DraftKings NFL Millionaire Week 4 Winner

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Week 4 Winner

The Fantasy Lineups Worth $1,000,000+ | Week 4, 2019

So, the DraftKings NFL Millionaire for Week 4 of the 2019 season was a real cluster-f. I think most fantasy players would let down in week 4, due to so many second tier and relative unknown players scoring touchdowns. Which is all highly evident by the relatively low ownership average.

Also, if you had Nick Chubb going, you likely did very well as he had a stat-day against the Baltimore Ravens. Chubb 165 rushing yards, and 3 rushing touchdowns along with 3 receptions for 18 receiving yards.

The player who produced the most fantasy points for the DK Millionaire Maker contests was Chris Godwin (who Chris was high in for this slate). Godwin hauled in 12 receptions for 172 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns for a total of 44.2 DK fantasy points.

The QB / WR stack that proved to pay was Jared Goff, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

Standby for full video of the DraftKings NFL Week 4 MM contest. (We’ll go into great detail about the winning lineup and what a similar lineup strategy would look like for week 5.)

draftkings millionaire maker recap 2019

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Winning Lineups 2019

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DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 4 Winning Lineup

NFL week 4 is officially in the books and below you’ll find the DraftKings NFL lineup that won the coveted Millionaire Maker contest.

draftkings nfl week 4 millionaire maker winning lineup

DK NFL Week 4 Winners by Position

QB | RB’s | WR’s | TE | FLEX | DST

The DraftKings Week 4 Millionaire Maker contest was won by a team called, ‘Fourdouble’, who produced a total of 266.28 fantasy points. Fourdouble’s 127th lineup lineup did the trick in what appears to be a fairly well rounded / mostly top second tier squad.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker QB

draftkings nfl jared goff mm week 4 winner

Jared Goff

QB | Los Angeles Rams | 27.68 Fpts | 4% Owned
Jared Goff and the Rams got into an all out shoot-out with the Bucs where they felt short 40 to 55. Goff went 45 of 68 for 517 passing yards, with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker RB’s

draftkings nfl nick chubb mm week 4 winner

Nick Chubb

RB | Cleveland Browns | 42.3 Fpts | 3.4% Owned
Nick Chubb and the Browns went off against the Ravens in their 40 to 25 win. Chubb had a monster of a game averaging 8.2 yards per carry with a total of 20 carries for 165 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. Chubb also caught 3 passes for a total of 18 receiving yards.

draftkings nfl david johnson mm week 4 winner

David Johnson

RB | Arizona Cardinals | 21.9 Fpts | 7.2% Owned
David Johnson and Cardinals fell short in their week 4 loss to the Seahawks, 10 to 27. Johnson led the Cardinals offensively with 11 carries for 40 rushing yards and 8 receptions for 99 receiving yards. While Johnson didn’t reach the end-zone in week 4, it’s clear that he’s one of the best pass catching backs in the league.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker WR’s

draftkings nfl chris godwin mm week 4 winner

Chris Godwin

WR | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 44.2 Fpts | 0.7% Owned
Chris Godwin and the Bucs couldn’t stop scoring against the Rams in their week 4 win. Godwin finished his leading performance with 12 receptions for 172 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns.

draftkings nfl cooper kupp mm week 4 winner

Cooper Kupp

WR | Los Angeles Rams | 29.9 Fpts | 16.5% Owned
Cooper Kupp was relatively highly owned in his week 4 matchup against the Bucs. Nevertheless, Goff threw 55 times and Kupp hauled in 9 receptions for 121 receiving yards and 1 touchdown.

draftkings nfl robert woods mm week 4 winner

Robert Woods

WR | Los Angeles Rams | 32.4 Fpts | 3.1% Owned
Robert Woods had his best game of the 2019 NFL season in week 4 against the Bucs. Woods caught 13 passes for 164 receiving yards. While he didn’t reach the end-zone, it’s become clear that Woods is one of the best WR2’s in the league, especially with Goff throwing the ball over 50 times.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker TE

draftkings nfl will dissley mm week 4 winner

Will Dissley

TE | Seattle Seahawks | 18.7 Fpts | 27% Owned
Everyone and their mom were on Dissley in week 4 and rightfully so. Dissley lead the Seattle pass catching core with 7 receptions for 57 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. It was an extremely favorable matchup for Russell against the Cardinals secondary, although Dissley is now considered a top 10 TE moving forward, especially when facing favorable matchups.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker FLEX

draftkings nfl coutland sutton mm week 4 winner

Courtland Sutton

FLEX | Denver Broncos | 24.2 Fpts | 1.3% Owned
Joe Flacco and Courtland Sutton finally connected in week 4 against the Jaguars. Sutton caught 6 passes for 62 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Broncos close loss.

DraftKings NFL Week 4 Millionaire Maker DST

draftkings nfl new england patriots dst mm week 4 winner

New England Patriots

DST | 25 Fpts | 11% Owned
New England’s defense continues to dominate the NFL. If Chicago’s ‘monsters of the midway’ are back, the Patriots defense have undergone nothing less than a second American Revolution.

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 3 Winning Lineup

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 3

It’s DraftKings NFL Week 3 baby! Let’s get busy. Chris and I sort through the best players for week 3 and who you’d do best to stay away from.

Daniel Jones splashed onto the NFL scene in a huge way in Week 3 with 336 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 0 interceptions, along with 28 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. The Giants edged out the Bucs by 1 and New York Football Giants fans around the world are starting their week off happier than ever. Also noteworthy is the fact that Dallas perhaps didn’t ‘go-off’ as much as many fantasy owners would have liked (against Miami). Additionally, Jameis Winston finally came to play with a 380 passing yard and 3 passing TD performance in their close loss to Daniel Jones and the Giants.

dk nfl mm week 3 winning lineup 2019

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 2 Winning Lineup

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 2

Every single week of the NFL season, we break down the prior week’s DraftKings Millionaire Maker winning lineup. In week two we some some phenomenally ballsy WR plays.

However, I would fill out a millionaire NFL dfs lineup before I would buy a lotto ticket 10 out of 10 times. At least with dfs there is the added bonus of entertainment all Sunday long.

The DraftKings Week 2 Millionaire Maker contest was won by a team called, ‘Mushtaqlatifi’, who produced a total of 231.12 fantasy points. Mushtaqlatifi had the balls to start DeMarcus Robinson, Emmanuel Sanders and Preston Williams, which we tip our hats to.

dk nfl mm week 2 winning lineup 2019

DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Week 1 Winning Lineup

DraftKings user TopCorner relied on what at the time looked like a longshot stack of Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown to put up a massive 281 points. In addition to the Ravens stack, TopCorner hit on McCaffrey’s massive day as well as a breakout performance from the 49ers defense. As of week 4 of the NFL season, this is still the highest-scoring DraftKings Millionaire Maker lineup of 2019.