SportsBetting Review

SportsBetting Review

Complete SportsBook Analysis
sportsbetting review

Complete SportsBetting Review for July

In this SportsBetting Review, we’ll cover the company and sports book betting platform itself. is an offshore sports book, operating out of Panama. It is ‘legally licensed and registered to take wagers’. Before placing wagers, grab a Promo Code when setting up your new account.

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(Update: Upon further digging, we have found that is an entity owned and operated by Blue High House International S.A, Registration Number 620693. It is licensed and regulated by La Republica de Panama Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas de Junta de Control de Juegos. Also, the president and director of Blue High House International is Carlos Barria.)

In addition, below is a conversation we had on the website through the chat portal:

Info at 9:41, Mar 28:
Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.

Info at 9:41, Mar 28:
You are now chatting with Cindy Thomas.

Joseph at 9:41, Mar 28:
Hi Cindy.

Cindy Thomas at 9:41, Mar 28:
Welcome to our chat service. What brings you to our website today?

Joseph at 9:42, Mar 28:
I have a few questions about Can you help answer a few questions for me?

Cindy Thomas at 9:42, Mar 28:
Sure , I’d be delighted to help you with that today

Joseph at 9:43, Mar 28:
What is the parent company of When was founded? Who is the founder of Who is the current ceo of Where is the corporate hq of Where is the help center (you) located in the world? betting type review

Cindy Thomas at 9:43, Mar 28:
Sure , may i have your account number?

Joseph at 9:45, Mar 28:
I don’t have one. I’m just writing a review about the site/product/company and can’t find any information.

Cindy Thomas at 9:47, Mar 28:
Sure , let me get you exactly the information in the website.

Joseph at 9:55, Mar 28:

Cindy Thomas at 9:55, Mar 28:
In regards to your inquiry about our location.

Cindy Thomas at 9:56, Mar 28:
We are an offshore sportsbook located in Panama, where wagering is permitted. I recommend to check your local jurisdictional requirements. We are legally licensed and registered to take wagers.

Cindy Thomas at 9:56, Mar 28:
We don’t handle additional information

Now, to be fair, the fact that there is limited company information available isn’t a unique finding in the industry. This is of course due to the fact that the United States has had strong laws in place regarding sports betting since 1992.

As you well may know, the legal sports betting landscape in the United States is changing however.

State by state, bills are being introduced to legalize sports betting.

It’s our hope indeed, that sports betting is de-criminalized in every state.

So, if nothing else, the average American can quickly and easily place a sports bet just as easy as they can buy a lotto ticket.

Which will of course eradicate the need to reach out to offshore sports books and the like.

Again, all of which have little to no oversight or regulation whatsoever.

SportsBetting Review of Betting Types offers every kind of bet that you can think of.

From player and team prop bets to live betting, futures, spreads, money lines and total points, it’s the full menu. rollover policy

SportsBetting Review of Rollover Policy

An absolute ton of bonuses are available.

However, essentially every single bonus also require a rollover requirement.

For example, if you accept a 25% deposit bonus, you’ll need to place 6 additional bets (aka, a 6x rollover) within a certain time period (often 30 days).

This is not unusual, but obviously this information is important for new players. house rules overview

SportsBetting Review of House Rules

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions at before depositing money.

In terms of what we commonly see, these are typical for offshore sportsbooks, but for new players, you need to be aware of what you’re getting into.

In addition, we highly recommend digging into the rules surrounding game types that you’r considering entering. ux and ui remarks

SportsBetting Review of Platform / App UI & UX

While both the desktop and mobile versions of are operable, they’re far from pretty, clean or intuitive. featured sports

SportsBetting Review of Sports Covered

Like most all offshore sports betting outlets, offers basically everything under the sun.

Specifically, bets can be placed on NFL, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, MLB, NHL, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling and Horse Racing (to name the majors). review summary

SportsBetting Review Summary 2019

When you’re searching for places to bet on sports, you need to understand that typically 90% of the content you’re likely to come across is marketing material.

SportsBetting Review Details
  • Trustworthiness
  • Rollover Requirements
  • Betting Types
  • Mobile Use
  • Legitimacy

SportsBetting Rating Overview

So, while you'll find glowing reviews of and a highway of links to setup your account, know that it's all in place to make money off from you signing up for an account.

Now, with all that being said, in our estimation isn't uniquely worse than any other offshore sports book.

Again, it's not a beautiful and transparent industry because it's been essentially criminalized in the United States since 1992.

The single metric that and others like it have to be measured by is that they have to keep their clients happy.

If clients aren't happy, they won't stay and in today's world - word spreads quickly.