2019 DraftKings Millionaire Maker Winners

2019 DraftKings Millionaire Maker Winners

This post will analyze each of the 2019 NFL DraftKings Millionaire Maker winning lineups. This includes week 1 of the season through the Super Bowl.

Before jumping straight into the winners, we wanted to share a few general observations that we think are actionable in your 2020 DraftKings Millionaire Maker lineups and overall strategy.

The first should not come as a surprise, but the average winner entered multiple lineups the week they won. Of the 20 winners, only 4 won on either a single entry (or potentially just their first entry). There were more people that won on entry 100+ (5) than on a single entry.

Another item of note is just how often injury created value. While this was the case early in the season (see Demarcus Robinson and Sammy Watkins with Hill out), the strategy really picked up steam later in the year.

We saw Teddy Bridgewater in the week 5 lineup, Auden Tate in week 6, Latavius Murray in weeks 7 and 8, Jaylen Samuels in week 9… The list would go on and on to include names like Bo Scarbrough, Miles Sanders, Tyler Higbee, and Breshad Perriman.

While you might expect a quarterback like Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes, or even a dominant defense like the Patriots to be the most owned Millionaire Maker player, it was actually the most expensive player that made the most appearances. Christian McCaffrey was on 6 winning lineups, despite not even playing in the four playoff weeks!

With 7 of the 17 regular season winners paying under $6,000 at the QB spot, you do not necessarily have to pay up at the most important position in football.

While you may not have to pay up at the QB position, you do have to stack the position with a pass catcher. Every single winning lineup had their QB stacked with either a WR or TE. We may just chalk that up to the popularity of the strategy, but its effectiveness is undeniable when you see that 9 of the winning lineups had a QB stacked with at least two of his pass catchers.


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DraftKings NFL Week 1 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week one millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBLamar Jackson6.9%$6,00036.56
RBChris Carson26.7%$5,70025.1
RBChristian McCaffrey20.3%$8,80045.9
WROdell Beckham Jr.12%$8,10014.1
WRMarquise Brown0.3%$3,80033.7
WRDeSean Jackson8.4%$4,50038.4
TEEvan Engram13.2%$4,80031.6
FLEXDalvin Cook37%$6,00029

DraftKings NFL Week 2 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week two millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBPatrick Mahomes13.2%$7,50035.62
RBEzekiel Elliott8.5%$8,70023
RBDerrick Henry14.7%$6,00017.3
WRJohn Brown20.8%$5,20014.2
WRDemarcus Robinson0.6%$3,50038.2
WREmmanuel Sanders1.8%$4,70028.8
TETravis Kelce16.6%$7,30026.7
FLEXPreston Williams0.6%$3,40010.3

DraftKings NFL Week 3 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week three millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBJameis Winston6.6%$5,40029.5
RBRex Burkhead10.2%$3,90018.9
RBPhillip Lindsay2.9%$4,30029
WRKeenan Allen15.4%$7,00046.6
WRMike Evans11.3%$6,60048
WRJulio Jones10.5%$7,30029.8
TEDarren Waller5.9%$4,10030.1
FLEXChristian McCaffrey22.2%$8,70030.8

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

wee four millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBJared Goff4%$6,30027.68
RBNick Chubb3.4%$6,40042.3
RBDavid Johnson7.2%$6,80021.9
WRChris Godwin0.7%$6,00044.2
WRCooper Kupp16.5%$6,50029.9
WRRobert Woods3.1%$6,10032.4
TEWill Dissly27%$3,60018.7
FLEXCourtland Sutton1.3%$4,60024.2
D/STNE Patriots11%$3,70025

DraftKings NFL Week 5 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 5 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBTeddy Bridgewater2.7%$5,20031.26
RBChristian McCaffrey24.7%$8,70050.7
RBJames White12.1%$5,00013.2
WRWill Fuller V18.5%$4,50056.7
WRChris Godwin14.8%$6,90034.5
WRMichael Thomas23.7%$6,60044.2
TEJared Cook3.6%$3,40014.1
FLEXAaron Jones12%$5,90052.2

DraftKings NFL Week 6 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week six millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBMatt Ryan19.2%$6,40033.94
RBChris Carson25.6%$6,00028.9
RBCarlos Hyde7.0%$4,40022
WRStefon Diggs8.6%$5,90046.5
WRTerry McLaurin11.7%$6,00029
WRAuden Tate1.8%$4,50014.1
TEAustin Hooper37.3%$5,00028.7
FLEXEzekiel Elliott9.5%$8,50029.2

DraftKings NFL Week 7 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 7 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBAaron Rodgers2.2%$6,50046.76
RBJosh Jacobs27.8%$5,00019.4
RBLatavius Murray9.7%$5,10035
WRJohn Brown16.8%$5,50019.3
WRStefon Diggs5%$6,30024.2
WRMarvin Jones Jr.2.3%$5,00043.3
TEJimmy Graham2.8%$4,20016.5
FLEXDalvin cook25.9%$8,00030/9
D/STBuffalo Bills16.8%$4,30011

DraftKings NFL Week 8 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 8 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBDaniel Jones1.6%$5,80032.18
RBTevin Coleman4%$5,00040.8
RBLatavius Murray34.8%$5,80039.7
WRMike Evans8.7%$6,60045.8
WRKenny Golladay24.3%$6,40032.3
WRGolden Tate8.6%$5,80016.5
TEEvan Engram10.9%$5,30014
FLEXDK Metcalf10.3%$5,00016.3

DraftKings NFL Week 9 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 9 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBRussell Wilson13.2%$7,10042.22
RBChristian McCaffrey24.5%$10,00040.6
RBJaylen Samuels50.7%$4,00020.3
WRMike Evans13%$7,20039
WRTyler Lockett15.7%$7,50043.2
WRPreston Williams8.7%$4,20024.2
TENoah Fant3.4%$3,00023.5
FLEXMike Williams9.8%$5,80017.3

DraftKings NFL Week 10 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 10 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBPatrick Mahomes12.7%$7,00032.84
RBDerrick Henry8.5%$6,40036.1
RBRonald Jones16.9%$4,30023.6
WRTyreek Hill12.9%$7,70036
WRChristian Kirk24.7%$5,20040.8
WRMichael Thomas44.6%$8,30031.2
TEAustin Hooper10.6%$5,50011.7
FLEXKareem Hunt6.3%$3,00014.4

DraftKings NFL Week 11 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 11 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBJosh Allen3.8%$6,60033.84
RBChristian McCaffrey23.4%$10,50033.1
RBDevin Singletary12.3%$6,0008.9
WRJohn Brown5.9%$6,40037.7
WRDeVante Parker3.9%$4,70023.5
WRCalvin Ridley6.1%$5,50031.3
TERyan Griffin3.6%$2,90024.9
FLEXDeebo Samuel25.5%$4,00024.4

DraftKings NFL Week 12 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 12 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBBaker Mayfield14.6%$5,90027.58
RBDerrick Henry30.6%$6,90032.5
RBBo Scarbrough14.6%$4,2008.8
WRJarvis Landry11.7%$6,30039.8
WRDJ Moore5.2%$6,40034.4
WRJames Washington3.4%$5,00018.8
TEJared Cook3.1%$4,50021.9
FLEXNick Chubb12.7%$8,10028.4

DraftKings NFL Week 13 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 13 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBCarson Wentz7.9%$5,80028.4
RBChristian McCaffrey40.8%$10,50017.2
RBMiles Sanders30.2%$5,40021.5
WRDavante Adams27.1%$7,00024.4
WRDeVante Parker12.2%$5,70037.9
WRDede Westbrook11.5%$5,00019
TETyler Higbee24.6%$2,50026.7
FLEXAlshon Jeffery17%$5,10031.7

DraftKings NFL Week 14 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 14 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBJimmy Garoppolo2.1%$5,60032.06
RBAustin Ekeler4.5%$6,30037.3
RBAaron Jones11.4%$6,70034.2
WRRobby Anderson16.3%$5,10028
WRA.J. Brown6.2%$5,30036.6
WREmmanuel Sanders2.1%$5,80037.1
TEAustin Hooper2%$6,0005.2
FLEXJames White16%$5,50012.4

DraftKings NFL Week 15 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 15 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBJameis Winston6.1%$6,90036.72
RBSaquon Barkley25.4%$7,70033.3
RBChris Carson33.8%$7,50029.7
WRChris Conley12.3%$3,60020.9
WRChris Godwin22.3%$7,70020.1
WRBreshad Perriman7.8%$4,50037.8
TETyler Higbee34.7%$3,90026.1
FLEXKenyan Drake5.2%$5,00042.6

DraftKings NFL Week 16 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 16 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBAndy Dalton3.2%$5,20037.84
RBSaquon Barkley10.1%$8,30046.9
RBMarlon Mack12.3%$6,20018.1
WRTyler Boyd13.9%$5,80036.8
WRJohn Ross7.5%$4,20015
WRAlbert Wilson2.4%$3,80015.8
TEMike Gesicki7.1%$3,60026.2
FLEXMichael Thomas25%$9,30034.6

DraftKings NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

week 17 millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBDak Prescott9%$6,30033.62
RBEzekiel Elliott32.3%$8,00030.4
RBDamien Williams18.9%$4,70034.4
WRMichael Gallup13.4%$5,40032.8
WRSteven Sims Jr.15.2%$4,70018.5
WRGolden Tate12.1%$5,10017.8
TETyler Higbee14.8%$5,60022.4
FLEXDerrick Henry13.8%$8,10042.1

DraftKings NFL Wildcard Round Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

wildcard millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBDeshaun Watson9.4%$6,40029.38
RBAlvin Kamara45%$7,40019.5
RBDevin Singletary31.9%$6,00019.4
WRDK Metcalf26.2%$6,10032
WRKenny Stills21.7%$4,6008.6
WRAdam Thielen16.2%$6,20022.2
TEDarren Fells12.7%$3,0007.7
FLEXDalvin Cook18.2%$7,80028

DraftKings NFL Week Divisional Round Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

divisional millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBLamar Jackson24%$8,40035.9
RBTevin Coleman4.3%$3,50025.5
RBDamien Williams48.3%$6,00026.8
WRDavante Adams24.2%$7,80039
WRMarquise Brown33%$4,40022.6
WRTyler Lockett13.5%$6,80031.6
TEHayden Hurst1.9%$3,40015.3
FLEXTravis Kelce24.5%$6,40044.4

DraftKings NFL Conference Championship Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

conf championship millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %SalaryPoints
QBPatrick Mahomes50.5%$7,70035.06
RBAaron Jones28.6%$6,70025.3
RBRaheem Mostert47.9%$4,30051.6
WRCorey Davis15.5%$4,00011.5
WRTyreek Hill48.8%$7,20024.4
WRSammy Watkins28.6%$4,60027.4
TEJimmy Graham8.3%$3,7009.9
FLEXDavante Adams40.9%$7,90025.8

DraftKings Super Bowl Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup

draftkings suber bowl millionaire maker winner

Pos.PlayerOwn %Points
CaptainDamien Williams5.4%48.45
FLEXKendrick Bourne15.3%6.2
FLEXTyreek Hill33.4%22.5
FLEXKyle Juszczyk7.65%12.9
FLEXPatrick Mahomes77.6%26.34
FLEXSammy Watkins26.3%14.8

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