Gaining an Edge with DFS Player News and Injury Updates

When you absolutely want to get an edge over the competition, the best way is to stay on top of the news and player injury updates. We've got you covered with the best places to get updated with all of the latest on DFS.
Gaining an Edge with DFS Player News and Injury Updates

Daily fantasy sports is a game of skill and strategy. One of the things that makes DFS unique is the constant flow of information that affects player values.

Staying on top of the latest player news and injury updates can give you an edge in DFS contests. But with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips to help you stay informed and make more informed decisions when creating your DFS lineups.

Follow DFS Experts for Reliable News and Analysis

DFS experts are a great source of reliable news and analysis. Many of them have inside sources and access to information that the general public doesn’t have.

These are some of our favorite external sources of DFS player news—

  • DFS Pre-Game Show. This podcast is hosted by DFS experts and provides up-to-date news, injury reports, and analysis for all major sports leagues. It’s a great way to get a quick overview of the latest player updates before diving into more in-depth research.
  • 4 for 4. The staff of 4 for 4 offers excellent insights, breakdowns, and cheatsheets for fantasy football.
  • numberFire. Their team puts together solid betting guides and even throws out some picks for games. They focus mostly on the big four (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and horse racing, amongst others).

Following top DFS experts on social media, subscribing to their newsletters, and listening to their podcasts can keep you informed about the latest player news and injury updates.

While it’s not totally necessary (the free sources are pretty good), some experts even offer premium services that provide in-depth analysis and projections.

Check Injury Reports and Team Updates

Checking injury reports and team updates is another way to stay ahead of the game. Injury reports are released by teams prior to each game and list the status of injured players.

Of course, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth for each league. The experts we mentioned before and even the social media influences (more on that) follow those reports and publish news as necessary.
Screenshots of Injury Reports for NHL and NFL

Pay attention to players listed as questionable or doubtful, as they may be game-time decisions.

Some of these players don’t get listed as “out” until minutes before the game, so really, the only place to keep the pulse on this is through social media.

Team updates are released throughout the week and can provide information on factors that could affect player values, such as game plans, starting lineups, and playing time.

Monitor Social Media for Breaking News

Social media is a powerful tool for monitoring breaking news.

X (aka Twitter) is particularly useful for getting real-time updates on player injuries and news.

Follow team beat writers and reliable sources like Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, and Chris Mortensen.

You might not like some of the stuff these gentlemen cover, but they do have some inside sources that pass information onto them before anyone else can get it.

When an injury or news breaks, it often spreads quickly on Twitter. But be mindful of false rumors and unverified sources. There are some satirical accounts out there that like to stir up trouble and can easily throw you off track.

Once you have your sources nailed down, keep following them.

Use DFS Rosters and Projections to Adjust Your Lineups

Once you’ve gathered all the relevant player news and injury updates, it’s time to adjust your DFS lineups.

Use DFS rosters and projections to determine the value of each player in your lineup. A player who was once a must-start may no longer be as valuable if he’s dealing with an injury or if his team’s game plan has changed.

On the other hand, a player who was once undervalued may become an attractive option due to a shift in circumstances. This is particularly important when an RB1 or WR1 goes down for a game-time decision. That means whoever the RB2 or WR2 is will get many more looks during a game.

Don’t be afraid to make late changes to your lineup if player news and injury updates warrant it. Many teams will err on the side of caution and give their starters more rest. However, if you’re able to catch a game that’s broadcast live, you’ll be informed immediately about what’s happening.

Keep an Eye on Ownership and Game Theory

Something that is completely underrated but as important as ever with DFS is ownership.

If a highly-owned player is dealing with an injury or a poor matchup, it may be wise to pivot to a less-owned player who has a better chance of outperforming his value.

Similarly, if you’re playing in a large tournament, you may want to take a contrarian approach and target players who are undervalued or overlooked.

This does a couple of things. First, it allows you to differentiate your lineup compared to others. And second, it gives you the potential for a bigger return if your contrarian move pays off.

Sure, there’s a little risk involved — isn’t there always? — but the potential for a big payout can be worth it in the end. So don’t overlook ownership and game theory when making your DFS lineup decisions.

Stay On Top of the Game!

DFS player news and injury updates are essential for gaining an edge in DFS contests.

By following DFS experts, checking injury reports and team updates, monitoring social media, and using DFS rosters and projections, you can stay informed about the latest player news and injury updates.

You’d be amazed at how many other DFS players you’ll edge out of the top leadership board spots just by staying in the know and making strategic lineup decisions.

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