DraftKings Review

DraftKings Review

Complete Platform Analysis
draftkings review

Complete DraftKings Review for July

In this DraftKings Review we’ll cover the brand, the company behind the brand and the product itself. DraftKings was founded in 2012 by Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish & Paul Liberman and is a private company. Alongside FanDuel, DraftKings is known as a leader in the daily fantasy sports industry. (If you’re ready to get started right away, be sure to use our DraftKings Promo Code when signing up.)

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Over the past few years, DraftKings as been instrumental in legalizing the game of playing fantasy sports for money online in the United States. Furthermore, DraftKings has been equally important in the ongoing battle to legalize sports betting outright.

The brains and ambition behind the meteoric rise of DraftKings belong to Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish and Paul Liberman. The complete back story of the company is the dream of any sports loving techie in the 20 – 30 year old range.

Seriously, all three of these entrepreneurs previously worked at Vistaprint. While we don’t have a complete chronology, with a little imagination, one can understand how exciting the early days of creating a daily fantasy sports platform must have been.

It is however, a known fact that DraftKings Inc., actually started operations out of Paul Liberman’s house.

In early 2012, the three pals launched the startup that they’d previously been working on part-time. The very first contest was a daily fantasy baseball game (which was actually a free entry with a $100 prize pool). The first place winner of said contest won $50 and DraftKings was on it’s way.

The team continued to develop the product and added/updated formats, features, contests and most importantly, found daily fantasy sports players. One of the key factors in DraftKings early success was aggressively pursuing online affiliates.

Taking there business to the next level, DraftKings acquired daily fantasy sports competitor StarStreet, in mid 2014 for an undisclosed amount. In late 2014 and early 2015, they would go on to make deals with MLB, NHL and ESPN.

More specifically, DraftKings became the official daily fantasy game of the NHL. In addition DraftKings became the official daily fantasy game of the MLB. Lastly, short lived as it was, DraftKings & ESPN made an advertising deal for $250 million over 3 years.

Additionally, as DraftKings continued to expand, they made a few early, important and notable moves. These include but are certainly not limited to funding from FOX Sports, Kraft Group and Wellington Management.

In terms of early partnerships, DraftKings forged relations with the NFL, Bleacher Report, Nascar and UFC.

In August of 2015, Jeffrey Haas was brought on board as the Chief International Officer to help expand the brand around the world.

From February to September of 2018, iGaming executive Sean Hurley was brought on to spearhead the first DraftKings sports book platform. Sean and the team were successful in this endeavor. DraftKings legally rolled out it’s sports book to indeed accept sports betting or wagers in New Jersey.

With a mountain of success under their belts, the founding DraftKing’s team was considering a merger with industry rival, FanDuel. This is of course until the FTC stepped in and the FanDuel Group and DraftKings merger was called off.

This was to avoid monopolizing the market space as the two pillars control roughly 90% of the entire industry.

DraftKings Inc. is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices in California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and New York. Their new HQ is a 105,000 square foot space, which is the largest single floor office layout in all of Boston. They employ over 700 people.

DraftKings Review of Contest Types

Offering more contest types than any other daily fantasy sports platform in the world, DraftKings is the place to place for more options and variety. They feature all the standard contests we’ve all come to know and love such as 50/50s, Head to Heads and Tournaments, along with a number of others.

In addition to the standard variety of contests, DraftKings offers Beginner Type, Casual Type, Double Ups, Multipliers, Satellites and Qualifiers. There are also a ton of ways to sort or filter contests, including but not limited to Entry Fee, Prize Pool and Total Entries or Field Size. Lastly, you can sort game style by Classic, Showdown or Tiers (among others – depending upon sports season).

draftkings review of entry limits

DraftKings Review of Entry Limits

We talk more about entry limits than any website on the planet. If you’re reading this review, you’re more than likely fairly new to daily fantasy sports. Welcome, we’re happy to have you on-board. If you don’t leave learning anything else, please understand the importance of entry limits.

When we refer to entry limits, we’re talking about the total number of lineups that any one participant can enter into a single contest. The importance of being aware of entry limits as it relates to DraftKings cannot be overstated.

Typically, new players are attracted to contests featuring large prize pools – which is totally fine. However, in most contests featuring enormous prize pools, there will also be seriously large entry limits.

For example, you could be entering a contests where your competitors are entering 200 or more lineups, compared to your 1.

DraftKing’s entry limits are easily identifiable. Simply click on the contest title or the ‘M’ on the contest description and find the limit on the top right hand side of the pop-up. Specifically, the number is located next to the ‘Multi-Entry’ title.

If you’re a newbie, seek out single entry contests as if your bankroll depends on it because it does.

draftkings review of player pricing and team budgets

DraftKings Review of Player Pricing / Team Budget

Unlike some daily fantasy sports platforms, DraftKing’s player pricing and team budgets or salary caps are pretty consistent from contest to contest and sport to sport.

For example, you’ll likely be creating lineups with a $50,000 budget regardless of the sport or total number of ‘players’ making up your lineup.

Like all modern day fantasy sports, player pricing is about as dialed in as it could possibly be. With that being said, there’s always a chance to find value at the beginning of any season.

While certainly not a season long strategy, look for value in player pricing on opening day schedules.

Outside of that, search for value elsewhere. We actually go into great detail about finding value in our podcast.

draftkings review of platform and app ui and ux

DraftKings Review of Platform / App UI & UX

In terms of shear interface cleanliness and design, FanDuel has the upper hand. However, in terms of available platform features and options, DraftKings is second to none.

We expect DraftKings to continue making their platform more user friendly over time. Especially as it relates to lower their churn rate (ie. newbies finding the platform confusing).

If you’re a daily fantasy sports fan however, there is literally no better place to play on the planet. Also noteworthy, the native DraftKings app is extremely playable. For daily fantasy sports news and data fanatics, the DK Live app is a must-have.

Lastly, as sports betting continues to roll-out across the country, the DraftKings Sportsbook app will be nothing short of addictive.

draftkings review summary

DraftKings Review Summary 2019

In closing, DraftKings is one of two absolutely dominant daily fantasy sports platforms. They didn’t earn that position by purchasing it.

DraftKings Review Details
  • Contest Types
  • Entry Limits
  • Player Pool
  • Prize Pool
  • Mobile Use

DraftKings Rating Overview

As a website and app, DraftKings functions flawlessly and looks phenomenal.

They offer the largest contests/prize pools in the industry, nearly perfect roster & scoring structures and overall is a very polished product.

The one area that DraftKings (and FanDuel for that matter), needs to improve is in eliminating advantages and loopholes professional players are currently exploiting.

DK earned it through good ole' fashioned hard-work and being innovative. They have a huge player base because of their enormous prize pools and users being comfortable playing daily fantasy sports on their platform.

To the rookies among you, DraftKings is where the 'big boys' play. For heaven's sake, understand entry-limits and make smart decisions as it relates to your odds.

We could not be more down with DraftKings. Long live DraftKings.