Hello Rookie Advertising

Hello Rookie Advertising

Need eyeballs? Well, we need sponsors. Grow along side of us as we continue to build our base and reach. We’re taking everything that we’ve traditionally done in organic search (which equates to millions in online sales/transactions), repeating it and taking it to the next level with Hello Rookie.

Banner Placements
Sponsorship Opportunities

Operating in one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, with an established brand, trusted name, and unique mailing list of over 60,000 subscribers, our advertising space has sold out every year for five straight seasons. We fully expect that to be the case again this season, but space is still available.

We are a small, agile team capable of executing even the most unique advertising requests. With that in mind, there are a few things we don’t do. Rather than list what is not allowed here, we would rather discuss your needs and try to find something that fits with your company/brand.

We will always review your fantasy sports-related product for free, but understand the review will be unbiased and published on both the website and YouTube.

Advertising with Hello Rookie is easy, our team ensures that our rates are on par with sites and podcasts with a similar reach, and we are willing to work with you on the payment structure. Contact us today to learn more!