SuperDraft NFL Week 7 Picks and Lineup Strategy

SuperDraft NFL Week 7 Picks and Lineup strategy

Let’s walk through strategy and lineup selection for the $20 entry Week 4 $200,000 SuperDraft Red Zone. Whether you are a single lineup player new to daily fantasy or max entering and looking for an extra edge, the stacks and players suggested below could be the key to unlocking the top $40,000 prize.

SuperDraft is a little different than DraftKings and FanDuel. There is no salary cap, which allows you to build exactly the roster you want, but at a price. Instead of a salary, players are assigned a multiplier between 1 and 2 based on SuperDraft’s assessment of how valuable that player is.

The multiplier is then applied to the actual fantasy points scored, so the optimal selection is the highest-scoring player with the highest multiplier. The best players have the lowest multipliers and vice versa.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Patrick Mahomes has a multiplier of 1X this week. In contrast, Justin Fields has a multiplier of 1.7X. Mahomes would have to score more than 1.7 times as many points as Justin Fields to be a better play.

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The key to winning on SuperDraft is selecting stacks and players that have high multipliers and strong upside. It’s quite difficult to win a tournament with a lineup full of strong players but low multipliers, even though it may be tempting to try.

It’s still important to remember in a top-heavy payout contest this size (11,500 entries) that you need to balance the goals of trying to select a lineup that optimizes points while also minimizing ownership, as each player you use becomes less valuable to you the more they appear in competing lineups.

Therefore, the ideal SuperDraft selection is one that has a high multiplier and high upside, yet is being overlooked in the short term for some reason. Let’s find a few for you to play this week.

Stack: QB: Tom Brady – 1.2X & WR: Chris Godwin – 1.45X

Chris Godwin’s booming first three weeks of the season have been followed by three very uneventful performances. That’s created a very exciting multiple of 1.45X for an elite WR who still gets to catch passes from Tom Brady. DFS players will pass on this stack with the Buccaneers expected to lean on the running game more than usual against the Bears who have yet to figure out how to play offense.

Brady also must compete for attention with more popular DFS options in a similar multiplier range like Patrick Mahomes for 1X, Kyler Murray for 1X, and Lamar Jackson for 1.15X. We expected Brady to be a 1.1x multiplier this week, as he is the third-highest-priced QB for the Week 7 Millionaire Maker, so getting 1.2x is a gift.

While there are plenty of Tampa Bay receivers to choose from, Godwin leads the team in receptions this season with 34, and more importantly, his 15 catches for 168 yards and no touchdowns from Weeks 4-6 will keep his ownership down despite his multiplier.

Stack: QB: Mac Jones – 1.65X & WR: Jakobi Meyers – 1.5X

An outstanding matchup against an abysmal Jets defense makes Mac Jones and Jakobi Meyers a very interesting stack in Week 7 with high multipliers and low ownership. While Jones has had a very uneventful season so far statistically, Meyers is 11th in the NFL for WR receptions. That’s quite high for a WR with a 1.5X multiplier in such a strong matchup.

Meyers has still yet to score a touchdown in his NFL career, but that will ultimately change, and Jones will continue to improve as he gains comfort with the Patriots. At these multipliers, a little outperformance means a lot of production.

Low Multiplier Play: Darren Waller – 1.25X

It’s quite surprising that Darren Waller has been so quiet recently after receiving an utterly absurd 19 targets in Week 1. He’s received only 20 in the last three weeks combined and hasn’t recorded a 100-yard receiving game since that first week’s performance.

Still, this is the same player that Derek Carr loves throwing to. With the DFS community having a new fixation on fellow TE Mark Andrews, who can be played for 1.3X, and targeting higher multiplier TE’s like Dallas Goedert for 1.45X after the departure of Zach Ertz from Philadelphia, Darren Waller might be completely overlooked in Week 7 in a great matchup. That’s a mistake, and it’s one that could help you to jump the field by playing Waller.

Multiplier Play: RB: Chuba Hubbard – 1.65X

This might be a really good time to play Chuba Hubbard now that the hype surrounding him as a value play has cooled off. This multiplier is of course ridiculous given his current role in Carolina’s offense, so I do expect him to get some attention here in a great road matchup against the Giants. However, there are a couple of factors that may make him a sneaky play on top of his incredible multiplier.

First, he hasn’t quite lived up to some of the lofty fantasy expectations for him as a starting RB. While he’s been solid both as a runner and a pass-catcher, he hasn’t really produced a big game yet. That might cool some of the excitement surrounding him in Week 7.

Additionally, Darrel Williams is fresh off a two-touchdown performance in Week 6 and available for the exact same multiplier of 1.65X in the most exciting game of the week from a fantasy perspective with the Chiefs visiting the Titans in a likely shootout. None of this changes Hubbard’s multiplier or his huge role in a fantastic matchup.

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