FanDuel New Player Promotions

FanDuel New Player Promotions

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Best New FanDuel Promo Code for February

FanDuel recently announced a new promotion that has the fantasy industry buzzing. New players that register and make a deposit this February will receive a free entry into their Sunday Million contest. This is the current best Fanduel offer of 2019.

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If you are new to daily fantasy sports, or just new to FanDuel, this is the best promo code the industry currently has to offer. This FanDuel promotion allows you to give their site a try, to test your knowledge and fantasy skill, without risking a penny. They have a loaded slate of contests for every week of NFL contests.

Follow the article before to get an idea of how you can not only make the most of this promo, but get the most out of your experience on FanDuel. Information is the key to finding success in daily fantasy, and we are an industry leader in empowering new players.

Tips for Using Our FanDuel Promotional Offers

This FanDuel promo code deal can make a big difference for new players. Here’s how. Let’s say your initial deposit is $60, and you want to get the most out of this generous promotional offer. The first thing we would recommend is to enter a high dollar cash contest.

This means you should focus on either 50/50’s, double ups, or head-to-head contests. My recommendation would be to either find a high dollar, smaller 50/50 or double up. If you win this contest you will double your $60 deposit, if you lose FanDuel will refund the entry within the next 72 hours. Take the time to study your results, do some reading, and improve your strategy moving forward.

Using the code is very easy, but customers need to be aware that this promotional code will only work for new members. Unfortunately, if you already use FanDuel and have an established account with the site, the code won’t be applicable to you. However FanDuel is notorious for having lots of bonus material for the established players as well.

So the established player gets the added benefit of future bonus dollars which are constantly being introduced by the FanDuel team. Want everyone to have a lasting experience, a winning experience, an exciting experience. Get out there and compete at a championship level with FanDuel.

Where do our FanDuel promo codes come from, and our commitment to your FanDuel career.

We work directly with our partner The Daily Audible to ensure that we always have the top available FanDuel promo codes for the upcoming 2017 fantasy season. The Daily Audible has a staff dedicated to ensuring that they have the most current, best possible offer from all of the big DFS websites. Their current top offer is a 100% deposit bonus, which is the top available offer from FanDuel.

After using the promo code and making your deposit. You should see a message that says “Pending Bonus” in the top right corner of your screen. This means that as you spend your initial deposit and enter contests, your bonus cash will gradually be deposited into your account.

The money doesn’t all appear at once as this could lead to problems with fraud and fake accounts, but you will receive all of your bonus cash as you invest your first payment in contests and leagues. You can then go on to earn additional bonuses by referring your friends to FanDuel. Take full advantage of your one time FanDuel promo code and maximize your odd’s of winning.

Your success matters, and we work hard to make you a DFS winner. You can follow our latest articles to get daily lineups for NFL and college football contests. Use variations of our lineups, or just borrow some of our research and apply it your current strategy to improve your own lineups. If there is something else we can do to help you in your daily fantasy journey, simply contact us and we will do our best to make it happen.

FanDuel Company Background

fanduel-iconFanDuel is one of the leading sites in the ever-evolving industry of daily fantasy sports (DFS). The company was founded in 2009 in Texas by a team of five entrepreneurs who wanted to propose something new and innovative to the existing fantasy scene.

The site possesses a huge market share of the DFS industry, offering enormous prize pools across a myriad of different games all year long. The site is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in fantasy games, being one of the first sites ever to introduce the idea of compressing season-long fantasy games into daily and weekly events. The company has won many awards for being one of the best startups in recent times and one of the top DFS sites on the internet.

FanDuel was originally launched in July of 2009 as a replacement for a previously existing prediction market game. Thanks to some large investments in the years that followed, the company was able to develop relationships with some large enterprises and expand its site, offering more and more games to an increasing number of users.

Over the years since its inception, the site has grown tremendously, forging partnerships with huge companies and professional leagues like the NBA. A million new users joined up with FanDuel last year alone, and the site is set to paid out over $2 Billion in prizes in 2015.

What is FanDuel?

FanDuel offers a vast array of fantasy leagues and contests throughout the year. Following the standard DFS format, these games are often daily but can also be weekly events. The sports on offer at FanDuel include the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, and the company also offers plenty of leagues and contests for certain college sports as well.

Games are broken down into several categories including head-to-head competitions that pit two players against each other, 50/50 games in which the top 50% of players walk away with a portion of the prize pool, classic daily fantasy leagues and there are also high-stakes tournaments on offer. For users with smaller bankrolls, the site also offers satellites, also known as qualifiers, which allow users to gain entry to the biggest tournaments with just a small entry free.

The games on the site can be filtered and customized to suit each individual player, and the site’s huge population means that there’s always plenty of different games to choose from. As players enter games, they are able to draft squads based on a limited salary system.

Then, as real-world matches play out, players are awarded points based on the performance of their teams. Players who earn the most points will win the contests and take home the largest portion of the prize pool, but even players who don’t win still have a chance of earning some cash in game formats like 50/50 or tournaments. Overall, FanDuel is one of the hottest destinations on the internet for DFS games.

Take advantage of the promo code above and give FanDuel a try today, we guarantee you are going to be hooked, and fantasy sports and sports in general will never be the same. You are going to follow more teams, have more fun watching and getting paid to compete in fantasy contests every night.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About FanDuel

Is FanDuel and daily fantasy sports legal?
Obviously this is the million dollar question in DFS right now. The answer is a resounding yes, it is 100% legal for you to compete in fantasy sports for money. The current legal battle between FanDuel, DraftKings and state governments has more to do with governments getting their ‘cut’ of DFS money. Many states have passed legislation this year making DFS 100% legal, and several others have bills in the works. Visit Fantasy Sports for All to see how you can get involved in keeping fantasy sports legal for everyone.

Is it easy to win on FanDuel?
Yes and no… Everyone on FanDuel thinks they are a fantasy expert, or they wouldn’t be attempting to play fantasy sports for money. That being said, if you create a solid strategy and stick to it, the contests are extremely beatable. Nothing is rigged or stacked against you, you have a 50% chance of winning 50/50’s and head to head contests and about a 17% of winning tournaments that pay out more money to winners.

Why should I choose to play on FanDuel?
If you are new to daily fantasy then FanDuel is the absolute best place to start. They have more new players than any other website which makes winning much easier. Their website, mobile website, and iPhone and Android apps work and look flawless.

Above all FanDuel does a great job of making their product an enjoyable experience for new players, games are straight forward with roster and scoring structures that are familiar and make sense.

How does FanDuel compare to their competitors?
When it comes to daily fantasy sports websites, particularly given the current legal environment, the number one thing you should be concerned with is there legitimacy. We saw several sites disappear over the past few years, including a major player that wasn’t able to pay out it’s players.

Even more so than top competitor DraftKings, FanDuel is the one site in this market that we are completely confident will never tank. It’s run professionally from the top down, and are consistently loyal to their customers, partners, the fantasy industry, and maintain the highest level of customer service and fastest payouts.

Why you should play on FanDuel this May

Why is September the best time to get started on FanDuel?
There are a million reasons, but the biggest is clearly that Football is live on FanDuel. Don’t waste another second on your season long league, grab our promo code, and follow the link above to receive their best promotion for new player, get registered, make your initial deposit, and get going.

It may seem like it’s too early, but if you aren’t registered now, you will miss out on dozens of free rolls that open up between now and the start of the 2016 NFL season. Don’t waste another second, get started developing your strategy and building lineups today.

Fantasy Football Freaks - FanDuel Review
  • Quality of Game
  • Website design, app design, mobile website, quality of user interface
  • Customer support, reliability, and response time
  • Variety of sports and contests types
  • Ease of Gameplay and Winning

Review Summary

The bottom line when it comes to FanDuel is that they provide the best daily fantasy experience. Their app and website are far and away the best in the industry. Their games are the most newbie friendly, with scoring and roster structures that just make sense.

We are often asked by new players, where should I play, and the answer is always FanDuel. There are certainly positives to playing on FanDuel, Yahoo, or another website, but if you are new to daily fantasy and only want to play one website, then FanDuel is the only choice.

Use our FanDuel promo code and register today to lock in a 100% fanduel deposit bonus and free entry into their new depositor's freeroll, their top offer for 2016!


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  1. I made my deposit and received the pending deposit bonus, thanks. Time to get busy, subscribed and will continue to follow your articles!

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