College Betting Rules By State

Not all states allow sports betting, but even the ones that do may have various restrictions in place for college sports betting. We've put together a comprehensive list of all of the restrictions for college sports betting in every state.
College Betting Rules By State

Since the 2018 Supreme Court ruling, which struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, 38 states have allowed sports betting in some form, whether online or in person.

This essentially left the states to decide if they would allow sports betting and what restrictions they would place. That’s where the waters get a little murky with college betting.

What This Means for You as a Bettor

If you’re keen on placing bets on in-state college games, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the laws of your state. That’s why we’ve put together this table of all of the college betting rules by state.

Even in states where it’s legal, there are usually regulations in place regarding how and where bets can be placed, such as through licensed casinos or online betting apps.


State In-State College Matches College Matches in the State College Player Props
Arizona Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Arkansas No Restrictions
Colorado Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Connecticut Prohibited, unless in a tournament Allowed Allowed
Delaware Prohibited Allowed Allowed
Illinois Allowed, in-person at retail shops Allowed, unless involving an Illinois school Prohibited for Illinois teams
Indiana Allowed Allowed Prohibited in-play
Iowa Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Kansas No Restrictions
Louisiana No Restrictions
Maryland No Restrictions
Massachusetts Prohibited, unless playing in a tournament Allowed Allowed
Michigan No Restrictions
Mississippi No Restrictions
Montana No Restrictions
Nevada No Restrictions
New Hampshire Prohibited Prohibited Allowed
New Jersey Prohibited Prohibited Allowed
New Mexico Varies by tribal site Allowed Allowed
New York Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
North Carolina No Restrictions
North Dakota Varies by tribal entity Allowed Allowed
Ohio No Restrictions
Oregon Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Pennsylvania Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Rhode Island Prohibited Prohibited Allowed
South Dakota Prohibited Allowed Prohibited
Tennessee Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Virginia Prohibited Allowed Prohibited
Washington Prohibited Prohibited Allowed
Washington, D.C. Prohibited Prohibited Allowed
West Virginia Allowed Allowed Prohibited
Wisconsin Prohibited Allowed Allowed
Wyoming No Restrictions

The Restrictions You Might Encounter

Some states have specific prohibitions against betting on in-state college teams or college games taking place within the state. The reasoning behind these restrictions often stems from concerns about preserving the integrity of collegiate sports, preventing undue pressure on young athletes, and mitigating the risks of problem gambling among college fans.

Wagering on In-State College Teams

Some states, such as Delaware and Massachusetts, to name a few, ban betting on in-state schools altogether. This means if you’re in a state like New Hampshire, you can’t bet on Dartmouth winning the NCAA tournament. They don’t allow bets on their own teams.

Wagering on College Props

We all love a good prop bet. They’re fun and take your sports betting excitement to the next level. However, this is one of the most common bans for states that allow sports betting. You might be able to bet on the team outright, but many states, such as Arizona, Colorado, and Iowa, don’t allow bets on college props.

In-State Tournaments

This is where the restrictions get just a bit more murkier. As we mentioned, some states don’t allow you to bet on in-state teams. However, a few states, such as Massachusetts, only allow betting on in-state teams if they’re playing in a tournament such as March Madness.

Get in on the Collegiate Action!

Does your state allow betting on college games? If so, don’t hesitate to grab a bonus from some of the best sportsbooks in the industry and throw down a bet. These are some of the best bonus offers from the best sportsbooks. Not only that, they all allow college betting – pending if your state doesn’t have any restrictions on them.


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