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We're giving you a complete and thorough review of one of the best sportsbooks in the US sports betting scene. Sure, the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook (aka SI Sportsbook) is new but see why we think this in our SI Sportsbook review.
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4.5 Stars out of 5.0

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SI Sportsbook Review Summary

SI Sportsbook impresses with its user-friendly platform and wide array of betting markets, catering to diverse betting needs. However, it falls short in terms of offering competitive odds and providing robust customer support, which slightly tarnishes its otherwise strong performance.


    • User-Friendly Platform
    • Wide Betting Markets


    • Non-Competitive Odds
    • Lacking Customer Support
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SI Sportsbook Review HR

How is the SI Sportsbook bonus?

We like to start with bonuses during our reviews. With that, SI Sportsbook is no exception, and for a good reason. The sportsbook currently has a great bonus offer . 

SI Sportsbook Promo Code AFF350Click to Copy
Offer Bet $20, Get $200 in Bonus Bets | New Users Only
Valid Through July 31, 2024
Bonus Verified July 12, 2024 by Matt Brown
Terms for the Offer Qualifying bet required. One bonus code per user. New Players only.
Availability Michigan, Colorado, and Virginia

This is a great way to start with SI Sportsbook, as it gives you an immediate boost if your first bet wins. It’s worth taking advantage of this offer when signing up, as you can give your bankroll a nice boost immediately.

As for when you get paid for this bet, per the terms, you’ll see the bets hit your account within 72 hours. However, when we tested it out, we got our bets delivered in just over 24 hours. So it’s a relatively quick turnaround.

Sports Illustrated Welcome Bonus

What sports can you bet on at SI Sportsbook?

So you want to take advantage of the bonus but need to know what sports you can bet on? SI Sportsbook offers a wide variety of sports you can bet on.

Here are some of the best and most unique things you can bet on at SI Sportsbook—

  • The Big Leagues. These are the typical leagues at most sportsbooks such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.
  • Soccer. There’s plenty of international soccer action here, from La Liga to Champions League games. Plus, they even offer some prop bets for these games. Plenty of options exist to place a soccer bet at the SI Sportsbook.
  • Tennis. Great selection of matches from all the major tournaments, including Grand Slams and more. They have some of the best betting options in the sports betting world.
  • Handball. You can find some excellent handball action here if you want something more obscure.
  • Table Tennis. While you won’t be able to bet on Forrest Gump, you can still find some great table tennis matches and tournaments to bet on.
  • Horse Racing. You’ll find plenty of horse racing action worldwide, including tracks in the UK, Ireland, the US, South Africa, and more.

You can find it here whether you are looking for the big leagues or something more obscure such as darts. And with their bonus offer, it’s one sportsbook worth checking out.

How are the odds at SI Sportsbook?

While some call the odds at the SI Sportsbook competitive, we don’t seem to think so. Whenever we review a sportsbook, we compare the real-time odds to a site like Odds Shark and other online sportsbooks.

After checking out the odds on a few games and matches, we found that SI Sportsbook offered slightly worse odds than other sportsbooks.

This is just one example, albeit we’ve found several examples.

Team SI Sportsbook Odds DraftKings Odds BetMGM Odds
New England Patriots +150 +160 +155
Miami Dolphins -170 -165 -160

This doesn’t mean that SI Sportsbook is a bad sportsbook; however, it does mean you won’t get the best bet odds.

So the bottom line is that while you may get some great bonuses and promotions at SI Sportsbook, don’t expect to find the best odds. It’s still worth checking out for other reasons, though.

What types of bets does SI Sportsbook offer?

Tons of sports betting options and mediocre lines and odds at the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook, but what about the types of bets?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the types of bets we’ve seen and tried as we scrolled through the countless options available at SI Sportsbook.

  • Parlays: This is a combination bet where you are wagering on two or more teams in one fell swoop. If all your selections win, you will receive a larger payout than if you made each bet separately.
  • Round Robin Bets. A round-robin bet combines two or more parlays. You can mix and match the teams you choose, and the sportsbook will generate all the possible outcomes for you.
  • Prop Bets: A prop bet is a type of side wager on how many points a team will score, who will get injured, etc. The possibilities are endless here, so it’s worth checking out these options. One of our favorites was the “Next Team to Score,” which lets you bet on which team will score the next point in a game.
  • Live Betting. This type of wager allows you to place bets on sporting events while they are in progress. The odds and lines will change as the game progresses, giving you more opportunities to pick winners.
  • Futures Bets. A futures bet is a way to wager on teams or events that won’t happen later. Some examples of futures bets include the Super Bowl winner, World Series matchup, or who will win the MVP award.
  • Moneyline Bets. This type of bet allows you to pick a winner or loser without worrying about the point spread. You just have to determine which side will be victorious, and the payout will depend on how unlikely it is for that particular result.

These are just some of the bets you can make at SI Sportsbook.

The SI Sportsbook App is Surprisingly Smooth

SI Sportsbook App

At this point in our SI Sportsbook review, we highlight the app and betting experience.

  • Super smooth app.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • No glitches.

The SI Sportsbook app is surprisingly smooth. We can safely say that this was one of our more pleasant app experiences regarding sportsbooks.

The interface is very straightforward, providing all the options you need without overwhelming you with too much information or graphics.

The speed and navigation are unmatched as well. We could quickly get into our account when we downloaded the app and started making bets.

We never experienced any slowdowns or hiccups, which is always a good sign for a sportsbook app.

Where can you bet on sports with the SI Sportsbook app?

This is one of the most significant downsides of the SI Sportsbook mobile app compared to other sports betting apps. The Sports Illustrated app can only be used in a three states—

  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Virginia

Several other online sportsbooks are in well over a dozen betting markets. It wasn’t until recently that the SI Sportsbook app launched its SI Sportsbook Colorado.

Given the fact that SI Sportsbook was founded in June 2021, they’re still young and learning to navigate the betting industry.

Where to Find SI Sportsbook

What customers say about the SI Sportsbook.

Whenever we review a sportsbook, we also like to consider what customers say about the service.

Google Play Store4.3 750+ 10,000+ Downloads
Apple App Store4.1 1,800+ Separate SI Casino App

Regarding SI Sportsbook, there’s been tons of positive feedback regarding their mobile app, the $200 in free bets, and the various sporting events customers can bet on.

Customers have also mentioned that the app is straightforward to use and navigate. It also appears that they are very quick with their payments, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Regarding ratings, in the Google Play Store, the SI Sportsbook has a solid 4.1 out of 5.0, and over on the Apple App Store, they have a 4.0 rating.

Both of these ratings are significant because most sports betting sportsbooks don’t rate that high across the online sports betting market. Most ratings for online sportsbooks are inherently negative.

Low Marks for the SI Sportsbook Customer Service

In addition to the less-than-competitive odds, we must dock them some points for customer service.

Contact Details
Email You can contact SI Sportsbook through their customer service email at
FAQs SI Sportsbook has a surprisingly robust FAQ section that answer most of your basic questions.
Live Chat None
Phone Support None

We noticed that the SI Sportsbook offers no live chat or phone support. You’ll have to rely solely on email and hope they respond within a reasonable timeframe.

They also have an FAQ section, which is surprisingly robust, but that only helps if your particular issue is addressed there.

Otherwise, be prepared to wait for a response that could take days or weeks, depending on the issue’s complexity.

The lack of customer service throws a wrench in things. Imagine having issues with a same-game parlay and wanting to use your SI Sportsbook welcome bonus only to have an error. You’re essentially left in the dark without any form of customer service.

That’s why we would rate the SI Sportsbook customer service as one of its weakest points.

SI Sportsbook FAQ.

We’ve received many questions about the SI Sportsbook, so we thought providing some of the most frequently asked questions here might be helpful.

Is SI Sportsbook legit?

Of course, it is! Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is licensed by the gaming enforcement agencies of the states they operate in. This means you can be sure that all your bets and winnings are safe. Every state has strict rules and regulations regarding online gambling and legal sports betting. With that, you can be sure that SI Sportsbook is a legitimate company and not some fly-by-night operation.

Where is the SI sportsbook legal?

The SI Sportsbook operates in three states; Virginia, Michigan, and Colorado. They recently launched a Sportsbook in Colorado, and we believe they have plans to expand to more states soon.

What’s the best part about SI Sportsbook?

The best part about SI Sportsbooks is its user-friendly platform and comprehensive coverage of sports betting markets. You’ll never be without a bet and can easily navigate through the app.

Is there an SI Sportsbook app?

Yes, there is! The SI Sportsbook app is available for iPhone and Android devices through the App Store and Play Store. It’s easy to download and use. We highly recommend using it if you’re a fan of mobile sports betting.

Can you get live-streaming with SI Sportsbook?

Unfortunately, there is no option for live streaming with the SI Sportsbook app. However, they have an excellent live in-game betting option that lets you bet on games while they progress. So you won’t have to miss out on any action.

Is the SI Sportsbook as Good as it Sounds?

Sure, like most online sportsbooks, there are several downsides to the SI Sportsbook.

For example, the odds aren’t nearly as competitive as several other online sportsbooks, and their customer support is lacking.

However, they make up for these shortcomings with their user-friendly platform and a wide array of betting markets. The SI Sportsbook also has a ton of promotions you can take advantage of, which is always a plus.

Removing points from the Sports Illustrated sportsbook is tough because their website and app are so smooth; however, we have to dock a few for their odds and customer service.

Overall, we’re giving SI Sportsbook 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. That’s still comparable or even better than the other sportsbooks we’ve rated. We try to keep our reviews as objective as possible, so 4.5 is a pretty fair rating.

SI Sportsbook Review Overview


It’s hard not to like the SI Sportsbook. They have tons of betting options, a smooth and intuitive app, everything that an online sports bettor could ask for. However, they’re only in three states, their odds could be just a bit better, and the customer support is lacking. For that, we have to cap them at 4.5 stars. If they added some real-time customer support options, we would gladly give them a rating boost even if they only remain in Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia.


4.5 Stars (out of 5) 4.5 (out of 5)
Author: Matt Brown
Reviewed By: Chris Lollis

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