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Draft Review

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Updated Draft Review for October

In this Draft Review, we’ll discuss the brand, company behind the brand and the product itself. Draft is a private company and was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Levine, Nicolo Giorgi and Palle Pedersen. A daily fantasy sports platfrom, Draft.com uniquely features snake and auction style drafting styles as opposed to salary cap types offered by dfs giants, Fanduel & Draftkings. If you’re considering starting an account at Draft.com, be sure to utilize our Draft Promo Code when signing up.

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draft.com reviews by hello rookie

StarStreet, LLC is Draft’s legal name and it was formerly known as PlayDraft.

Paddy Power Betfair, one of the world’s largest book making businesses, purchased Draft in 2017 for $48 million.

Rightfully, Draft’s operational slogan is ‘Fantasy for The People’, which we quite like.

Founder of Draft, Jeremy Levine is no stranger to the daily fantasy sports arena. In fact, before the enormous Paddy Power Betfair acquisition of Draft, Levine developed and sold StarStreet to Draftkings in 2014.

Cleverly, Levine created and operated StarStreet initially as sort of a fantasy stock market game.

Notably, Nicolo Giorgia and Palle Pedersen as co-founders are also responsible for the beauty that is Draft.

Levine and Giorgia while no longer owners of Draft.com, are still executives within the company with incentives to continue scaling the business. Levine operates as the CEO and Giorgia as the CTO.

Additionally, it would be improper of us to not point out that Levine’s childhood best friend, Joran Fliegel previously served as ‘Co-CEO’ on the Draft team. Fliegel currently operates as the Managing Director of Techstars. Techstars is a startup sports accelerator program.

If you’re wondering just where in the world the name ‘PlayDraft’ fits into the Draft.com story, to the best of our knowledge the answer is as followed.

PlayDraft.com was simply the domain name used in the beginning stages of the brands rollout. This is common is startups, for example you’ll typically see keywords such as use, try, get and play before the brand name in early urls.

Paddy Power Betfair is an absolute world power in the sports betting and now of course, daily fantasy sports industry. Responsible for over $2.3 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2018, Paddy Power Betfair’s story and history is a study on to it’s own. We’ll simply point out that they’re perfectly positioned to dominate the US markets if and when it’s made legal in every state.

Draft review of contest types

Draft Review of Contest Types

Taking a much more focused approach, Draft features Multi-Player Tournaments, Head to Head Tournaments, Head to Head Bracket Tournaments, Best Ball, Best Ball Tournaments and of course Daily Draft contests.

While Draft doesn’t garner the volume of daily fantasy players that brother Draftkings and cousin Fanduel does, there always fun and entertaining contents to take part in. We would argue that some of the smartest dfs players spend time on Draft, not only participating and winning money, but honing their skills and researching trends.

Draft review of entry limits

Draft Review of Entry Limits

When it comes to entry limits on Draft.com, it’s basically a none issue. We tend to take issue with entry limits on Fanduel and Draftkings because dfs newbies flat out don’t know about them. Which of course leads to potential dfs fanatics developing a sour taste over time.

While there are a few types of Draft contests that allow for multiple entries, the vast majority are single entry. Frankly, even those that are multi-entry are nothing like what you’ll find on Fanduel and Draftkings. We’re talking like 3 – 5 entries max in most cases (it’s always indicated – nothing hidden).

Draft review of player pricing and team budgets

Draft Review of Player Pricing / Team Budget

For average users who are just getting into daily fantasy sports, they’re only just beginning to familiarize themselves with the salary cap format of drafting. In almost every single case, new dfs players are only aware of salary cap formats.

Importantly, Draft separates itself in a tremendous way by in-fact not offering salary cap drafting formats. Rather, they feature almost entirely snake style drafting.

Which for most of us is a blast from the bast and honestly a breath of fresh air. Snake and auction style drafting offer another level of strategy that we’re big fans of, especially when compared to hundreds of the exact same lineups competing ‘against’ one another.

Draft review of platform and app ui and ux

Draft Review of Platform / App UI & UX

Not surprisingly, Draft’s native app is stunning. Developed and designs to perfection you might say. That’s typically the outcome when you have the type of funding that Draft.com received early on. They clearly understand the ever increasing use of mobile as it relates to commerce and well, everything else.

While we’ll always be nerds and utilize the extra computing power of laptops to build our lineups / draft our teams, the beauty of Draft’s app deserves it’s ovation.

What you get with draft on desktop and mobile is intuitiveness, simplicity and functionality you can count on. It’s certainly not an information ocean, but for dfs users that enjoy speed and simplicity, it’s brilliant.

Draft review summary

Draft Review Summary 2019

It doesn’t lend itself to being something that it’s not, namely a dfs lottery system where millions of dollars are in play along with millions of lineups.

Draft App Rating

So as we already said, the Draft app was recently named our 2019 Fantasy App of the Year. With that in mind, it sets the bar in our platform reviews with a 4.8 overall score. Why not a perfect 5.0 if the Draft app is currently the gold standard? Frankly it is because the software was built mobile first, which left the desktop app/website somewhat clunky and not quite as smooth as what you find with DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo. That being said, Draft is still a must for any fantasy player. Snake drafts are simply way too much fun, and the various draft sizes, best ball drafts, and varying entry amounts makes it enjoyable for just about anyone.

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