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DraftKings NFL Playbook 2019 – 2020

Welcome to our DraftKings NFL playbook. Here you’ll discover everything from DraftKings NFL lineups and daily fantasy strategies to promotions, reviews and the most frequently asked questions to one of our favorite NFL fantasy football games.

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Enough baseball, World Cup, Fortnite, NBA offseason drama, Bachelorette chaos, lawn mowing, camping, family, or whatever else has been wasting our time for the past two months. Week one NFL salaries are out on DraftKings, and, frankly, nothing else matters.

DraftKings NFL Strategy for 2019 Introducing our step by step DraftKings NFL Strategy for the 2019 – 2020 season. It’s been said that, ‘if it’s worthy doing, it’s worth doing right’ and playing daily fantasy sports is no different.

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draftkings nfl daily fantasy sports promo code

Grab our DraftKings Promo Code and use it to take advantage of the latest DraftKings promotions for NFL Fantasy Football.

draftkings nfl daily fantasy sports review

Learn everything you need to know about DraftKings NFL contests and more via our DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Review.

draftkings nfl sportsbook review

Betting on NFL games is coming to a state near you SOON. Get up to speed with our detailed DraftKings Sportsbook Review today.

DraftKings NFL FAQ’s

Which DraftKings NFL daily fantasy sports contests have the best odds?

What’s the best source for DraftKings NFL daily fantasy sports lineups and picks?

When it comes to what we do here at Hello Rookie, creating winning DraftKings NFL lineups is a top priority. Therefore, we put out at least 2 DraftKings NFL lineups every single week for your consideration.

Furthermore, we run an in-house competition called Dueling Lineups. Every single week, we create a podcast and an article that analyzes players we both like and hate in any particular week. We keep a running record throughout the season, letting our viewers know who’s hot and who’s not. (The added competition is also great for bragging rights.)

Our weekly lineups are rolled out for DraftKings NFL Classic and Showdown game formats. Of course the classic format involves the Sunday – Monday slate and the showdown format is for Thursday.

Where can you find DraftKings NFL daily fantasy sports strategies?

We love experimenting with different DraftKings NFL Strategy options throughout the year. The name of the game is putting up the most points it’s every daily fantasy players goal to perfect a system to accomplish that task.

The somewhat uninspiring answer to, ‘what is the best DraftKings NFL strategy’ is a combination of averages, matchups and the ever elusive word, luck. With that being said, there are a huge amount of strategies to tinker with and fine tune in your fantasy efforts.