5 of the Best March Madness Betting Sites

You're getting ready for the biggest college basketball tournament of the year — March Madness — and you're stumped on which betting site is for you? We've got the answers for you.
5 of the Best March Madness Betting Sites

March Madness captures the imagination of college basketball fans and bettors alike, transforming the NCAA tournament into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation, so much so that March Madness itself has become a household name.

With the rise of online sports betting, fans are no longer just spectators but active participants, looking to predict the outcomes of each game or even each play.

For those eager to get in on the action, selecting the right outcomes is only half the battle. Before you get to that point, you have to pick the right March Madness betting site.

Bet365 — A Global Giant with Competitive Odds

Bet365 Sportsbook
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What we love the most—

  • Worldwide market selection,
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Endless betting options.

Bet365 has solidified its reputation as a global leader in sports betting, offering a massive range of markets and some of the most competitive odds in the industry. While it’s known worldwide, Bet365 is taking bets in only a handful of states.

For March Madness, this means bettors in AZ, CO, IN, LA, NJ, OH, and VA can find excellent value across a vast selection of games, from the opening rounds to the National Championship.

What sets Bet365 apart is its live betting platform. The site provides real-time updates and odds, allowing you to place bets as the action unfolds on the court.

This feature is particularly appealing during March Madness, where momentum swings and upsets are common. Imagine betting on #14 Morehead State to make a comeback against #3 Illinois during halftime and watching the odds shift in your favor as the game progresses.

That’s what March Madness sports betting is about!

BetMGM — The King of Promotions

BetMGM Sportsbook
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What we love the most—

  • Amazing bonuses.
  • Massive game selection.
  • The most competitive odds.

BetMGM, often referred to as “The King of Sportsbooks,” lives up to its name with an impressive lineup of promotions and bonuses, especially during March Madness.

New users can expect generous welcome offers, while existing bettors aren’t left out, with parlay insurance, odds boosts, and tournament-specific promotions.

One of our favorite features is BetMGM’s loyalty program, which rewards users for their betting activity with perks that can be used within MGM Resorts. 

For March Madness enthusiasts, this could mean earning enough points for a stay in Las Vegas, where the atmosphere reaches its peak during the tournament.

This integration of online and physical rewards creates a unique betting experience that extends beyond the app. You might just stick around with BetMGM well after the tournament.

FanDuel — User-Friendly Experience with Great Odds

FanDuel Sportsbook
Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus BetsIf Your Team Wins Rated 4.8 Out Of 5.0 Stars
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What we love the most—

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Competitive Odds
  • Diversity of Betting Options
  • Excellent Welcome Bonuses

FanDuel has made a name for itself as a user-friendly sportsbook that caters to both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

The platform is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through the myriad of March Madness matchups. FanDuel also offers some of the best odds in the market, ensuring bettors get great value.

One of FanDuel’s most appealing features is its Same Game Parlay (SGP) option, allowing users to combine multiple bets from the game into a single parlay. This can significantly increase potential payouts.

For example, you could bet on #1 UConn to win, cover the spread, and predict that the total score will be over a certain number, all in one wager.

While we love SGPs, always remember that parlays inherently favor the house.

DraftKings — A Leader in Fantasy and Betting

DraftKings Sportsbook
Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets InstantlyGet a No Sweat NBA SGP Every Day of NBA Playoffs Rated 4.9 Out Of 5.0 Stars
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What we love the most—

  • Extensive sports coverage.
  • Plenty of innovative betting options.
  • Smooth and easy-to-use interface.

Much like FanDuel, DraftKings started as a daily fantasy sports platform but has quickly evolved into one of the leading sports betting sites.

Its strength lies in its comprehensive market coverage and innovative betting options. During March Madness, DraftKings offers a wide variety of prop bets, giving users the chance to bet on specific events within a game beyond just the outcome.

An exciting feature unique to DraftKings is its betting pools, which allow users to enter contests and predict the outcomes of multiple games for a chance to win big prizes. This adds a social element to betting as you compete against other fans to see who has the best bracket predictions.

Caesars — A Trusted Name with Comprehensive Coverage

Caesars Sportsbook
Bet Up to $1,000 on CaesarsWin or Get a Bet Credit Back | Promo Code: BV1000 Rated 4.8 Out Of 5.0 Stars
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What we love the most—

  • The most payment options.
  • One of the best reward programs.
  • Always has the best bonus offers.

Caesars Sportsbook combines the reliability of a trusted brand with a comprehensive betting experience.

It offers extensive coverage of March Madness games, including pre-match and live betting options. Caesars also provides detailed statistics and insights, helping bettors make informed decisions. Though, we always recommend expanding your analysis toolbox and coming up with a strategy that works for you.

Another major draw is the Caesars Rewards program, which rewards users for their betting activity with points that can be redeemed for hotel stays, dining, and entertainment options at Caesars properties.

This rewards system adds an extra layer of value to your betting experience, especially if you’re also a fan of the luxury and excitement of casino resorts.

A Few Caveats on March Madness Betting

While these are undoubtedly the best sites to place bets on, it’s worth noting that several states have restrictions in place not just for NCAA basketball bets but college sports in general. So, if you’re in any of these states, these are a few things you can’t do, and the sportsbooks we noted above will definitely enforce them—

  • Arizona: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Colorado: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Connecticut: Betting on Connecticut schools is prohibited unless in a tournament (lucky you, it’s March Madness).
  • Delaware: Betting on Delaware schools is prohibited.
  • Illinois: Betting on college sports online is prohibited, and you can’t bet on Illinois teams.
  • Indiana: Live (in-play) college prop bets prohibited.
  • Iowa: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Massachusetts: Betting on Massachusetts schools is prohibited unless in a tournament.
  • New Hampshire: Betting on New Hampshire schools is prohibited.
  • New Jersey: Betting on New Jersey schools is prohibited.
  • New Mexico: Each tribal sportsbook determines if college bets are allowed.
  • New York: Betting on New York schools and prop bets are prohibited.
  • North Dakota: Each tribal sportsbook determines if college bets are allowed.
  • Oregon: Betting on Oregon schools and prop bets are prohibited.
  • Pennsylvania: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Rhode Island: Betting on Rhode Island schools is prohibited.
  • South Dakota: Betting on South Dakota schools and prop bets are prohibited.
  • Tennessee: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Virginia: Betting on Virginia schools and prop bets are prohibited.
  • Washington: Betting on Washington schools is prohibited.
  • West Virginia: College prop bets prohibited.
  • Wisconsin: Betting on New Jersey schools is prohibited.

Get Ready to Place Your NCAAB Bets!

Choosing the right betting site for March Madness depends on what you value most: competitive odds, promotions, user experience, innovative betting options, or rewards programs.

Each of these five sites offers unique features that make them an excellent choice for betting on the big tournament.

That’s not to say you’re limited to just one. If you want to take advantage of all of the promos and bonuses these March Madness betting sites offer, go ahead and do it. We think any of these are excellent choices for betting on March Madness.


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