State-By-State Sports Betting Guide

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Nearly three years removed from the Supreme Court striking down a 1994 ruling that banned sports betting, it seems as if a new state legalizes sports betting every day. We got a slow start with New Jersey leading the way, but have since added nearly two dozen additional states.

Most recently Colorado legalized both in-person and online sports betting, and your state may be next! As of June 2020, 23 states have legalized sports betting, another 4 have already passed bills, and an additional 18 states have pending sports betting bills.

Just because your state has passed a sports betting bill does not mean that sports betting is available in your state. In some cases there is a pending affective date, in some cases, the startup costs or tax rates were set unrealistically high. Click on your state below to find out where sports betting stands as of today.

Details for Sports Betting by State

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Where is Sports Betting Legal?

New states seem to be legalizing sports betting every month. As of June 2023, there are 33 states that have legal sports betting. Of those 23, only 5 have not yet permitted legal mobile or online betting. Below is the complete list of states that currently offer legal sports betting.

State Date Legal Mobile
Arizona 4/12/2021 Yes
Arkansas 7/1/2019 Yes
Colorado 5/1/2020 Yes
Connecticut 10/19/2021 Yes
Delaware 6/5/2018 No
Illinois 5/9/2020 Yes
Indiana 5/8/2019 Yes
Iowa 5/13/2019 Yes
Kansas 9/12/2022 Yes
Louisiana 1/28/2022 Yes
Maine 8/8/2022 No (determining regulations)
Maryland 5/18/2021 Yes
Massachusetts 8/1/2022 Yes (starting March 2023)
Michigan 12/11/2019 Yes
Mississippi 8/1/2018 Yes
Montana 5/3/2019 Yes (offshore only)
Nebraska 5/15/2021 No
Nevada 2010 Yes
New Hampshire 7/12/2019 Yes
New Jersey 5/1/2018 Yes
New Mexico 10/16/2018 No
New York 6/10/2019 Yes
North Carolina 7/26/2019 No
Ohio 9/15/2019 Yes
Oregon 8/27/2019 Yes
Pennsylvania 5/1/2019 Yes
Rhode Island 6/22/2018 Yes
South Dakota 9/1/2021 Yes (while in casino)
Tennessee 5/1/2019 Yes
Virginia 7/1/2020 Yes
Washington 3/25/2020 Yes (tribal only)
Washington D.C. 3/1/2020 Yes
West Virginia 8/1/2019 Yes
Wyoming 4/5/2021 Yes

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in the Remaining States?

So, what about the other 17 states? The list below gives you a projected date for each of the states that has a sports betting bill in progress. If there are no prospects for legal sports betting in the near future you will simply see NA next to the state. Most of these states already have legal DFS through both FanDuel and DraftKings.

State Expected Date
Alabama 2023
Alaska NA
California 2023
Florida 2023
Georgia 2023
Hawaii NA
Idaho NA
Kentucky 2023
Minnesota 2023
Missouri 2023
North Dakota 2023
Oklahoma NA
South Carolina 2023
Texas 2023
Utah NA
Vermont 2023
Wisconsin NA