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As of October 2022, Fubo Sportsbook is no longer in business.

Terms for Current Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code Offer

If you have been looking to get into the sports betting game or perhaps find a new place to make your wagers, Fubo Sportsbook is here for you. They are now live and offering their services to residents of both Arizona and Iowa.
To celebrate their arrival in these two states, Fubo Sportsbook is offering new players a tremendous bonus bet of up to $1,000 as well as a free month of their FuboTV. Between their excellent app and this promo code, it is no wonder that Fubo Sportsbook is growing in popularity.

Promo CodeEWB123
Offer$1,000 Bonus Bet + 1 Free Month of Fubo TV
Promo DateOffer valid April 1st 2024 through April 30th 2024
Promotional Terms Must be 21+ years of age and in Iowa or Arizona

What is the Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code?

Fubo Sportsbook is certainly not the only sportsbook to offer a special promotion when beginning services in a new state. Generally speaking, most of these promotional offers will require some kind of code for players to use at signup.

In the case of the Fubo Sportsbook promo code, players can claim their offer with the promo code EWB123 when they sign up. That promotion is offered to bettors in both Arizona and Iowa for new betters signing up with the sportsbook. They will be given a single bonus bet of up to $1,000 as well as a month of FuboTV for free.

The great thing about this promotion is that players are able to choose the size of the bet. Should your first bet cash, then you have the benefit of winning that bet. But if it doesn’t cash, then Fubo Sportsbook will provide players with a refund of up to $1,000.
There is one thing to note and that is the bonus bet cannot exceed the initial deposit. Not only that, but the refunds are paid out through site credit, so they cannot be withdrawn without being wagered first.

Fubo Sportsbook Iowa Offer

Fubo Sportsbook first went live in Iowa starting in November of 2021. Right now, it is rated as one of the best sportsbooks in Iowa and players can also receive a bonus bet of $1,000 as they would in Arizona. The downside is that there are currently no locally-related offers as players in Arizona would get throughout the NFL season.

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Offer

Fubo Sportsbook launched in Arizona beginning in December of 2021, rapidly becoming one of the highest-rated sportsbooks in the state. New users to Fubo Sportsbook in the state of Arizona can get a $1,000 bonus bet, which was introduced in time for the NFL season and is expected to run all the way through the Super Bowl.

Arizona bettors are also able to bet on the local Arizona Cardinals throughout the season without having to risk that initial deposit. It is a great way to root on the local Cards as they make their drive to return to the NFL Playoffs.

Fubo Sportsbook Offers Live Betting

Live betting has become a huge attraction for bettors in the United States and around the globe. Not every sportsbook currently offers live in-game betting, which is something that Fubo Sportsbook is proud to bring to the table.

They call their service Live sync in order to since their mobile betting app with their live television feeds. When it comes to live betting, the odds and opportunities can be different than simply watching another game where the feed is delayed, sometimes substantially.

Thanks to the Live Sync feature, players are able to get in on more live betting options while also having access to a real-time feed without those delays. It is a great way to make the games at hand more interesting and to find a rooting interest when you otherwise would not have had one.

The feature is really easy to use, too. When you log in and begin to use the Fubo Sportsbook app, find the “now watching” section. This allows you to not only watch live games but to find each of the live betting options for that particular game.

What Sports Can You Bet on with Fubo Sportsbook?

There are a ton of betting options to be had with Fubo Sportsbook. They have offerings in baseball, basketball, hockey, football, auto racing, horse racing, tennis, and soccer as of right now. But they also have a few events that some would not expect in addition to all the most popular sports.

If you are new to Fubo Sportsbook and want to try something different, there are more than a few options to choose from. Fubo is adding sports consistently, which means getting to bet on an array of different sports that you may not have paid attention to prior.

How Does the Bonus Offer Work?

When players make their first wager, they have the luxury of knowing that if their first wager fails, they will be refunded up to $1,000. When the wager has been processed, funds will be deposited back into the player account to be used in the form of bonus wagers.

Fubo Sportsbook HR Cavs

Fubo Sportsbook FAQs

Fubo has been a significant player in the streaming service world for quite some time. However, they are new to the online sportsbook industry. Because of that, folks are bound to have lots of questions. Here are some of the more basic ones we get.

Is Fubo Sportsbook legit?

Yep! Fubo Sportsbook is legal and licensed to do business in both Iowa and Arizona. Your money and personal info will be kept safe and secure while on their app and website.

How Does the Fubo Sportsbook Bonus Bet work?

Fubo Sportsbook’s bonus bet is easy to understand. After creating your account and making a deposit, simply place your first wager. If it loses, Fubo Sportsbook will cover your loss for up to $1,000. They’ll reimburse you with bet credits to use.

Does Fubo Sportsbook’s bet credits expire?

Yes. Be sure that you use any free bet credits within 30 days because after that they’ll be voided.

How do I make a withdrawal from Fubo Sportsbook?

Login to your account and click the Accounts button on the app or website. Next, type in the amount that you want to withdrawal as well as the withdrawal method. You can request a paper check, Skrill, Sightline, or ACH through your bank account.

Can I bet on college sports with Fubo Sportsbook?

Yes, college sports are offered on Fubo Sportsbook via their website and app. However, folks in Iowa can only place pregame wagers on college sports. Live wagering isn’t permitted on college sports for folks in The Hawkeye State.

How good is Fubo Sportsbook’s app?

Fubo Sportsbook offers a nice app for iOS devices. It has a 4.3 rating on the App Store. Unfortunately, there is not an app for the Google Play Store yet. However, that is expected to change soon. 

Review and Rating for Current Fubo Sportsbook Bonus Offer

The rating we assign to each sportsbook bonus offer is a reflection of several factors. First, we compare the offer and the terms of the offer to other sportsbooks in the same states. Next, we look at the overall quality of the app and reviews from current users.

Our current 4.6 (out of 5) rating for Fubo Sportsbook puts it slightly ahead of BetMGM. BetMGM has a better app but Fubo’s bonus is better because of the one free month of Fubo TV!

Review Current Fubo Sportsbook Promotions
Details There’s a whole lot to like about Fubo Sportsbook. They are on the cutting edge as far as integrating their sportsbook with their streaming service. This is something that no other sportsbook offers. The $1,000 Bonus Bet is a pretty good offer but most folks in Arizona and Iowa prefer the Bet-Get offers that don’t require a lot of money upfront. Nevertheless, this is a solid offer, especially for a newer sportsbook.
Author Mike Noblin
Reviewed By Matt Brown
Rating 4.6 (out of 5)