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SeatGeek Promo Code

NFL, College Football & Concert Tickets | Updated September, 2019
seatgeek promo code
Make the entire experience of buying tickets for your next event better with our SeatGeek Promo Code. SeatGeek offers cool discounts and special offers all time. The code that will be revealed below is the same one that is now running on TV commercials. Currently, this is our favorite SeatGeek Promo Code for September, 2019.

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seatgeek deal of the day 09-18-19 yankees tickets

SeatGeek Promotion of The Day

Have you been to a New York Yankees game yet!? The Yankees are currently ranked 1st in the AL East and are facing the Los Angeles Angels today (09-18-19) at 6:35pm (est) in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees plowed through the Angeles in game 1 of their current 3 game series with a final score of 8 – 0. The Yankees are rolling with a record of 99 – 53, and you can see them tonight – live for as low as $5.

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seatgeek deal of the week september 15th 21st 2019

SeatGeek Promotion of The Week

The college football game that people will be watching all over the country this week is Notre Dame vs Georgia. A solid #7 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish squad face an ever stout #3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs team led by all-star running back, D’Andre Swift. The game will be held at the Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia with a 8:00pm (est) kickoff time. Tickets have sold quickly and the current best price is $301.

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seatgeek deal of the month september 2019

SeatGeek Promotion of The Month

Tickets are selling fast for the Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens matchup on September 22nd at 1:00pm (est). It’s a home game for the Chiefs at Arrow Head Stadium where beloved quarterback phenom Patrick Mahomes looks to face a rising star in a Lamar Jackson led Ravens. Chiefs ticket prices are up nearly 50% on average compared to last season. However, SeatGeek scourers the web and has deals for as low as $94.

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seatgeek deal of the year 2019

SeatGeek Promotion of The Year

Super Bowl 54 will take place in February of 2020, concluding the current 2019 NFL season. The game is being hosting in South Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium. While Super Bowl 54 tickets aren’t available for purchase yet, we’ll be among the first to let you know when they go on sale. For Super Bowl 43, if you used SeatGeek Promo Code: SB300, you would have saved $300. We’re expecting a similarly large discount this year.

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seatgeek promo codes by hello rookie

Current SeatGeek Promo Code Details for September 2019

As you well know, ticket pricing can change dramatically from when sales first begin until the day and or hour when the event begins. On average, the way to get the best pricing on tickets for an event that is sure to sell out or reach capacity is to buy early. When it comes to an event that is likely to have tons of empty seats, it’s best to wait until the last minute leading up to the event.

SeatGeek Promo Codes come available throughout the year for a wide range of event categories. For example, for a limited time earlier in the MLB season, you could enter SeatGeek Promo Code: TBA10MLB at checkout. This SeatGeek Promo Code would have saved you $10 off any ticket purchase of $50 or more.

Bare in mind that venues are in the business of making money. Therefore, they’re first going to try and sell tickets at a rate that makes a reasonable return or profit. However, often times venues need to offer promotions and discounts in order to spur ticket sales.

Promo CodeJACK20
Promotion$20 Off
TermsGet $20 off on your first ticket order. Cannot be combined with other promo codes.
More DetailsClick here for answers to FAQ’s regarding our current SeatGeek promotion.

Additionally, for select leagues and events, we’ve seen both a SeatGeek Promo Code for $20 Off and a SeatGeek Promo Code for $40 Off. We also often see SeatGeek Promo Code appear on Youtube, such as Youtube star David Dobrik’s channel. We’ve seen SeatGeek Promo Code offers on the Bar Stool Sport’s, Pardon My Take Podcast as well. When all else fails, look for your SeatGeek Promo Code on Reddit in 2019.

The Complete Guide to Using SeatGeek Promo Codes

Using our SeatGeek Promo Code couldn’t be more simple. Scroll to the top of this page and click on the ‘Get Offer’ button to reveal the code.

Browse SeatGeek, find the event you’d like to attend and proceed to make your seat, row and or section selection. Next, proceed to checkout and enter the SeatGeek Promo Code on the right hand side under the order summary section.

  • 1. Scroll to the top of this page.
  • 2. Click on the ‘Get Offer’ button.
  • 3. Utilize the revealed SeatGeek Promo Code at checkout.

Furthermore, there’s an option to save SeatGeek Promo Code offers in your account. In order save any working promo codes you find online, simply login to your account and navigate to Account Settings and then Payment & Shipping. You’ll notice an option to save any SeatGeek Promo Codes in the section above Payout Method.

seatgeek promotions

Frequently Asked SeatGeek Promo Code Questions

Interested in selling your tickets? Being that SeatGeek is dominating and reshaping the entire ticketing marketplace, it’s probably a good idea to have your tickets on their platform.

They’ve made selling tickets incredibly easy to do. The process is as simple as creating an account, uploading your tickets, adding a price and getting paid when they sell. You’re free to change the price or remove the tickets all together at anytime before your tickets sell.

Not sure what price to sell your tickets at? SeatGeek has integrated their ‘Deal Score’ into the process of determining your price. While you can indeed set any price you wish, by using SeatGeek’s Deal Score, you have a better idea of fair pricing and or ‘going rates’.

Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SeatGeek.

What’s a Deal Score?
Deal Score is a number between 1 and 10 used to identify how good of a deal your getting on tickets. Deal Score is determined by a proprietary math matrix designed by SeatGeek. A 1 means it’s a terrible deal and a 10 means it’s a phenomenal deal. In laymen’s terms, Deal Scores are based on seat location, other available seats, the going rate and historical data.

Can I sell my tickets on SeatGeek?
You absolutely can sell your tickets on SeatGeek and we encourage you to do so. It’s completely free to list your tickets on SeatGeek, however they do charge a 10% fee if you they sell. You’ll also be required to have a valid credit card on file to ensure the authenticity of your tickets for SeatGeek customers. Upon selling your tickets, SeatGeek will credit your bank account within 5 business days.

1. Create a SeatGeek account.

2. Attach your bank account and verify your credit card.

3. Upload your tickets.

4. Set the price you’d like to sell your tickets for.

5. You can edit or delist your tickets at any time unless someone buys them.

seatgeek promo code details

What are the additional fees for?
Any tickets that you purchase on SeatGeek will also have a fee attached to cover seller and delivery fees. These fees can vary greatly and are determined largely by the event, venue and seller.

Will my seats be together when I buy multiple tickets?
The short answer is yes, your seats will be together. To be more specific, when you’re browsing an event’s venue on SeatGeek, the number of tickets available for any row or section will be in groups. Additionally, you can easily filter the amount of tickets you need for your group at the top of the page.

What is SeatGeek Enterprise?
SeatGeek Enterprise is essentially their business to business sales division. If you’re interested in working directly with SeatGeek for your venue and or event, reach out to the Enterprise team.

Is parking included with my tickets?
Parking will almost never be included in your seat purchase. However, most large venues do offer parking passes available for purchase separately.

What about season tickets?
When it comes to buying season tickets, you’ll need to contact the team or hosting party themselves. Once setup however, you can link that account to your SeatGeek account for ultimate ticket management. Allowing you to transfer to tickets to friends and family or sell tickets quickly and easily.

Does SeatGeek use mobile or paper ticketing?
As you know, the world is largely moving towards digital ticketing. In most cases, you’ll receive tickets you buy on SeatGeek digitally. (On rare occasions, you may be required to print your tickets prior to attending an event. It will always be make crystal clear exactly what form your tickets will come in.)

Everything You Need to Know About The SeatGeek Company

SeatGeek is an innovative ticket hub for all types of entertainment and events. It’s best known for it’s interactive 3D seating chart functionality that allows users to see the exact vantage point of any given available seat in an arena.

Founded in 2009 by Russell D’Souza, Jack Groetzinger and Eric Waller, SeatGeek Inc. is a privately held business operating out of New York, New York as a subsidiary of Scribnia, LLC.

What started as a standard tech startup, SeatGeek has blossomed to become a global ticket exchange empire. If it’s a notable event or person(s), SeatGeek is likely to have tickets for it. While their website garners plenty of traffic, their app for Apple and Android is known as the best way to buy tickets on mobile.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller of tickets, SeatGeek is one of the most complete ticket platforms in the industry. Additionally, they offer 2 guarantees that ticket buyers will love the assurance of.

Firstly, the ‘Get In Guarantee’ states that SeatGeek guarantees that any tickets bought from them are 100% authentic and will arrive in-time of the event or you’ll get your money back.

Secondly, the ‘Price Match Guarantee’ pretty much speaks for itself. In fact, SeatGeek’s system is built around locating the best priced tickets available. SeatGeek is to tickets as Travelocity, Expedia and or Priceline is to airfare.

If you somehow manage to find cheaper tickets that are authentic anywhere else, SeatGeek will match that price.

Notable SeatGeek Investors:

  • Technology Crossover Ventures
  • Accel Partners
  • Causeway Media Partners
  • Founder Collective
  • NYC Seed
  • DreamIt Ventures
  • Stage One Capital
  • Trisiras Group
  • Eli and Peyton Manning
  • Nas and Melo7 Tech

While not an exhaustive list, the names above are those officially listed on the SeatGeek website.

Other Notable SeatGeek Happenings:

  1. What was once known as the Toyota Park in Chicago, Illinois is now called SeatGeek Stadium.
  2. SnapChat partnered with SeatGeek to help get more fans to live events.
  3. The Dallas Cowboys eliminated their deal with Ticketmaster to enter a partnership with SeatGeek.
  4. SeatGeek is a ticket distribution partner of the NFL.
  5. Facebook became a primary distributing partner of SeatGeek.

While not an exhaustive list, the happenings above are the most recent that have been publicly released.

seatgeek promo code and review

What to Expect from SeatGeek Promo Codes in 2019

It would be difficult for us to love SeatGeek more. They are not only revolutionizing the ticket buying and selling experience, they’re breaking the entire mold. By building their system in an open and elegant API format, they’ve found a way to literally make everyone happy. Whether you’re buying tickets, selling tickets, a consumer or a distributor, SeatGeek’s API and entire system is built to benefit you.

Consumers are able to get the best prices on tickets and be more aware of events they’d be interested in attending.

Retail level ticket sellers are able to quickly and easily have access to one of the worlds largest ticket marketplaces.

Ticket distributors, hosts and or venues are able to easily integrate the SeatGeek API throughout their marketing channels. This not only ensures optimal event awareness, but is combined with phenomenal statistics and metrics. The end result is more awareness, more ticket sales and a better understanding of where to find fans / ticket buyers.

Our SeatGeek Review & Promo Code Rating
  • Event Selection
  • App Functionality
  • Available Promotions
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service

SeatGeek Promo Code & Review Summary

SeatGeek has changed the way ticketing is done for medium to large events. Where other ticket hubs focus in a linear manner on driving one channel, SeatGeek is a pure dynamic system.

If you like attending sporting events, concerts, comedy clubs and or concerts, signing up for SeatGeek is an absolute must. If you're a venue, distributor / marketer and or host, implementing SeatGeek's API across your platforms is also a must.

The only knock that we have on SeatGeek is their seemingly limited promotions. Let's really get the ticketing party started and offer SeatGeek Promo Code options in wider variety.

Get SeatGeek via App Store or Google Play for the best prices on tickets for all of your favorite events, people and or teams.