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DFS Fantasy Football Divide & Conquer Strategy

DFS Fantasy Football Divide & Conquer Strategy

fanduel join nowOur ‘Divide & Conquer Strategy’ is frankly all about entering multiple DFS Fantasy Football contests with a strong & diverse group of lineups. As always, the idea is to maximize our potential reward and minimize our potential risk. Therefore, we often enter a number of well known conservative type contests that have a high probability of generating a return (albeit usually a small amount) and a number of contests that have a low probability of return but a much larger potential reward. Using our ‘Divide & Conquer’ method consistently throughout the DFS Fantasy Football Season combined with our actual lineup strategies (DFS Fantasy Football Hero Strategy, DFS Fantasy Football Precision Strategy & DFS Fantasy Football Run & Gun Strategy) gives users the most well rounded approach for indeed minimizing risk & maximizing rewards.

Throughout this article we hope to provide you with additional insight into exactly which Fanduel DFS Fantasy Football contests you should enter as well as which ones you should stay clear of.

Whichever DFS Fantasy Football strategy you decide to implement, be sure to use our Fanduel Promo Code when creating your new account. This ensures that you’ll be granted the largest possible deposit bonus available. Feel free to share the codes with family or friends that are interested in playing daily fantasy football on Fanduel as well. If you’d like more information on what playing daily fantasy football on Fanduel is all about, be sure to give our Fanduel DFS For Newbies article a look. Additionally, for those of you who like more information on understanding DFS Fantasy Football Strategies in general, be sure to give our Fanduel DFS Fantasy Football Strategy Overview article a read.

Fanduel DFS Fantasy Football Low Risk Contests:
how to choose low risk fanduel nfl contests
We define low risk Fanduel Fantasy Football contests as those in which there are a limited amount of participants and that payout to a large number of places.

  • NFL Fanduel 50/50 Contests – If you’re new to DFS Fantasy Football and or Fanduel, then 50/50s are the perfect place to start. Essentially, 50/50s payout to the top 50% (roughly) percent of the field. Which for those of us who are just starting in DFS, is a great place to get our ‘feet wet’, learn the in’s and out’s of selecting a lineup etc etc. 50/50s also serve as great contest types for diversifying risk when users in-fact elect to participate in more risky contests.
  • NFL Fanduel Multiplier Contests – Multipliers come by way of ‘Double Ups’, ‘Triple Ups’ & even ‘Quadruple Ups’ and serve as an additional great way to reduce overall risk associated to any given DFS Fantasy Football week. Just bare in mind that ‘multipliers’ are conservative contests and you’re looking at top payouts of double, triple or quadruple you’re entry fee itself. Therefore, if you have even the best lineup of the week, you’ll be splitting the winnings up between roughly 25% to 50% of the entire field.

Fanduel DFS Fantasy Football Higher Risk Contests:
how to choose higher risk fanduel nfl contests
We define higher risk Fanduel NFL Fantasy Football Contests as those of which have a large number of participants and a small percentage of winners.

  • NFL Fanduel Tournament Contests – Tournaments are the most popular type of Fanduel NFL Fantasy Football contest. They vary greatly in terms of rules/format, but offer a phenomenal way for users to be in the running for potentially huge winnings. The on caveat that’s worth pointing out is that a lot of ‘Tournament Contests’ have unlimited entries per user. Meaning, that any one person can enter a ridiculous amount of lineups, which we’re not a fan of. Therefore, we love to look for Tournaments with Single Entry rules.
  • NFL Fanduel Head to Head Contests – Head to Head Contests are a great way to shake things up every now and then. Head to Head contests are created by users (Fanduel doesn’t create them) and the rules/formats vary greatly. However, it’s you vs one opponent, essentially giving yourself a 50% chance of winning. It’s important to not get carried away or over you’re head in competing in H2H contests but again it’s a great way to shake things up a bit and frankly a fun game to watch play out in any given fantasy week.
  • NFL Fanduel League Contests – Fanduel’s League Contests can vary widely in terms of rules/formats. Leagues are a great place to diversify you’re weekly lineup strategy as many times you can find favorable formats with a small number of participants. Leagues are also a fun way for friends to play against friends directly in the DFS world. An important side-note, if the League created isn’t filled to capacity, the League will not take place and users will be automatically refunded.

Better Understanding All Fanduel NFL Contests:

Fanduel offers a plethora of Fantasy Football contests/games to choose from, each of which has it’s own unique set of rules and payout setup. While most of the contests offered are ‘fun’ it’s worth digging deeper into each and figuring out which contests best suite you’re DFS Fantasy Football Strategy. Again, with our ‘Divide & Conquer’ DFS Fantasy Football strategy, it’s all about choosing a range of contests from conservative to risky and understanding which Fanduel contests are considered for each category is of the utmost importance.

The idea of using our ‘Divide & Conquer’ method for some people comes as second nature. However, it’s important for most newbies to have a proper understanding of the many types of available contests offered every week and how to best diversify their entries. As always, it’s important to note that we don’t claim any of our DFS Fantasy Football Strategies to be the ‘end-all be-all’. However, when using all of them every single week, you’re guaranteed to have the most diversified lineups around that both grant you the conservatism of low risk and the potential for huge gains.

DFS Fantasy Football Run & Gun Strategy

DFS Fantasy Football Run & Gun Strategy

fanduel join nowOur ‘Run & Gun Strategy’ is all about taking risks. Whereas most strategies are designed to be ‘well rounded’ our Run & Gun Strategy essentially throws averages and well rounded approaches out the window. This is all about taking big risks for the opportunity of big rewards. As they say, ‘Go Big or Go Home’. Again, as we frequently say throughout our Fantasy Football Strategies, our goal week in and week out is to enter a diverse portfolio of lineups in order to maximize potential gains while being at least somewhat conservative in terms of risk. Therefore, while our ‘DFS Fantasy Football Hero Strategy‘ & ‘DFS Fantasy Football Precision Strategy‘ serve as our least risky, we tend to go nuts concerning every position in our Run & Gun. Additionally, if you’ve come to this page before any of our others & are considering giving Fanduel a shot for yourself, feel free to look into our ‘Fanduel DFS Fantasy Football Strategy Overview‘ to learn more about our overall mindset.

Whichever DFS lineup strategy you decide to use, be sure to use our Fanduel Promo Code when creating your new account. This ensures that you’ll be granted the largest possible deposit bonus available. Feel free to share the codes with family or friends that are interested in playing daily fantasy football on Fanduel as well. If you’d like more information on what playing daily fantasy football on Fanduel is all about, be sure to give our Fanduel DFS For Newbies article a look.

Picking High Risk Yet High Potential Reward Players:
how to find high risk and high reward players on fanduel
Finding high risk and potentially high reward Fantasy Football players is all about turning you’re cheek to convention fantasy wisdom. Remember, we have plenty of other lineups that are averaged out, giving you a conservative approach to creating a well rounded team. Our Run & Gun Strategy throws all conservatism to the wind and gambles in basically every position. Bare in mind that using this strategy will often lead you down the road of choosing players that you certainly wouldn’t normally.

If you’ve entered Daily Fantasy contests in the past with perhaps great expectations only to be beat out by a number of participants that happen to pick those few select players that magically ‘went off’ in a particular week, know that the sole reason for this sort of Run & Gun strategy is to combat just that kind of Fantasy Football week.

  • Picking High Risk & High Reward QBs – Here’s the bottom line, on any given week, users have the realistic option of choosing between 32 different quarterbacks. Which of course seems like a lot, but when compared to the number of RBs & WRs, it’s actually a somewhat less daunting task. When choosing quarterbacks for our Run & Gun strategy, we consider players that have a rather ‘large change’ occurring in a particular week. These ‘large changes’ can be in the form of a star wide receiver coming back into the lineup, the quarterback himself coming back from an injury, an opposing defense that’s established an incredibly poor defensive backfield track record (regardless of the potential quarterback’s prestige) and finally, a quarterback’s team that demands a ton of passing.
  • Picking High Risk & High Reward RBs – When it comes to choosing a running back for our Run & Gun strategy, it’s all about choosing players that have the highest probability of ‘breaking out’. We all know of RBs that are consistently solid and frankly routinely put up average or slightly above average numbers. These sort of players/RBs are great for season long leagues or frankly other lineup strategies, but again, this is the Run & Gun Strategy and our goal is to choose the players that basically aren’t consistent but are again on the verge of breaking out in any particular week. Aspects that we consider when deciding which RBs to nominate are opposing defenses (particularly their defensive lines and middle linebackers), RBs that are getting the ‘nod’ for the first time, running backs that will be leaned heavily on (regardless of their prestige) because of other offensive coaching or lineup changes and even running backs that are looking to receive a ‘heavier’ work load due to the typical starting running back’s injuries and or reduced value.
  • Picking High Risk & High Reward WRs – Wide receivers for us, are usually the most important picks of any lineup. When it comes to choosing wide receivers to fit into our Run & Gun strategy, we consider a few different factors. These factors can be defensive back matchups, for example if a team has a star wide out who will be heavily defended against and even double teamed, we love starting number two and sometimes even number three receivers. Other factors of course include, injuries to the number one and or two, quarterback streaks (sometimes when a QB gets ‘hot’ wide receivers that normally wouldn’t see much action, ‘go off’) and finally wide receivers that are coming back from injuries themselves.

As with all four of our DFS Fantasy Football Lineup/Contest Strategies, the Precision Strategy is one of our favorites and we use it week in and week out. As always, it’s important to note that we don’t claim any of our DFS Fantasy Football Strategies to be the ‘end-all be-all’. However, when using all of them every single week, you’re guaranteed to have the most diversified lineups around that both grant you the conservatism of low risk and the potential for huge gains.

FanDuel Fantasy Football For Newbies

FanDuel Fantasy Football For Newbies

Season long fantasy sports leagues are mundane & are fast becoming a thing of the past.

By now, its inevitable, you’ve heard of Fanduel Fantasy Sports via tv commercial, internet, radio or friend. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably still debating on whether or not to give daily fantasy sports a go or are on the verge of creating your new account. We’ve all been there and frankly, you have to pull the trigger at some point. While change is usually never a fun thing, in this case, it absolutely is. Sure, we all enjoy the age old comradery of season long fantasy leagues, and most of us probably half heartedly still participate in them. But after that initial adrenaline rush of proving your fantasy wisdom via the once per year draft for example and trying to haggle throughout the entire year to improve your roster with the same few people who are either incredibly conservative or incredibly liberal with their roster management, it’s not blasphemous to want more out of fantasy football. In the past, the only thing you could do to ‘spice’ things up was to play in multiple leagues. The end result was more of the same and often roster mismanagement or blatant hatred of the system, bringing even you deep into your couch claiming, ‘I just want to watch the games again’, without having to think about probables, doubtfuls or outs.

Not anymore, dust off your wits, you’re being called back into fantasy sports action via Fanduel.

All that ‘old-time’ season long fantasy blues nonsense is for those stuck in the past. So let bygones be bygones, let those fantasy few who still rock Blackberrys and flip-phones die along with their never adjusted rosters & no-trade policies. You for one, understand the potential greatness of picking the perfect roster on any given Sunday and proving your prowess on a weekly basis.

Most of us know all of this already but are still, (for whatever reason) slow to pull the trigger on getting started with daily fantasy sports. We were in the same exact place at one point in time and one day just decided to give Fanduel a shot. For only $10, we were each able to create a new user account and see what all the ‘buzz’ was about. After understanding how streamlined the entire process was via Fanduel and how fun it can be to start and finish an organized fantasy competition within a few days, we we’re hooked and have been playing ever since.

Below we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the incredibly simply process of getting started with Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports.

Take a deep breath, set your fantasy football trophies and crowns of years past on your desk and dive in, it’s time.

How To Get Started On Fanduel

fanduel join nowWhile there are many different daily fantasy sports networks to play on, Fanduel is and will always remain one of our favorites. Fanduel covers all the major sports at both the collegiate and professional level in a variety of contests. One can expect to find daily fantasy sports contests in huge volume from extremely low buy-ins to the highest of stakes and or potential winnings on Fanduel. Furthermore, Fanduel has become somewhat of an industry standard concerning user experience, available contests and consumer trustworthiness. For a more detailed look, check out our in-depth Fanduel Review.

Signing Up On Fanduel:

Signing up with Fanduel is extremely easy and will take you all of about 2 minutes to accomplish. It should be mentioned that after creating your Fanduel account and entering your Fanduel Promo Code, you’ll be given a 10 minute timer regarding taking advantage of your deposit bonus. Essentially, you’ll just need to fund your account via any major credit card or of course paypal with a minimum of $10. This just ensures that you’ll be granted your deposit bonus and overall gets those who are slightly timid to finish the process and be ready for a contest right away (some of us need a gentle and cheap nudge anyway).

Step By Step Fanduel Signup Process

creating a user account on fanduel

  • Visit Fanduel & create your user account information after clicking on the orange ‘Join Now’ button.
  • Before clicking the green ‘Play Now’ button, be sure to first click the text reading, ‘Got a promo code?’. A blank field will open in which you can enter a Fanduel Promo Code. Which in turn will double any amount of money you choose to play with as a new user.
  • Head on over to our Fanduel Promo Code page to access the largest current deposit bonus available.
  • Locate our blue ‘Reveal Promo Code’ button to reveal the promo code.
  • A new tab will open in your browser, simply navigate back to this page and view the now revealed exclusive Fanduel Promo Code.
  • Either copy and paste or simply memorize our promo code and enter it into the blank field after filling in your new user account details.
  • You’ll be sent a welcome email and given a general nudge in the right direction where you can choose the DFS contest of your choice.

Choosing Which Fanduel Contests To Play:

fanduel categories of contests
Fanduel offers 5 main categories of contests, including Featured, Tournament, League, Head To Head, 50/50s & Multipliers. While each one of these categories offers plenty of variety in terms of size, entry fees & potential prizes, it should be noted that in addition to the main Fanduel contest categories, Fanduel routinely offers specialty contests, such as the ‘World Fantasy Football Championship’.

Fanduel Contest Categories

  • Featured Fanduel Contests – Fanduel’s Featured Contests consist of special promotions and recommended contests. For more information about Fanduel’s Featured Contests as well as our experience with them, check out our detailed Featured Fanduel Contest Review.
  • Tournament Fanduel Contests – Fanduel’s Tournament Contests consist of high paying contests with guaranteed prize pools. For more information about Fanduel’s Tournament Contests as well as our experience with them, check out our detailed Tournament Fanduel Contest Review.
  • League Fanduel Contests – Fanduel’s League Contests consist of competing against 2+ opponents with multiple payout structures. For more information about Fanduel’s League Contests as well as our experience with them, check out our detailed League Fanduel Contest Review.
  • Head To Head Fanduel Contests – Fanduel’s Head To Head Contests consist of competing against a single opponent in a winning takes all match. For more information about Fanduel’s Head To Head Contests as well as our experience with them, check out our detailed Head To Head Fanduel Contest Review.
  • 50/50s & Multipliers Fanduel Contests – Fanduel’s 50/50s & Multiplier Contests consist of having a 50/50 host to win or to even play for up to 5 times your money. For more information about Fanduel’s 50/50s & Multiplier Contests as well as our experience with them, check out our detailed 50/50s & Multipliers Fanduel Contest Review.

Fanduel Slates Recognition
‘Slates’ relating to Fanduel is essentially a fancy DFS definition to describe the actual time and dates of the competitions to take place. For example, when choosing which Fanduel contest you enter, you’ll notice that each contest has it’s own ‘slate’. Specifically, in relation to Fanduel Fantasy Football, one will need to be aware of the particular ‘slate’ in place for the contest their considering entering. For example, the NFL schedule (as we all know) has a weekly schedule which typically has games on Thursday (Thursday Night Football), Sunday (All Day) and Monday (Monday Night Football). Thus, when entering a Fanduel Contest, you’ll need to decided which ‘slate’ of games you’d like to compete in.

fanduel slates overview

While there is certainly no competitive advantage in choosing any particular slate, (it’s merely personal preference) we’d direct you towards the traditional fantasy football weekly schedule. Meaning, as a beginner, it’s probably a good idea to choose Fanduel ‘slates’ that begin on Thursday and end on Monday. This in-turn means that you’ll have the entire NFL roster to choose from when selecting your squad. You’ll also of course have until the first game on your slate actually starts to edit your roster, however we strongly recommend that you have your lineup sorted out at the very least 5 minutes before game time. After the first game starts for your contest’s slate, your roster along with every roster in your individual contest will be locked until the end of the contest (in our example Monday Night). Another cool thing worth pointing out is the fact that you’ll notice a ‘Game Time Timer’ in the top right hand corner of the Fanduel Lobby when logged into your account. This definitely helps one regarding having their lineups set in time.

However, there are many other types of slates to consider as you dabble throughout the many different types of Fanduel Contests. For example, some slates are for one day only, such as Thursday only, Sunday only or even Monday only. Heck, you can even find slates for Thursday and Sunday only. Essentially, there are a ton of different ways you can play Fantasy Football with Fanduel and you’ll have fun finding out which slates you like playing the most. One of our favorite things to do is choose a few contests for slates running Thursday through Monday as well as a few slates for each individual day (Thursday only, Sunday only & Monday only). This basically gives us the traditional Fantasy Football week along with the added drama and fun with stakes higher for each individual game day.

Fanduel Fantasy Football Contest Information Overview
fanduel contest informationOne of the best parts about Fanduel is that the website and app’s user interface is incredibly intuitive, meaning it’s very easy to navigate even as a newbie to daily fantasy sports. One of the first items you’ll come across as a newbie is being able to quickly decipher which contest you’d like to participate in. Fanduel however makes it easy to quickly determine the important contest information your seeking via the Info, Entries, Prizes & Enter bar. Which will display immediately after clicking on any contest in any category of contests.

Examining Fanduel Contest Before Entering

  • Fanduel Contest Info Tab – The Fanduel Fantasy Football ‘Info’ section of the contest bar clearly defines all teams involved for that particular contests slate as well as a complete scoring breakdown for how every participants lineups will be scored.
  • Fanduel Contest Entries Tab – The Fanduel Fantasy Football ‘Entries’ section of the contest bar clearly defines every Fanduel player who has registered to participate in that particular contest. To be exact, it lists every contestants username (when clicking on any username you can view their lifetime Fanduel stats).
  • Fanduel Contest Prizes Tab – The Fanduel Fantasy Football ‘Prizes’ section of the contest bar clearly defines the potential winnings for the result of the contest. While many times the prize for winning first can be found in the title of the contests, most of us like to also view the potential winnings per percentile. For example, most Fanduel Fantasy Football contests actually payout to a huge number of places.
  • Fanduel Contest Enter Tab – The Fanduel Fantasy Football ‘Prizes’ section of the contest bar allows you to actually enter that particular contest (should you have the available funds/qualifications). Additionally, when clicking on the ‘Enter’ tab, you can easily choose to enter an existing favorite lineup of yours or create a new lineup from scratch.

Coming To Grips With Fanduel’s Fantasy Football Scoring System:

Fanduel’s Fantasy Football scoring system is pretty standard. There’s no real specific items to point out as being more important than any other. It’s in fact designed to be very fair and to not blatantly put more weight into one form of scoring than others. However, some of the technical savvy fantasy sports guru’s out there will certainly try to find some sort of system to take advantage of the system. Don’t worry, these sorts of players have been around for ages and the scoring system is the same for everyone. The name of the game is to earn the most points, the best way to do that is undoubtedly to have a well rounded roster (including kickers & defenses) and of course have a bit of luck with potential stars for any particular week.

The full Fanduel Fantasy Football scoring system is below for your consideration.

fanduel fantasy football scoring breakdown

Better Understanding Basic Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy

First and foremost, when it comes to fantasy football (as we all well know), everyone is a genius or has the best strategy or team, right? That’s always the case of course until the contest is over, because in the end, it’s all about the numbers, and numbers ‘don’t lie’ as they say. The important thing to wrap your head around concerning DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) and frankly Fanduel is the idea of daily/weekly contests. In the past, we’d perhaps study up for a day or two, have a draft with our buddies and then try to best manage our respective teams throughout an entire season to possibly make the playoffs and ultimately the championship. One of the best parts about an entire season long fantasy football league was the commitment it took to win. That commitment consisted of not only a great initial draft, but making strategic decisions week in and week out from playing player and team matchups to accepting or declining trade offers and staying tuned to the infamous waiver wire. While this was a respectable way to earn fantasy football ‘street cred’ & weird trophies (probably even cash) in the past, DFS is essentially an entire different animal.

Fanduel Fantasy Football is not some turbulent, chaotic mixture of random complex outcomes. It’s actually beautifully simple. Every user is given a $60,000 budget to spend as they see fit on 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Defense and 1 Kicker. The people who do well in their particular contest will win. Those who even just do ‘okay’ (in most contests) will at least win their money back or a very small amount. Therefore, rather than focusing on just one contest every week, once you become comfortable with the general workings of the Fanduel Fantasy Football lobby and system as a whole, it’s best to play multiple contests every single week. Afterall, you’ll most likely put a great deal of time into determining who you like for any particular week, it only makes sense to enter your great lineup (or at least a variation of) into multiple contests. One of our favorite things to do is routinely enter a lineup into a set of conservative or frankly cheap contests as well as one or two contests offering larger payouts when finishing well in the results. this ensures that we not only at least make our money back or win a small amount, but we also have the possibility of winning a decent amount of money.

Therefore, the number one thing to begin to understand Fanduel Fantasy Football strategy is to understand money management (your actual Fanduel cash account) on a weekly and season long basis. While it’s certainly fun to risk it all on one week or day (in a single contest), most of us would like to enjoy the entire NFL season of fantasy football and are reasonable when it comes to odds and percentages. Thus, the best thing you can do as a newbie to DFS and Fanduel Fantasy Football is to sample a few different typical contests at low risk and yes fairly low reward. This will in-fact set you up for success throughout the entire season and as you slowly but surely grow your Fanduel cash account, you can begin to enter contests with the potential for higher payouts.

Beyond the obvious importance of your Fanduel cash account management & risk management, the real DFS Fanduel Fantasy Football strategy comes down to your line-ups themselves & the contests you enter them into. Which if done correctly and meticulously can lead to massive success.

DFS Fantasy Football Hero Strategy

DFS Fantasy Football Hero Strategy

fanduel join nowOur ‘Hero Strategy’ is all about ‘paying up’ for players on hot streaks. Obviously, the flip side of the coin is that we’re working inside of a fixed budget. Therefore, in order for the Hero Strategy to be successful, we’ll need to also choose a few ‘sleepers’ or players currently undervalued in order to make up the budget difference. Deciding on how far to push the Hero Strategy in terms of choosing 1, 2, 3 or even 4 ‘heroes’, is completely dependent on the confidence one has in their ability to pick sleepers and or deep sleepers in any given week. Don’t forget to check out our Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Overview for a more complete sense of our overall dfs game-plan.

Thus, let’s dive into the idea and concept of ‘sleepers’. In the past, when playing in typical season long fantasy leagues, one could simply take advantage of the waiver wire throughout the year. Essentially picking up rising stars as they begin to emerge. Along the same lines, before that season long fantasy football season began, talks about ‘sleepers’ and ‘deep-sleepers’ going into the new NFL season is on every ‘talking heads’ tongue. Resulting in a few of us going out on a limb, though not sacrificing much at all (maybe a roster spot or two). A few weeks go bye into the NFL season and the term ‘sleeper’ is basically unused until the off-season/beginning of next season (it’s certainly replaced in high volume of course with ‘waiver-wire’. However, when it comes to DFS, the concept of sleepers is alive and well every single week. Those who routinely have a solid strategy consisting of both low risk and high risk lineups as well as sound cash management when playing DFS will be successful. Those who have a solid strategy of low risk and high risk lineups, with sound cash management and the ability to successfully pick sleepers, will be overwhelmingly successful.

Whichever lineup strategy you decide to use, be sure to use our Fanduel Promo Code & Drafkings Promo Code when creating your new account. This ensures that you’ll be granted the largest possible deposit bonus available. Feel free to share the codes with family or friends that are interested in playing daily fantasy football as well. If you’d like more information on what playing daily fantasy football on Fanduel is all about, be sure to give our Fanduel DFS For Newbies article a look.

Identifying Potential Sleepers:
identifying potential fantasy football sleepers
While anyone can get lucky in identifying sleepers, those who routinely build winning lineups have a strategy of sorts in choosing sleepers every week. We’ve found the best way to locate sleepers is to keep an eye on injuries and matchups.

  • Injuries – The resounding best way to choose sleepers is to be aware of player injuries. Typically, the best sleepers (or on average, the most successfully relied upon) are found when high performing players find themselves hurt and out for the coming week(s). However, we’d consider ‘deep sleepers’ to be a valid term in the DFS vocab when even lesser known players are injured (for example, number 2 and 3 WRs, number 2 RBs or even number 2 TEs). Therefore, in any given week that a few ‘stars’ or high ‘point getters’ goes down, you can count on the Hero Strategy being all the more viable when building your lineup as you’ll have the ability to select more viable sleepers. Furthermore, (as we all know) there’s nothing worse than when of our favorite star players gets injured, especially when we’re counting on them to produce in our DFS fantasy football contests. Just know that it opens up the hidden potential of finding a great sleeper for one of next weeks lineups.
  • Matchups – It’s official, you’ve taken the next step in the world of fantasy football. When we get into the depths of not only choosing players based on team matchups, but individual player matchups (mostly concerning WRs vs DBs but not to exclude QBs vs DBs & RBs vs DLs) we’re beginning to reach fantasy football greatness. Our second favorite way to identify potential sleepers in studying matchups. While it’s easy for most of us to simply identify low point producing Ds and choose players based on the team matchup, one can dive further into the rabbit hole by comparing individual player matchups. For example, identifying that weak DB that even ‘no-namers’ are showing up, gives us the additional information and ability we need to identify potential sleepers.

Identifying Heroes:
identifying fantasy football heroes
As much as we like ‘wowing’ you with our in-depth fantasy football knowledge, it’s not hard to find consistently high performing players. Even most of our ladies can probably point out a few. However, choosing which of the many NFL heroes to insert into your lineup can indeed have a bit of strategy involved.

  • Matchup – The number one place to look concerning which hero to play is of course their matchup. Consider how other typically high performers played against the hero on your radars Ds coming matchup. Also and perhaps more importantly, consider the hero on your radars numbers/stats against that same team from previous years (some players just always do well against certain teams, usually mostly a mental concept).
  • Streaks – Some players are just red hot and their matchup doesn’t really even matter. Every now and then players will be untouchable for long stretches of time (streaks). If you have a number of heroes you’re trying to choose from and are having a tough time making a decision, compare their current streaks. If certain players are embarking on statistically significant records or high marks, their team will play at a higher level as a whole.
  • Health – This is sort of a ‘no-brainer’ but if you’re really having a tough time choosing which heroes to insert into your lineup, try canceling a few out if they happen to be suffering a lingering but not debilitating injury. Additionally, if you can identify a player who is playing when they should probably be sitting, consider selecting players directly opposed to that player (or those who could gain from one’s final demise frankly).
  • Weather – One of the most underutilized aspects of selecting lineups especially as we get deeper into the season is weather. When choosing your roster heroes, keep in mind exactly where they’ll be playing (some even go so far as to contemplate the traveling distance between the two teams, although that seems to be more of a college ‘thing’). Are they playing in a dome? Are they playing on turf? How have they done statistically in relation to these factors in the past? How do they play in the cold or heat? For some players, researching weather stats can make certain decisions very cut & dry.

As with all four of our DFS Fantasy Football Lineup/Contest Strategies, the Hero Strategy is one of our favorites and we use it week in and week out. As always, it’s important to note that we don’t claim any of our DFS Fantasy Football Strategies to be the ‘end-all be-all’. However, when using all of them every single week, you’re guaranteed to have the most diversified lineups around that both grant you the conservatism of low risk and the potential for huge gains.

DFS Fantasy Football Precision Strategy

DFS Fantasy Football Precision Strategy

fanduel join nowOur ‘Precision Strategy’ is all about finding & choosing the highest overall averages & probabilities for each position concerning individual matchups, team matchups, player health and relative DFS price/cost. Out of all of our DFS Fantasy Football Lineup/Contest Strategies, our Precision Strategy is our most well rounded in terms of risk vs reward. For example, rather than risking ‘it all’ on a few heroes and relying on potential ‘sleepers’ to produce, this strategy focuses on best overall or most well rounded. Don’t forget to check out our Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Overview for a more complete sense of our overall dfs game-plan.

Therefore, let’s dive into how we determine who exactly makes the cut week and week out, essentially competing against hundreds of other lineups. First and foremost, all of us have one or two particular players that we have a ‘hunch’ on and are tempted to play in them in every single lineup we enter in a particular week. We are certainly guilty of this as well. However, our Precision Lineup Strategy is meant to compensate for our sometime ‘overzealous hunches’ which tend to put too much weight into risk. In other words, we use the Precision Lineup to counterbalance risk in our overall weekly DFS Fantasy Football play and encourage you to do the same. The factors considered in developing our Precision Lineup Strategy are broken down into overall averages concerning points and matchups against player price. The goal is to find that sweet spot between equally distributing one’s DFS Fantasy Football budget among an entire roster/lineup and of course, still having the best odds of doing well on game day/week.

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Positional Player Point Average Against Average Price:
highest average fantasy football running back
We can all easily sort the top current average point attaining fantasy football players in any number of platforms including all DFS systems themselves. As we all know however, if we were to choose each of the highest average point attaining players we wouldn’t be able to fill our entire lineup, we’d obviously run out of money. Therefore, the trick is to find the optimal average value for your entire lineup. Consider Fanduel for example, each user has a $60K budget to allocate as they see fit. Each user will need to enter 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 D & 1 K, thus we have 9 total positions to fill with a $60K budget, which easily divides out to having $6.6K (in layman’s terms). As we all know, winning DFS Fantasy Football Lineups require the ability to find the best value at each position. Furthermore, it’s important to know which positions to place a more significant amount of weight on. For example, we have found TEs, Ds & Ks to have the statistically widest range in fantasy points. Meaning that at these positions, the top 3rd of point producing players varies more widely than the top 3rd of point producing players at the QB, RB & WR positions. Which results in our max budget allocation for QBs, RBs & WRs being higher than the max budget allocation we dedicate towards the TE, D & K fantasy positions. Learn more about how we view each position below in relation to our Precision Lineup Strategy.

  • QB Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the quarterback position via our Precision Strategy is $8K. Being that there is only one QB position to fill, we essentially locate the top 5 QBs with the highest FPPG (fantasy points per game) who are also at or under the $8K mark and compare them against one another in terms of matchups, streaks and news reports (heath & known offensive strategy updates).
  • RB Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the running back position via our Precision Strategy is $16K. Being that there are two RB position to fill, we again locate the top 5 RBs with the highest FPPG, who happen to be in the $8K range, before comparing & contrasting them against each other based on matchups, streaks and news reports (heath & known offensive strategy updates).
  • WR Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the wide receiver position via our Precision Strategy is $20K. Being that there are 3 WR position to fill, it is the utmost of importance to get as many fantasy points out of this position as possible. Like the RB & QB positions above, we find the top 5 (or so) WRs with the highest FPPG in the $6.3K range and compare them against each other. Again, we factor each player’s matchup, streak and news reports (heath & known offensive strategy updates). On a side note, we often spend more time on WRs than all other positions combined.
  • TE Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the tight end position via our Precision Strategy is $6K. Only one TE is needed, thus the full $6K is geared towards finding the best potential play of the week. Finding a solid TE is our main goal (sleeper TE are usually ‘very long shots’) thus our goal is to find best overall average, not necessarily a huge point producer, but someone who will certainly get plenty of looks and has the potential of getting in the end-zone.
  • D Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the defense position via our Precision Strategy is $5K. Like everyone else, we mostly base our defensive team position on the matchup. Furthermore, we love playing defenses based on the opposing teams QB. Additionally, teams suffering from significant injures not excluding even opposing team’s offensive lineman injuries are taken into consideration.
  • K Budget Allocation – Our max budget allocation given to the kicker position via our Precision Strategy is $5K. When it comes to kickers, we want consistency. Obviously, nobody looks for breakouts from their kicker position and we are no different. However, kicker are people too as they say and the position can sometimes make or break your results. We like finding kickers who are facing strong defensive matchups (preferably top 5 rated overall Ds in the NFL) & have offenses that are among the top 10 real point producing teams in the NFL.

*Again, while the goal of this lineup strategy is to be as ‘evenly spread’ as possible while maintaining optimal ‘updside’, there is certainly gray area inside of the RB & WR positions. For example, while we allocate $16K towards the RB position, the two running back choices don’t have to be exactly equal ($8K per player). The RB budget allocation could for example be split into $9K & $7K per player (or any number of price variations that equal as close to $16K as possible. The exact same approach is true for the WR position. In fact, it’s probably even more true concerning the WR position being that there are 3 positions to fill. Although, it’s also worth stating that this lineup is intended to be the most overall averaged lineup you enter into a content. Feel free to use other perhaps more risky lineups to be able to take advantage of breakout players in any given fantasy football day or week.

Determining Top Average FPPG Players Per Position:
highest average fantasy football wide receiver
Having the concept of budget allocation ‘down pat’, is just the beginning. The ultimate goal with our Precision Lineup Strategy is to choose a well rounded lineup every single week and it essentially takes making solid decisions in choosing between just a handful of potential candidates in each positions allocated budget (located above). Sometimes, choosing which player to start in any given position is glaringly obvious, other times it’s seemingly downright a ‘crab-shoot’. Below are the stats and consideration that we take into account when selecting individual players against others who may seem worthy of the start.

  • QB Position Choice – When it comes to quarterbacks, it’s all about the team matchup (as we all know). However, one can even take it a step further in studying the opposing teams DBs. For example, while it can be somewhat of a contradiction, some weak overall point performing Ds can in-fact have solid DBs. On the other hand, some strong overall point performing Ds can actually have weak DBs or be prone to giving up a high percentage of passing yards. Another strong factor when considering which QB to start is the opposing teams DL. We often see even future hall of fame QBs have terrible games against strong DLs who have the proven ability to apply huge amounts of pressure throughout an entire game. Lastly, a great factor to consider when narrowing down your QB position (after you’ve determined matchups) is WRs. For example, you might very well find a seemingly great QB option based on matchups and player value/cost, however if that QB doesn’t have a solid set of well known WR, that QB is probably worth ruling out. There are in-fact some teams out there who flat out don’t have a decent receiving core, hopefully helping you to narrow down exactly who should get the QB start in your lineup.
  • RB Position Choices – Finding solid fantasy running backs is becoming increasing difficult. However, their need is of course as important as ever. Just as we outline in determining our QB position above, the team matchup as well as the DL matchup are great factors to consider. However, if we push the envelope a bit further when it comes to stats, we can often ‘weed out’ a few possibilities to help narrow down the starters. After narrowing down to the top 5 (or so) based on overall defensive matchups, we can narrow down even further by looking at the candidate’s actual rushes. For example, it’s probable that a couple of candidates have ‘unrealistic numbers to repeat’, in atypical goal-line carries or an atypically low amount of carries with most likely ‘unrepeatable high stats’. Additionally, we like RBs who have at least a decent QB and or star wide receiver as well. This of course due to the fact that these factors tend to open up the ‘run game’.
  • WR Position Choices – The ability to routinely choose solid to high fantasy point producing WRs is the difference between winning and losing DFS Fantasy Football contests. Because every roster has to fill 3 WR slots and most roster’s TE, D & K cancel each other out, and the fact that most people put more time into their 1 RB and 2 RB slots, choosing your 3 WRs in our opinion is that most critical aspect of your lineup. When we’re filling our 3 WR positions, we’re looking for two things, solid WRs that have the highest probability to produce decent to large number and incredible WRs that have the highest probability of producing large to breakout fantasy points. We all know that there are more WRs to sort through than any other position, thus we spend the most time in choosing which WR to give the nod than any other roster spot. We’ve found that beyond picking WRs based on matchups, we’re left with only a few factors to consider. While we try to keep the Precision Lineup Strategy as well rounded as possible, we’ve had the best luck when paying up for at least 1 top WR and sometimes even 2 depending on how deep the particular weekly outlook on WRs and overall matchups is. We love picking WRs against certain secondaries throughout the year that are continually unable to stop the pass. We are always aware of any significant injuries that happen the week prior, typically resulting in a number 2 or 3 receiver seeing a ton more looks and ultimate potential to produce fantasy points. Lastly, we love WRs who are sometimes lesser known but are in a great system, have great value (budget wise) and most importantly (can’t stress this enough) have a top QB.
  • TE Position Choice – The TE position used to be pretty ‘run of the mill’, that is until Gronk started pulling in insane fantasy numbers on a routine basis. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to throw Gronk into some lineups, such as our ‘Run & Gun’ or ‘Hero’ Strategies, however when it comes to our Precision Lineup, we’re seeking shear value. We’re essentially hoping to gain at least the weekly average in fantasy points for the TE position for the particular week. When choosing between a handful of TEs, we weigh the matchups, QBs throwing to them and especially the WR star power or more importantly perhaps, ‘lack there of’. We often find solid TE decisions stem from WR cores that are lacking, or a run game that can’t seem to gain any traction. Additionally, it’s typically worth looking up ‘targets’ to see the number of looks the potential TE candidate has been seeing on a weekly basis. Also, specifically in the matchup, many Ds tend to give up more yards to TEs than others. Furthermore, it’s worth looking into TE redzone targets.
  • D Position Choice – In a nutshell, we’re no different than everyone else when it comes to D, we play matchups. With that being said, other factors to consider when deciding on a D, (if you’ve narrowed it down to a few) are surprisingly to some, offenses, individual star players and even team record. For example, the age old saying, ‘the best defense is a great offense’ is usually true. If we’ve narrowed a few defenses down, we certainly look at the potential of that teams offense as well. If it’s a terrible offense, you can bet that the D will be on the field for longer than they should and will most likely lead to fatigue and points against. In terms of individual star players, it goes both ways. For example, if we’re considering a D and they happen to be facing a fantasy star in the QB (sometimes even RB & WR) positions, we’ll probably shy away from that play. Along the same lines, some Ds (in great matchup situations) have star players that can carry the entire D, players such as JJ Watt for example. Lastly, after considering all of the other variables listed above, if we still need a deciding factor, we’ll normally go with the D who happens to have the best team record.
  • K Position Choice – The age old saying of, ‘kickers, take them early and take them often’ is true! Just kidding, that firstly applied to season long leagues, secondly applied to the initial draft and of course most importantly is solely meant for comedic valuee. When it comes to kickers, we like consistency. There will always be a team that gets lucky and chooses the kicker of the week who has the fantasy game of their life, however, there’s no real way to predict it. We usually like playing kickers who are facing a tougher than normal D (albeit not a top 3 overall team). This is to hopefully drag our lucky twinkle toes kicker onto the field to add a few fantasy points for the week. Obviously a team with a solid offense and defense is preferred, but we’re pretty open minded when it comes to choosing a consistently performing kicker (which gets easier to do as the season gets underway).

As with all four of our DFS Fantasy Football Lineup/Contest Strategies, the Precision Strategy is one of our favorites and we use it week in and week out. As always, it’s important to note that we don’t claim any of our DFS Fantasy Football Strategies to be the ‘end-all be-all’. However, when using all of them every single week, you’re guaranteed to have the most diversified lineups around that both grant you the conservatism of low risk and the potential for huge gains.

DFS Fantasy Football Strategy Overview

DFS Fantasy Football Strategy Overview

fanduel join nowWhen it comes to winning DFS Fantasy Football routinely (let’s face it, anyone can get lucky every once in awhile), it’s about money/risk management combined with the ability to consistently choose great lineups. Our strategies are meant for the average fantasy football player to win routinely with low risk throughout the entire season, with of course the potential to win big dependent on the user’s risk appetite. Unless you’re in the unique position to blow money on extremely low probability contests and odds, we strongly recommend coming to grips with whatever your budget is and rather conservatively entering contests. This will ensure that you indeed actually enjoy and frankly love the entire fantasy football season, rather than ‘getting in over your head’ with the potential of trying to ‘chase the game’ to win money back that you probably should have never risked in the first place. Make no ‘buts’ about it, DFS Fantasy Football can and will be the most exciting digital manager position you’ve ever held or ever will hold. It’s just exceedingly pertinent that you understand the importance of still considering the Fantasy Football Season as a whole because it’s very easy to get caught up into a single week, essentially over extending yourself and risking more than you should. With all that being said (over and over) let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of winning DFS Fantasy Football routinely.

Understanding DFS Fantasy Football Cash/Risk Management:
We are all different, we all have different amounts of risk appetites and cash allocated to fantasy football. However, probably the first place to start is determining the exact amount of money that your willing to put towards fantasy football for the whole season. Most of us are used to shelling out a very modest amount such as $20, $50 or $100. Some of us who are more affluent than others are comfortable going into a fantasy football season with $500, $1,000 or even more. Again, in years past, we’d usually pay that entire amount up front that would then go into a prize pool, in-turn divided at the end of the season. Now, wrap your head around the idea that DFS fantasy football will be conducted on a daily or semi-weekly basis. Does this mean that you should risk that same amount (the amount that you were willing to put on the line for an entire season), in one single day or week of DFS fantasy football? The answer to this question is a resounding, no. You need to essentially take on the responsibility of not only managing your lineup, but also your cash. There are 256 NFL games played out over a 17 week schedule every season. Therefore, you’ll need to breakdown your weekly cash allocation (or at least roughly have a handle on your daily/weekly DFS fantasy football budget) accordingly. Some of us are comfortable allocating tens of dollars, some of us hundreds of dollars and some even thousands of dollars each week, understand exactly which bracket you fall into and stick to it. Heck, if you put together great lineups every week, you might even jump a bracket based on winnings alone.

It should also be mentioned that the current best value concerning the least amount you should bankroll your DFS fantasy football season is $200. This is the case because Fanduel and Draftkings each offer deposit bonus’s which essentially turn your $200 bankroll into $400. Just be sure to use our Fanduel Promo Code & or Draftkings Promo Code when signing up to ensure you get the highest current signing bonus.

Understanding Diversity in DFS Fantasy Football Contests:
There are an absurd amount of available contests or ‘games’ available on Fanduel & Draftkings for every different type of budget or risk appetite. There are ‘slates’ available in a plethora of variations. For example, you can choose to enter a contest that’s solely for Thursday Night Football, All Day Sunday Football, Monday Night Football, variations of each or ‘our favorite’ the complete Thursday through Monday slates. After generally choosing which slates you’d like to try, you’ll be able to choose from a range of contest categories. Contest categories range from 50/50s (where half of the people who enter win at least their money back) and Tournaments (where the winnings are divided into a ton of different tiers, meaning you could still make huge winnings if just finishing in top top few hundred out of thousands of participants) to even Head to Head (one on one) and Custom (choose among a ton of settings to play with friends) contests to name just a few. One of the best strategies to develop in DFS Fantasy Football is to diversify the contests that you play in. For example, you can have great odds on lower wager contests to ensure making at least your money back while throwing in a couple higher risk but higher reward contests as well, to give yourself at least the opportunity to win big should you have a great lineup for that particular week.

Choosing Winning DFS Fantasy Football Lineups Routinely:
Now for the other half or three quarters of the equation, picking winning DFS fantasy football lineups routinely. As they say, ‘this is where the magic happens’ or reality, countless hours of viewing statistics and putting all of those hard fought couch hours of watching football to work. While a lot of people just ‘shoot from the hip’ when choosing their lineups, it’s our intention to bring a bit of discipline, probability, intention and ultimately strategy into choosing winning lineups routinely. The keyword is of course routinely, also meaning successfully over time and approaches that can be relied upon week in and week out for continued fantasy football success. This is of course opposed to ‘winging it’ and or relying on shear luck. We don’t know about each of you, but when it comes to basically anything sports related, especially fantasy football, we like to win and win often, thus our development of actual lineup strategies.

All DFS Fantasy Football Freaks Lineup & Contest Strategies

While we put a ridiculous amount of thought into every lineup we enter into cash contests, we’ve seen great results when essentially using each lineup strategy on a weekly basis. Furthermore, it should be known (especially to DFS newbies) that devoting strategy towards which contests you enter has the possibility of increasing your winnings as well. In no particular order, we’d like to introduce our four routinely used Winning DFS Fantasy Football Lineup Strategies that we use every single week to produce winning rosters and winning DFS accounts.

  • DFS Fantasy Football Hero Lineup & Contest Strategy – Probably the most used (albeit people may not label it) the Hero Strategy is primarily built around paying higher than average on typical (high point average) players. The trick to this strategy being successful is also being able to choose at least average point producing players, (also known as sleepers) as splurging on ‘heroes’ more greatly eats into your budget. Check out our official Hero Lineup/Contest Strategy article to learn more.
  • DFS Fantasy Football Precision Lineup & Contest Strategy – It’s all about averages. Our Precision Strategy is the most well rounded of the bunch and not only focuses on building the most well rounded (on average) lineup, but also gives significant weight to team and even player matchups. The trick to this strategy is of course understanding the inevitability of ‘any given Sunday’ concerning injuries, bad weeks & breakout players. Check out our official Precision Lineup/Contest Strategy article to learn more.
  • DFS Fantasy Football Run & Gun Lineup & Contest Strategy – As we’ve all heard probably too often throughout our lives, the old saying ‘with great risk comes great reward’ is a fact, especially concerning fantasy football. Our Run & Gun Lineup Strategy is certainly the most risky at it focuses predominantly on breakout players, but it also has the ability to produce very rewarding results. The trick is to toe the line of being too risky while maintaining sure ‘point getters’. Check out our official Run & Gun Lineup/Contest Strategy article to learn more.
  • DFS Fantasy Football Divide & Conquer Lineup & Contest Strategy – There are so many different types of contests to enter every single day and week when it comes to DFS fantasy football. Our Divide & Conquer Strategy focuses mostly on strategically entering both risky and conservative lineups into a range of contests to minimize potential losses and maximize potential gains. Check out our official Divide & Conquer Lineup/Contest Strategy article to learn more.