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Ticket Club is an online ticketing platform that offers customers the ability to purchase tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment without charging service fees

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That’s right, there are no service fees. We’ve all had a horrible experience with fees, but that’ snot the case with TicketClub.

Avoid Service Fees with the Ticket Club Membership

One of the biggest problems with most ticket sites is their ridiculous service fees tacked onto the overall sale price of the tickets. Sometimes there are even multiple fees – convenience fees, processing fees, and other hidden fees.

Many ticket sites attempt to take advantage of customers with surprise “service fees” that are added at checkout. So you think you’re paying one price but you end up paying a much higher price to purchase the tickets.

Unfortunately, these fees can add up to dozens and sometimes even hundreds of dollars over time, and they are charged by big-name sites due to their power.

With Ticket Club, customers never have to worry about paying service fees, as long as they sign up for a premier membership.

That’s right, their service is a bit different than other sites as they charge a simple membership fee and don’t take a single dime from the tickets purchased through their site.

Prices of the Premier Membership

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And it’ll generally pay for itself after just a few purchases.

The Premier Membership is available to everyone.

The basic membership costs $49 for the first year and includes access to discounts on tickets and free shipping. When they say there are no hidden costs, they really mean it!

While that initial $49 for the first year may seem steep, keep in mind that your recurring membership after the first year is just $9.99 a year.

While they claim you can save upwards of 30% with their membership, we think that’s a fairly reasonable estimate. Once you take out the service charges, shipping and processing fees, the cost of the tickets are pretty good.

Purchase Tickets for the Best Events

While we don’t think they have the expansive selection like some other sites such as TicketNetwork and GameTime, they do have a decent selection of tickets for some of the best events in town.

Whether you’re looking to attend a concert, sports game, theatrical event or any other type of live event – Ticket Club has them all.

Concert Tickets

When we browsed their selection of concerts we found tickets for all the big names like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Janet Jackson, Elton John and more. These names were performing at various venues around the US and Canada.

Sure, not the biggest selection, but they do have a wide selection of concert tickets for the most popular names.

Sports Tickets

For those sports fans out there, they have tickets to basketball games (NBA), hockey games (NHL), football games (NFL), and even baseball games (MLB). You can even find college basketball tickets as well.

They don’t have tickets for all sports, but definitely have a few of the most popular ones.

Theater Events

Where they really shined was their amazing selection of great seats for broadway shows and comedy shows.

They had all of the major shows like Hamilton, Wicked, and Chicago as well as some of the smaller ones.

It was a pretty impressive selection considering they don’t have the same huge library of tickets that some other sites do.

They also had all of the major comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and more.

Ticket Club Offers Steep Discounts

Something you don’t see on any other ticket website is discounts. Since they’re generally free from service fees, they can offer some pretty steep discounts.

Military Discount*

If you’re a veteran or active military member, you can get a free membership for the first year. All you need to do is validate your service through ID.me. It’s not too often companies give away their goods for free, but then there’s Ticket Club.

First Responder Discount*

The same discount that they give active military members is also available to first responders. All you need to do is validate your service through ID.me and they’ll put the premier membership on the house.

Look at that, already saved money before you even made a purchase!


While Ticket Club does offer a student discount, it was unclear how much it was. We’ll assume it’s the same as the other discounts.

You’ll have to register for an account through the StudentBeans website and from there you can claim your Ticket Club Membership discount.


So if the Premier Membership wasn’t enough savings for you, they also offer deals on specific ticket categories.

For example, they offer a 5% discount on all NFL tickets. They also have deals for NHL and MLB games as well. The only way to get a deal and save even more is to check on their deals page.

These deals change often so be sure to keep an eye out for them when you’re browsing their website. To even see the deals you have to be a member.

Download the Ticket Club App

Ticket Club Android and Apple Apps

Naturally, when you’re a name like Ticket Club you have to have an app. And they do!

Both are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can download their own ticket-buying app and easily browse through their tickets on your phone or tablet. You can even manage your account or see your ordered tickets.

Their app is pretty slick with a nice design and a great user interface. It’s definitely worth downloading if you’re planning on getting a subscription. We found it’s super convenient when you want to buy tickets to a game and you have a membership right in your pocket.

How to Sign Up for an Account and Redeem a Promo Code

For those that want to jump in and take advantage of their low prices, when you sign up for an account is pretty straightforward. Honestly, we felt it was much easier than other companies.

To sign up, all you need to do is follow these steps—

  • Visit their website and click on the “Register” link on the top right.

  • Enter your name, email, and password. That’s all they require to get your account going.

  • Click on the “Create Account” button to finish signing up.

  • Validate your email by following the link they sent to your email address.

  • Complete the checkout process through your account page to get the premier membership.

  • To redeem a voucher or promo code, enter in the code when you purchase the membership at checkout.

Once you have your account set up, you can get all of the great tickets they have to offer. You won’t need promo codes to buy any tickets because you already paid the membership fee. So you’re already getting a great deal.

Customer Reviews of Ticket Club

One thing we like to do in addition to trying out their services ourselves is read customer reviews.

From what we found, the reviews were mixed with some people saying they had a great experience and others not so much.

Overall though, most of the positive reviews outweighed the negative ones which means that Ticket Club is a decent option for your ticketing needs.

On ShopperApproved, Ticket Club has a 4.6 star rating out of over 7,000 reviews. For their customer service they received 3.9 stars. All in all, not too shabby. We’ve seen better, but we’ve also seen a lot worse when it comes to ticket website reviews.

Ticket Club FAQs

Whenever we review a ticket vendor or membership site, we like to answer all the questions we can for our readers. After all, you trust us to give you the best information we can. Here’s a few of the most common questions about Ticket Club—

Is Ticket Club legit?

Absolutely! They’re a legitimate secondary ticket market that sells tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment without charging fees. They’re just as legitimate as some of the big names such as Vivid Seats and TicketMaster.

Is there a price for the membership?

There sure is. Ticket Club has a Premier Membership which costs $49.99/year and gets you access to all the tickets they sell without any additional fees. It’s only $9.99/year thereafter if you auto-renew your subscription. Simple price and no fees. Just the way we like it.

Do I get discounts with Ticket Club?

Yes, indeed! They offer a military discount for active duty members and veterans as well as first responders, plus a student discount.

Does Ticket Club offer refunds?

They don’t necessarily offer refunds themselves, but if your event is canceled then they’ll facilitate the refund from the seller just like other sites in the secondary ticket market. However, if you have a change of plan they won’t work to get your money back.

Does Ticket Club offer a guarantee?

Of course! Ticket Club offers a 100% money back guarantee if your order is shipped too late to arrive in time for the event, you were denied entry because of the tickets, or an event is canceled entirely with no rescheduled date.

Customers seeking a refund need to provide verified proof from the venue in written letter format, as written or stamped “voids” do not constitute verified proof. The refund for a canceled event excludes any shipping charges.

Can I cancel my membership online?

Of course! While they won’t refund your active membership, you can go in and turn off the auto-renew feature so you won’t be charged in the future. It’s easy to do and only takes a few clicks through the membership tab on their site once you’re logged in.

Is there a way to contact Ticket Club?

If customers have any questions they can contact Ticket Club customer support by phone (855) 575-8322 or email customersupport@ticketclub.com.

Take Advantage of this Ticket Club Promotion

Overall, Ticket Club is a great option for those looking to buy tickets without extra service fees. From the customer reviews we read, most of them were positive and their ShopperApproved rating was 4.6 out of 5 stars which speaks volumes about their services. With features such as military discounts, student discounts, verified proof refunds for canceled events, and an easy-to-cancel membership feature online – it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to Ticket Club when purchasing tickets.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this ticket club promotion now is the time.

Our Rating for Current Ticket Club Promo Code Offer

Ticket Club offers an excellent service to customers who are looking for tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment without being charged any extra service fees on top of the price.

With features such as military discounts, student discounts, and verified proof refunds for canceled events, Ticket Club is quickly becoming one of the go-to websites for purchasing tickets. The customer reviews we read were mostly positive, and their ShopperApproved rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars which further proves that Ticket Club is a great choice when it comes to buying tickets online.

Because of this, we’re giving Ticket Club a 4.8 star rating.

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Ticket Club is a great choice for those looking to buy tickets online without service fees or additional charges. They offer military discounts, student discounts and verified proof refunds for canceled events, giving customers peace of mind when making a purchase. We rate this ticket sales site and app a 4.8 out of 5.0.

Author Matt Brown
Reviewed By Mike Noblin
Rating 4.8 (out of 5)