Yahoo DFS Promo Code

Yahoo DFS Promo Code

Get the Max Yahoo DFS Bonus this April

yahoo fantasy promo code for 2021

Exclusive New Yahoo Fantasy Promo Code Offer

Use our current Yahoo Fantasy promo code to receive their largest new player bonus offer ever! The current exclusive offer for Hello Rookie listeners and readers includes over $10 in free entries. Simply follow the link below, use our promo code, and then enter contests using your YSRP.

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yahoo dfs promo codes by hello rookie

Promotion Receive $10 in free entries
Promo Date April 1st, 2022
Promo Expiration April 30th, 2022
Terms Must be a new Yahoo Daily Fantasy player and make an initial deposit of at least $5.
More Details Check out our latest NFL articles for tips on how to build winning Yahoo DFS lineups.

Updated Terms for Our Current Yahoo Fantasy Promo Code

We will always keep the table above updated with the latest terms for our current Yahoo Fantasy Promo Code. We updated our entire Yahoo promo code directory on April 1, 2022. Register knowing you are getting the max bonus available!

This gives you the chance to compete in one of the largest contests in DFS with nearly 20% better odds than you will find with FanDuel or DraftKings!

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What is Yahoo DFS Offering During COVID-19 Pandemic?

It is no secret that the daily fantasy and sportsbook industries are just trying to survive Covid-19, get through this spring, and get back to sports. While FanDuel and DraftKings are expanding their platforms to offer more eSports and simulated sports, Yahoo has turned it’s attention to offering PGA and soccer contests.

Furthermore, they recently introduced paid NFL Best Ball contests, filling a massive hole left by Draft this past offseason. These Best Ball leagues are already drafting, are free to enter with our Yahoo promo code, and feature payouts as high as $900!

How to Use a Yahoo DFS Promo Code

We probably get more questions about how to use a Yahoo Fantasy promo code than any other site we run promotions for. Users are so accustomed to entering their promo code when they register, that the Yahoo DFS registration process seems out of order.

The issue is that your Yahoo Daily Fantasy account is linked to your Yahoo account for any Yahoo services including mail and season-long fantasy sports.

With this in mind, you either have to create a Yahoo account or log into your existing Yahoo account.

Once you have completed this first step you are officially ready to make your initial deposit, which of course means entering your Yahoo DFS Discount Code.

The process is laid out entirely in the graphic below.

You enter your promo code once you have created your account and are ready to deposit funds to your Yahoo DFS account.

They have added a promo code box to the screen where you enter your deposit amount. Once you complete the registration and funding process, your bonus funds will show as YSRP in your account. You can use these points to enter any contest and win cash prizes.

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Yahoo DFS Deposit Bonuses

We recently updated our Yahoo DFS deposit bonus offer, current for the 2022 NBA and NHL regular seasons. In place of a cash bonus, Yahoo has its own custom promo code system in place.

They remain one of the few major players in the DFS industry to not offer a deposit bonus. That being said, they offer the equivalent of a cash deposit bonus offer with their 10,000 bonus rewards points.

While they have in the past, and perhaps will in the future, at the moment they simply give you a YSRP bonus. This is essentially the exact same thing as a deposit bonus, but it has no cash value.

You can use your YSRP to enter contests for free on the Yahoo daily fantasy platform. The current conversion rate for rewards points is $1 for 1,000 points.

Register using the Yahoo fantasy promo code at the top of this page and receive a bonus of 10,000 YSRP. This is currently the same as $10 in free entries, which is arguably the top promotion in the DFS industry right now.

Check their current terms of service to see what terms are attached to their YSRP bonus offer.

If Yahoo changes our promotion or offers a different type of promotion as the 2019 NFL season approaches, we will keep this page updated with the latest details.

We also cover Yahoo DFS in our daily podcast and always make our listeners aware of any new promotions they run.

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New Yahoo Fantasy Promotions for 2021-2022 NBA Season

Yahoo has been one of our highest rated DFS apps for the past two years. In fact, they are currently our third highest rated DFS app in the industry.

They have a well-polished product that includes Apple and Android apps that function flawlessly. So why are they not yet competing with FanDuel and DraftKings?

The issue has had little to do with the product and more to do with how Yahoo has managed and marketed its daily fantasy offering.

Generally speaking, Yahoo has been far more cautious than even the smallest sites in our industry. This has resulted in little buzz and frankly some frustration from guys like the Hello Rookie team that see the potential the site has.

That being said, they turned it way up over the final month of the 2018-2019 NFL season, and that momentum carried them into the 2019-2020 season. 2020 kicked off with a massive $350,000 Baller NFL contest as well as a major announcement.

The Yahoo SportsBook, powered by BetMGM, which we have been hearing about for over a year now, will officially launch this year. Beyond that, the Yahoo Sportsbook should soon be available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

While the 2020 NFL season did not kick off the way 2019 did (with back-to-back rake-free $1 million contests), Yahoo fantasy did offer a $350,000 NFL Baller contest and a massive $50,000 freeroll, sponsored by BetMGM.

As always, you will find it all here first so stay tuned for future updates.
updated new yahoo fantasy player offer from hello rookie

We also recommend you follow Yahoo Fantasy on Twitter to keep tabs on any promotions or announcements they make as we head into next season.

Yahoo DFS FAQs

While Yahoo is arguably the oldest and most trusted name in fantasy sports, many DFS players have never played daily fantasy on their mobile app and website. As a result, our readers have plenty of questions about how Yahoo DFS works and how it compares to industry leaders FanDuel and DraftKings. Below are answers to many of those frequently asked questions.

How does Yahoo DFS work?

If you have played on either FanDuel or DraftKings, Yahoo’s daily fantasy will feel very familiar. They run salary-cap games with the same scoring format that FanDuel currently utilizes. The biggest difference is in player pricing. DraftKings uses a $50,000 salary cap, FanDuel uses $60,000, but Yahoo uses a $200 cap. However, the idea is still the same here. Build the best roster possible while staying under the salary cap. The math is just easier with Yahoo.

How does Yahoo compare to FanDuel and DraftKings?

Aside from the difference in the salary cap, Yahoo offers its players several advantages over industry leaders FanDuel and DraftKings. The first is reduced juice. The current rake on a Guaranteed Prize Pool contest at DraftKings is nearly 18%, at FanDuel it is nearly 17%, and with Yahoo, it is just 12%. That means more money is paid out per contest. Yahoo also chooses to focus on strict entry limits and single-entry contests. This means fewer sharks, again making it easier for you to win.

What states is Yahoo DFS available in?

Yahoo is available in every state you can find FanDuel and DraftKings. That number currently sits at 40 states with Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Washington players currently not allowed to play on the site.

How does the deposit bonus from my Yahoo promo code work?

Yahoo handles both promo codes and deposit bonuses differently than every other platform in the DFS industry. Rather than give out a pending cash bonus, Yahoo simply gives you 10,000 YSRP (Yahoo Sports Rewards Points) when you register using our promo code. These points can be used to enter paid contests at a rate of $1 per 1,000 YSRP. Meaning new players get $10 in free entries for simply using our current promo code.

What sports does Yahoo DFS offer?

Yahoo currently offers every major professional sport. This includes NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA. Every sport follows the same $200 salary cap and player prices are simply adjusted based on the roster size for that sport.

How does Yahoo handle deposits and withdrawals?

All financial transactions are handled through PayPal when it comes to Yahoo fantasy. PayPal is the absolute easiest way for players to fund their account, regardless of what platform they are playing on.

Does Yahoo have a sportsbook?

While both FanDuel and DraftKings offer a sportsbook in states that have legalized sports betting, up until late-2019 Yahoo had no concrete plans to add sports betting to their DFS platform. That changed when they announced a partnership with BetMGM and the upcoming release of the Yahoo sportsbook app.

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Rating and Review for the Current Yahoo Fantasy Promo Code Offer

As we do with every promo code offer on this site, we had to compare Yahoo’s current promotion to those of their top competitors.

This is never an easy task, but it is even more complicated with Yahoo because its format is so player-friendly.

While the current $10 in free entries offer is nowhere near as generous as you find at FanDuel and DraftKings, or even partner BetMGM, we have to adjust this rating based on additional benefits new players receive from Yahoo.

This includes reduced juice (by as much as 10% in some contests), new-player-friendly rules and scoring, and strict entry limits. Put simply, it is easier to win on Yahoo, and thus, easier to make your deposit bonus last longer. A $10 bonus on Yahoo is considerably more valuable than a $10 bonus on DraftKings.

Below is our current rating and an explanation of how we came up with the score.

Review Yahoo DFS Promo Cod Offer
Summary While nobody in the DFS or sports betting industry is going to be blown away by a $10 promo code, you have to consider other factors than just the deposit bonus here. While we mentioned the reduced rake and strict entry limits earlier, you should also know that there is also no rollover requirement for this bonus. Whereas some sites will require you to make $500 in bets to receive a $10 bonus, Yahoo just gives you the funds. Anything you win with them is yours to keep. This went a long way to moving our rating for the current Yahoo promo code offer up to a 4.5 out of 5.
Author Chris Lollis
Rating 4.5 (out of 5)