Florida Sports Betting

Florida Sports Betting

Sports betting is within reach for Florida residents, find the details here.

Sports betting is partially legal in Florida at the moment, with the state opening up to brick-and-mortar sportsbook locations attached to licensed casinos. At the moment, William Hill is the only sportsbook currently operating in Florida at Casino Miami. That will certainly change as we come out of the COVID pandemic and online sports betting eventually becomes legal.

Florida Sports Betting Details

Start Date To Be Determined (Expected 2021)
Legal Age to Bet 21
Online/In App Betting Yes
Maximum Bet No Limit
Eligible Sportsbooks Currently limited to William Hill in Miami.

Current Florida Sportsbooks

While there is currently no sportsbook operating in Florida, William Hill has positioned themselves to be the first legal sportsbook once Florida is able to legalize sports betting. William Hill opened a racebook in Casino Miami in 2019 and should be able to have a brick-and-mortar sportsbook up within days of the state passing a bill.

Sportsbook Our Grade Promo Offer Get Started
williamhill florida 8.1Out of 10 Up to:$250Free Bet Get Offer

Future Florida Sportsbook Options

If Ron DeSantis gets his way and the state passes a comprehensive gambling bill sometime in 2021 you can expect to see a mad rush by the largest US-friendly sportsbooks. With 21.5 million residents, nine professional sports teams, and five major D1 college football teams, Florida would be the largest sports betting market to date.

Below are the current ratings and top promotions available for the most popular sportsbooks currently operating in the United States.

Sportsbook Our Grade Promo Offer Get Started
fanduel sportsbook florida 9.8Out of 10 Up to:$500Free Bet Get Offer
draftkings sportsbook florida 9.5Out of 10 Up to:$1,025Deposit Bonus Get Offer
pointsbet florida 9.2Out of 10 Up to:$1,000Free Bet Get Offer
foxbet florida 9.1Out of 10 Up to:$1,000Deposit Bonus Get Offer
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Details for William Hill Miami

William Hill entering the Florida market, and specifically the Miami market, nearly two years before the anticipated start date for legal online sports betting clearly gives them a massive head-start in the state. Since moving into the United States in June of 2018, they have expanded into new states faster than any other sportsbook.

For the moment, William Hill is operating a 2,300 square foot racebook in Casino Miami. However, the space was clearly renovated to convert to a sportsbook as soon as Florida legalizes sports betting. Below is the current list of sportsbook operators ready to launch in Florida in 2021, should the sports betting bill get pushed through.

SportsBook Casino Address
William Hill Casino Miami 3500 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33142

florida sports betting faqs

Florida Sports Betting FAQ’s

With over 20 million residents, the rollout of legal sports betting in Florida is going to take a while. We first need to get a bill through, then iron out details such as hold percentages, taxes, and the details of regulating sports betting in the state, and finally, it will be on operators to get approved and enter the market.

In the meantime, Florida sports fans have a lot of questions and want answers now. We understand that and will keep this page updated with everything you need to know regarding legal sports betting in Florida and the sportsbooks that operate in the state.

Is sports betting legal in Florida?

No, while state legislators and voters have both made it clear they wish to legalize and regulate sports betting in the state, COVID-19 made that impossible in 2020. That being said, it would be an absolute shock to not see legal sports betting available in the state of Florida sometime in the near future.

Will online sports betting be legal in Florida?

Yes, Governor DeSantis has clearly stated that he wants a comprehensive sports betting bill passed as soon as possible. Like many states considering legalizing sports betting, Florida could certainly use the additional tax revenue sports betting would create.

What sportsbooks will operate in the state?

Given the size of the Florida market, it is hard to imagine any of the major sportsbooks currently operating in the US not entering the market. In fact, you will likely see several sportsbooks follow William Hill’s lead and start to preemptively enter the Florida casino industry ahead of any bill that may pass in the next year.

Even if lawmakers were to set an abnormally high hold percentage for operators, similar to what we saw in the Tennessee sports betting bill, you would likely still see operators enter the market and just juice the lines to make up the difference.

What is the legal betting age in Florida?

The current legal gambling age in Florida is 21. It is expected that this is what the legal sports betting age will be set to as well, which follows suit for most of the states that have legalized sports betting.

Will betting on college sports be legal in the state of Florida?

Yes, we already know that college sports will be included in any sports betting legislation passed in Florida. That being said, it remains unclear whether Florida residents will be able to bet on programs at the Florida state colleges and universities. Given how aggressive Florida has been with sports betting to date, we expect that you will be able to bet on the Gators, Seminoles, and Hurricanes.

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