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Hims Promo Code

Discounts, Deals & Coupons | Updated August, 2019
hims promo code

Best Hims Promo Code for August 2019

Stay healthy and happy with our Hims Promo Code. This discount is good for your entire purchase. It’s the all around best Hims Promo Code for August, 2019.

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Additional Hims Promo Code Details for August 2019

Ever since Hims launched they’ve been offering a solid amount of discounts and promotions. For example, you can land the Complete Hims Hair Kit for only $5 (normally $49) when signing up for the monthly subscription. (The $5 promotional rate is for the first month only.)

Moreover, Hims has been known to discount the $5 processing fee on most orders.

Promotion10% Off Sitewide
TermsSave 10% off when signing up for a subscription. Cannot be combined with other offers.
More DetailsClick here for answers to FAQ’s regarding our current Hims promotion.

On occasion Hims will offer site-wide savings for new customers and additional discounts for loyal subscribers.

Additionally, Hims products themselves are essentially greatly discounted variations of commonly prescribed medications used in years and decades past by ‘big pharma’. For example, Sildenafil is the active ingredient in one of the most widely sold and used medications to treat ED. When you purchase Hims version of this medication, you’ll be saving roughly 75% when compared to other well known brands.

Every now and then Hims will of free trial periods which are a pretty great time to start your subscription.

Hims promo code guide

Importantly, Hims Promo Code offers and discounts can be had for their Hair Kits, ED, Sildenafil and Propranolol. When all else fails, you can always find a Hims Promo Code on Reddit. Additionally, you can always land a $5 Hims Promo Code by simply signing up for their newsletter. The Barstool Sports Podcast for example commonly offers a forhims promo code for him.

Hims Promo Code Guide

Using our Hims Promo Code is incredibly simple. All you need to do is scroll to the top of this page and click on the Hims Promo Code button (it’s indicated by the ‘Get Offer’ black button). Next, head on over to the Hims website and proceed to process your order. On the right hand side you’ll notice a box to enter the now revealed Hims Promo Code during the checkout process.

  • 1. Scroll to the top and click ‘Get Offer’.
  • 2. Proceed to the Hims website and fill your cart.
  • 3. Continue to checkout and enter revealed ‘Hims Promo Code’ in the promo code box.
  • 4. Click the Apply button.
  • 5. Enter your shipping and billing information before finish placing your order.

hims promo code faqs

Hims Promo Code FAQ’s

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked Hims Promo Code and related questions.

Does Hims offer free shipping?
All Hims orders are shipped for free (and can also be shipped to P.O Boxes). Hims products are shipping in brown boxes with an ‘h’ on the side. Importantly, if the product is Hims medication to treat ED, the packaging is 100% discreet.

Does Hims ship internationally?
Hims products are currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

How long will my Hims order take to arrive?
Typically Hims arrive at your door or mailbox within 5 – 7 business days although they often arrive even sooner.

What is Hims return / refund policy?
If you receive a damaged or incorrect product from Hims, they’ll refund it. However, beyond that Hims does not offer refunds.

Why does Hims charge a medical fee?
Hims utilizes an online system for medical consultations. In order to keep product pricing low and medical doctors happy, Hims charges a small fee to offset the costs of these consultations. All of Hims doctors are licensed, board certified and located within the United States.

Do I need to visit a doctor to get a prescription for Hims products?
While visiting your own local doctor is certainly always encouraged (especially for serious ailments), it’s not necessary to place an order for products that indeed require a prescription. Rather, Hims has innovated the entire process for you. Instead of having going go to and pay for a doctor to get a prescription, customers simply get an online medical consultation from Hims doctors.

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What does the Hims online medical consultation entail?
It’s important to point out that we’re not talking about cancer or other potential life threatening diseases when it comes to Hims products. Rather, we’re talking about general men’s healthcare that includes hair-loss as well as sexual health and performance, for example. (That’s not to say that certain side-effects aren’t important to point out. It’s simply to say that when it comes to hair-loss, skin care and sexual health, these are ailments (that millions of men face) that can on average be dealt with in a much more innovative, fast and inexpensive manner.

Therefore, Hims online medical consultations are built to be fast and easy. Upon filling up your cart with the Hims Rx products you’d like and completing your order, you’ll be asked to complete an online medical consultation.

You’ll be asked to provide a government issued photo I.D, recent selfie, major credit card and to complete a comprehensive yet quick medical assessment. Keep an eye on your inbox, in-case the doctor has any follow up questions before approving your prescription.

Hims promo code details

(Importantly, non-prescription products will not require a medical consultation.)

Hims strictly adheres to laws set fourth by individual states regarding online prescriptions. Check out Hims complete list of states where Rx products and medical services are currently available. (We fully expect this list to be continually updated and eventually be nation-wide.)

Which Hims products require an online medical consultation?
The following products will require a prescription from Hims online medical consultations: Complete Hair Kit, Edible Kit, Finasteride, Sildenafil, Sertraline, Tadalafil, Aging & Acne Kits, Propranolol and Valacyclovir.

What does Hims mean regarding ‘off label’ uses concerning their products?
Hims suggests certain medications for the treatment of certain ailments that those medications don’t have FDA approval for.

In other words, when you see the term ‘off label’ on a Hims product, it means that they feel strongly that the product will indeed help but the FDA hasn’t signed off on that exact medication to treat that exact ailment.

About Hims Promo Codes & Company

Founded in November of 2017 by Andrew Dudum, Jack Abraham and Chester Ng, Hims is a San Francisco based general health and well being brand designed for men. Unlike any other direct to consumer healthcare business, Hims is taking a unique modern marketing approach to men’s wellness and easy access prescriptions. That unique modern marketing approach is perhaps best defined as a brand that appeals to the ‘Instagram’ crowd.

Hims is best known for their affordable subscriptions that help men with ED, PE and hair-loss. Additionally, they have a plethora of skin care products and gummy vitamin options.

Dudum and company would go on to launch sister brand (no pun intended) Her’s in 2018, which of course features skincare, sexual health, haircare and general well being products for women.

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The Hims (& Hers) brands blossomed from Dudum’s startup accelerator known as Atomic (backed by PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel), of which he helped co-found and holds a general partner role in. While both the Him’s and Her’s brands are still in their relative infancy, they’re in the process of growing by leaps and bounds.

Interestingly enough, the actual Hims brand name was the work of Partners & Spade (a New York City branding & marketing agency).

In February of 2019, both brands began offering the prescription known as propranolol to treat social anxiety disorder.

In it’s first week of operations, Hims raked in over $1 million in sales that quickly landed a $7 million investment from Kirsten Green and Josh Kushner. In less than one year after opening their online doors, Hims tallied over $20 million in sales and brought on an additional $90 million in capital investment. This early success and investment gave the company a $500 million valuation (again, within one year of launching).

Notable Known Investors of Hims:

  • Forerunner Ventures – Kirsten Green & Team
  • Redpoint Ventures – Eliza Adams & Team
  • Maverick Capital – Lee Ainslie & Team
  • Josh Kushner – Thrive Capital
  • SV Angel – Ron Conway & Team
  • 8VC – Joe Lonsdale & Team
  • Founders Fund – Peter Thiel & Team

Significantly, in January of 2019 Hims raised an additional $100 million in capital investment, bringing the companies current valuation to $1 billion. Also, Hims recently launched select products in the United Kingdom.

hims promo code review and promotion outlook

Hims Review and Promo Code Outlook for 2019

Hims is revolutionizing how certain types of medicine such as prescription hair-loss, ED, PE and skincare for men are sold. Not only is Hims re-branding a vastly stale industry full with corporate and medical lingo, they’re very significantly bridging the gap between prescriptions and prescription medicine for consumers.

By eliminating the need for consumers to visit (and pay for) a doctor in order to maintain a prescription for personal care products, Hims is unlocking a gigantic industry.

It terms of our Hims Promo Code outlook, we see clear and sunny skies for years to come. In our opinion, Hims goal is primarily to attain subscribers. In other words, Hims features phenomenal promotions to land you as a loyal subscriber.

Our Hims Staff Review & Promo Code Rating
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  • Shipping Times
  • Available Promotions
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Service

Hims Promo Code & Review Summary

Hims is filling a gap in the men's personal care market that many of us never knew existed. Men typically are not proactive or even active (present tense) in pursuing products and or medications that are available to them and commonly used to treat ailments.

In turn, by Him's marketing their products in such a new and innovative way, men are not only going to be open to consider trying the various medications, but they'll be happy to do so. Furthermore, men will be able to use such medications in a discreet and inexpensive manner.

What Hims is doing is exciting from a business, branding, marketing and frankly male perspective.

If you have more general questions about Hims and their products, we encourage you to contact them as they are very helpful via email (support@forhims.com) and phone (1(800) 368-0038). Alternatively, another great resource for Hims products and or medications is the Hims Support Blog.