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drafters promo code

Drafters Promo Code Offer for September

Our current Drafters promo code offer includes a free entry and deposit bonus. Simply register using the promo code HELLOROOKIE and lock in the top Drafters promotional offer ever!
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Exclusive Drafters Promo Code Offers for September

As is the case with most DFS websites, there are a ton of promo codes out there for Drafters right now, so how do you know which promotion is actually the best? Our team works directly with the guys at Drafters to ensure that Hello Rookie subscribers, listeners, and readers always have access to their best new player offer. This not only means the largest possible deposit bonus but also their best free entry offer. For the month of September, that means any new player that registers using the promo code ‘HELLOROOKIE’ will receive a 25% deposit bonus and free entry into a $5 best ball contest. This deal expires at the end of the NFL season, so register today and start drafting!
Promo 100% Deposit Bonus – Up to $250!
Promo Date Offer valid September 1st 2023 thru September 30th 2023
Promo Terms Must be a new player making initial deposit of $10 or more.
drafters deposit bonus promotion for 2022 nfl season

How to Use Our Drafters Promo Code

Using a Drafters promo code is a simple process that starts right at the Drafters.com home page. Simply click the register button in the upper right-hand corner to be redirected to the registration form and start the process of opening your account. The next page will allow you to create a Drafters ID, add a picture, as well as provide your name, email, and password. Click ‘register’, and the next page will allow you to enter your promo code, select the amount you wish to deposit, and see what your deposit bonus will be. That is it… your deposit bonus is secured, your free entry will be added to your account, and you are ready to start drafting. Like we said, using a Drafters promo code is a simple and straightforward process.

Drafters 2023 $1 Million Best Ball Contest

Drafters is starting the 2022-2023 NFL season with a bang! They have a $1 million best ball contest live in the lobby, with $250,000 going to the winner and $100,000 to the runner-up. Sign up today with the promo code HELLOROOKIE and draft your million-dollar team.
drafters live snake draft entry with promo code

Drafters Company Background

As arguably the newest daily fantasy sports website to make a splash in the industry, Drafters is a relatively new name to most DFS players and fans. So where did they come from, who is behind this company, and are they legit? We know very little about this company, and what we do know is far from clear. The company was founded by Andrew Shore and Zach Zaret in what appears to be 2015. We did not see or hear from Drafters.com until Draft officially went down late last season. From what we can put together using Wayback, there was a Beta version of the site up in early 2018 which was replaced by the current build sometime around the start of the 2018 NFL season. That being said, Drafters have already developed a solid reputation around the fantasy community. Most current players have only positive things to say about the website, apps, and customer service. Of course, only Drafters and Yahoo DFS currently offer the Best Ball product, so it isn’t like stealing players from the industry leaders FanDuel and DraftKings. free draft best ball contests

Drafters FAQ’s

With a new company and new format come plenty of questions. We get it. We will do our best to answer as many of the FAQs as we get regarding Drafters, but strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with their current terms and conditions before making an initial deposit.

Is the amount Drafters looks like Draft legal?

Common sense dictates we get this question a lot. Yes, what Drafters ‘borrowed’ from the DRAFT app is perfectly legal. In our opinion, they simply wanted to make their product feel more familiar to potential players.

How does a Drafters deposit bonus work?

As we mentioned earlier, take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of any DFS website or sportsbook prior to making an initial deposit. From the Drafters terms of service page: Bonus Money is a currency that is given to users by an admin but cannot be cashed out until a rollover requirement is met. The rollover requirement is shown in the rollover progress bar. For example, if $10 bonus money is awarded, and has a 10x rollover, the user must join $100 worth of total entry fees to cash out this money. Once the rollover is met, the “Bonus Balance” will be shown as Cash. The site reserves the right to remove bonus money from a user’s account if the user is found in violation of our terms and conditions or has not signed in to the site for an extended period of time (8 months). Any removal of bonus money is at the final discretion of Drafters.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at Drafters?

Like Draft did, and FanDuel and DraftKings still do, Drafters uses PayPal for all of their deposits and withdrawals. This makes for a seamless transition for most new players. Deposits are ready for you to use immediately and withdrawals, once approved, are in your account and ready to be transferred within seconds of the funds being sent.

How do I know HELLOROOKIE is the best Drafters.com promo available?

Hello Rookie currently has a four-person content team, and one of those team members strictly works on partner promotions. This means each of our promo code directories receives a daily update with the latest offer and guarantees our readers receive the largest new player bonus possible.

What sports are available in the Drafters lobby?

At the moment, the Drafters lobby shows NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA contests in their lobby. That being said, there are only NFL drafts available. We will update this as the other leagues return from their COVID-19 hiatuses.