Win More FanDuel College Football Contests

Win More FanDuel College Football Contests

Start Winning FanDuel College Football Contests

Every FanDuel fantasy player wants to be successful and there are countless strategies and tricks out there to improve your game. College football is a particularly deep brand of DFS game. Information on players and matchups can be hard to find and the best players are really able to set themselves apart from the crowd.

If you’re a big fan of college football or simply want to try something new in the DFS world, we’re here to help with some great tips and methods to improve your chances of winning big on FanDuel. If you can incorporate these simple things into your game, you’ll be much better off and will also quickly notice that your rosters begin to pick themselves.

Understanding Matchups on the Player and Team Level

So let’s begin with the first tip which is to avoid limiting your research to players. Focus on coaches, depth charts and offenses too if you really want to maximize your chances of victory. Every fantasy sport involves plenty of research, but this is an absolute necessity for college football.

building-a-winning-fanduel-cfb-rosterCollege games can often be quite one-sided, and if you know about the matchups beforehand then you can start stacking your roster to earn the maximum points. Most fantasy players are familiar with this idea. In the NFL for example, when a team like the Patriots is playing a team like the Browns, most players will usually add a few Patriots players to their roster to earn some guaranteed points. In the college game, this technique is even more important.

It’s therefore vital to use the statistics and resources available around the internet and elsewhere to build up your knowledge before the games begin. You don’t even necessarily need to go too deep with this sort of research; if the team with the best passing ratio is matching up against one who really struggles when defending against passes then there’s a good chance you can predict how that particular game will play out.

That said, you still need to be careful. Coaches themselves are usually well aware of favorable matchups. If a coach’s team is heading into a game they are expected to dominate, he may decide to rest some of his star players or allow other members of the squad to get some time on the field.

This is why it’s important to always be cautious when stacking your roster in this way. It’s easy to pick the star players of a team and hope for the best, but sometimes you need to take things further. Look at the history of individual teams and players to try and find any consistent patterns or trends. Learn the identities of the coaches that aren’t afraid to play big players in tune-up games. Similarly, try to spot the players who excel individually and are used on a very regular basis by their coaches.

This brings us onto another point: make the most of consistent players rather than banking on breakouts. We can all be tempted into drafting a few backup players who allow you to save some of your salary cap while offering the potential to score some big points. Unfortunately, this potential is very rarely fulfilled on a short-term basis. We touched on this fact in our guide to understanding value, but the game does change when you are playing CFB contests.

Many players have fallen into the classic daily fantasy pitfall of picking a few rotation players and believing they’re making a smart move, only to realize on game-day that they just aren’t going to earn enough fantasy points and will soon be left behind by other fantasy players. It’s much more sensible to fill your roster with guys who have proven themselves as regular starters and scorers rather than risking it all on less commonly-used players.

Paying Up At Quarterback

Speaking of consistency, if there’s one position you simply can’t overlook in fantasy college football then it’s the quarterback. Signal callers are huge in college games and can easily rack up ridiculous amounts of fantasy points for your roster. You should not be attempting to find hidden gems or potential breakouts in this role, simply focus on consistency and the guys who can provide you with guaranteed points. The best quarterbacks are worth the cost and can easily lead you to victory in DFS tournaments and leagues. Therefore, when you start building your roster and want to spend big, make the signal caller your top priority.

If quarterback is the one position you want to focus on, tight end is the one you can pretty much ignore. College tight ends provide very little impact on your FanDuel college football team. They won’t earn a lot of points and you simply shouldn’t waste your time or salary cap worrying about this position.

These players also tend to be quite inconsistent. Last season showed that even the best-ranked tight ends had some terrible games and pretty poor averages overall. You only have a certain amount of salary to spend, so save as much of it as you can for the more important and influential players and positions.

Changing the Way You Research

Our final tip is about research. It can be notoriously difficult for fantasy college football players to find the information they need to make the right decisions for their rosters. Unlike the NFL, the latest news and stats of college games and leagues aren’t always very easy to find. If you’re used to playing other fantasy games, it can be quite a shock to make the switch over to CFB. Well, the best advice we can offer is to make the most of all your options.

Don’t rely on any one source. Local newspapers are a great way to learn more about individuals and teams, but make use of the internet as well. Scour Twitter feeds and make use of search engines to learn all you can. Also be sure to check out the Vegas odds to learn more about how games might play out. By doing this and following the rest of our tips, your chances of success in CFB games on FanDuel will soon become much higher.

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