-dollar contest in the majority of them, including one every week of the NFL season and for every PGA major. In terms of being new player friends, aka easy to win, we have to give the prize here to Yahoo, with FanDuel a very close second.

So why is FanDuel still the better choice? They are the best of both worlds and offer access to an alternative product that neither DraftKings or Yahoo has. FanDuel still offers some of the largest prize pools in the industry and has million-dollar contests many times throughout the NFL season. In addition, they have contests, rules, and entry limits set up to protect new players and lessen the learning curve.

Perhaps the best feature of FanDuel is that a FanDuel account also gives you access to their sister site,! Draft is the only daily fantasy sports site that allows you to compete in daily snake drafts for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA. This is an extremely unique spin on DFS and can only be found at Draft.

Below is our updated review, current as of December 1st, 2019.

Overall FanDuel Review and Rating for 2019

While DraftKings may be the new leader in daily fantasy sports, FanDuel is the oldest and most trusted name in the industry. Now backed by an industry-titan like Paddy Power, we see only more growth and innovation out of FanDuel in the coming years.Why an overall grade of 4.8? The FanDuel product from DFS to sportsbook is a 5. If there is one thing holding us back from giving them a perfect rating it is simply that they can be a little conservative in terms of new player promotions, and high-end GPP's.

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