Boom Fantasy Review

Boom Fantasy Review

Updated Boom Fantasy Review - Complete Platform Analysis Updated for July, 2019
boom fantasy review

Complete Boom Fantasy Review for July

Our Boom Fantasy Review covers the platform itself as well as a bit about the company. While Boom Fantasy is a lesser known daily fantasy option, they do indeed cater to dfs newbies (more on that below). Additionally, outside of all the traditional sports offered in the U.S, Boom actually features Sumo Wrestling options – which is a rather fun idea. If you’re not one for reading reviews and the idea of betting on Sumo is something that moves you, grab your Boom Fantasy Promo Code and get started today.

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Like competitor Draft, Boom Fantasy offers a niche daily fantasy product that is completely different from the standard salary cap format you find at FanDuel and DraftKings.

Players answer a series of questions, making predictions for that night’s slate of games. The player that answers the most questions correctly wins the contest.

Boom Fantasy Review of Contest Types

Unless you really, really love the format, it’s hard to argue that Boom Fantasy does anything considerably better than their competitors. That being said, one thing they are willing to do is offer some exotic sports. Yes, that includes sumo wrestling if you were curious.

In general, when you open the Boom Fantasy app you will find the typical variety of sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA. For the most part, these sports have the highest volume of players and have become the standard for the industry.

That being said, Boom Fantasy will occasionally throw their players a curveball with something like MMA, Tennis, Olympic sports, or even Sumo wrestling.

Combine the variety of sports you get with the fact that the format is never the same. The questions are always about different teams, different players, different stat types, etc. As result you never have the same experience twice with Boom Fantasy.

How Boom Fantasy Works

Boom Fantasy Review of Entry Limits

One of the benefits to Boom Fantasy’s format is that their are no sharks circumventing entry limits and targeting new players.

It’s simply player vs player, everyone gets one shot to make the same set of projections and whoever is most accurate wins.

While the format is far from traditional fantasy football, Boom Fantasy has managed to make the playing field 100% level. This has been something that even the biggest names in the industry have struggled with from the inception of daily fantasy sports.

As with any fantasy or sports betting product we review, we highly recommend picking through the Boom Fantasy terms of service to see if there are any red flags or issues that may effect your experience on their app.

review of boom fantasy house rules and entry limits

Boom Fantasy Company Overview

Boom Fantasy App Promotion for july 2019Boom Fantasy was founded in New York in December of 2014 by Assaf Einat (CTO) and Stephen Murphy(CEO). Over the past four years they have raised over $8 million in funding, including a $4.5 million round last June.

The company is active on Facebook and Twitter with nearly 100,000 followers across both platforms.

In addition to the Boom Fantasy app, they are also responsible for the NBC Sports Predictor app.

Both apps are free to downoad, are in the top 100 sports apps on iTunes, and have a combined review score of over 4.7/5.

In 2017 the Boom Fantasy app won ‘Best Fantasy Sports App of 2017’ at the EGR North America Awards.

Clearly these guys know what they are doing from the development side of things, and we expect even more improvements and features in the Boom Fantasy app in 2019.

Boom Fantasy iPhone App Review

Boom Fantasy Review of Platform / App UI & UX

As we mentioned in the company overview, Boom Fantasy was built by a team that can clearly develop. While the app is certainly more feature rich than the desktop site, both function with no issues when it comes to finding, entering, and tracking contests.

The bottom line with when it comes to the Boom Fantasy app is that it is a solid idea that is flawlessly executed.

The layout/UI and overall user experience is so polished, no lag while using the app, no issues during high traffic times, and a website that functions just as smoothly.

Boom Fantasy Review Summary 2019

A well funded company with a solid reputation and a fantasy product that functions flawlessly, there is little negative we can say about the Boom Fantasy company.

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Boom Fantasy Rating Overview

Your money is safe and you will never have to deal with an app that doesn't work properly or crashes around game time.

The Boom Fantasy format is not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you.

We think BoomFantasy has something for everyone, from the stat nerd to the casual fan that just wants to make Sundays a little more interesting.