Pro Football Focus Review for 2020

Pro Football Focus Review for 2020

Complete Product and Tool Analysis | Updated March, 2020
pro football focus review

Complete Pro Football Focus Review for 2020

In this Pro Football Focus Review, we cover the Edge & Elite products as well as the company itself. Pro Football Focus was founded in 2006 by Neil Hornsby. Pro Football Focus is a digital brand built around providing insightful NFL & NCAAF player and team analysis via relevant data metrics (and a smidgen of expert opinion). If your serious about Fantasy Football you should have a Pro Football Focus Premium account. Use our Pro Football Focus Promo Code when setting up your account.

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hello rookie review of pro football focus

Pro Football Focus is commonly referred to as PFF and has grown to prominence in recent years as it’s been referenced by familiar networks, commentators, teams, coaches and players.

It all started with Neil Hornsby in 2004.

Neil essentially knew that there was a better way of analyzing players than the metrics being predominantly used at the time. A relative pioneer in the sports data industry, Neil began to build data-driven models to more accurately grade or rank players.

As the idea evolved, Neil forged a team/office of sports enthusiasts and independent researchers that progressively built PFF into what it is today.

In roughly 2008 – 2009, PFF developed a relatively streamlined process of crunching NFL numbers and was able to keep pace with in-season and post-season stats and happenings.

In 2014, legendary sports broadcaster Cris Collinsworth bought a majority stake in Pro Football Focus. In the same year, PFF expanded its service to include NCAAF.

Notably, all current NFL teams and over 30 college football programs use PFF data and services. This encompasses everything from scouting reports and game preparation to personnel evaluations and insights. (A more in-depth look at team services can be viewed here.)

PFF Review of Subscription Types & Options

Pro Football Focus currently offers two subscription options which consist of the Edge and Elite products.

Both the Edge and Elite product contain PFF Player Grades, Fantasy Draft Tools, Rankings, QB Annual, and NFL Draft Guides.

The Elite package, however, also includes Premium Stats 2.0, PFF Greenline Game Picks, DFS Optimizer, and Elite Facebook Group options.

The Edge package is currently available at $9.99/mo or $39.99/yr.

The Elite package is currently available at $34.99/yr or $199.99/yr.

pro football focus data and functionality

PFF Review of Noteworthy Data & Functionality

Here’s the scoop, there is loads of ‘data’ on NFL and NCAA football these days.

The key however, is twofold. One is determining or finding reliable and actionable data. And two is understanding the data you’re viewing and using it in a focused strategy.

With that being said, Pro Football Focus is the absolute best at accomplishing both of these necessities.

PFF’s Premium Stats 2.0 for example, goes beyond typical stats with pivotal metrics such as QB Adjusted Completion %, RB Elusive Rating, and CB Coverage Snaps to name a few.

Most importantly, these sorts of metrics cannot be determined by simple or typical ‘stat taking’.

In other words, it takes countless man-hours and meticulously well-trained eyes in order to compile this kind of crucial data.

In closing of this section, PFF is actually providing an exclusive personal service.

This is of course opposed to most everything else in our modern, algorithmic determined society.

pro football focus platform and app user interface

PFF Review of Platform & App UI/UX

Look, The Action Network, in our opinion at least, is winning the daily fantasy and sports betting user-interface race.

Sure, PFF and Action Network are essentially two different beasts, so it is basically an apple to oranges comparison.

Nonetheless, PFF’s user-interface is just fine for those that understand that the key is the exclusive data itself.

Furthermore, where The Action Network has focused on attracting capital investment for technological, media and PR purposes, PFF has simply been investing in people, man-hours and the absolute best ways to interpret actionable data.

pff review summary

Pro Football Focus Review Summary 2020

All in all, PFF has risen to fame through hard work and attention to detail. To say the Pro Football suite of tools and data is the most advanced in the industry is an understatement. Access to their weekly ratings and matchup breakdowns will make you a better fantasy player and sports bettor.

Pro Football Focus Review

Access to the PFF suite of tools and data is going to be an absolute game changer for you. They break down every player, every game, and identify the matchups that you should be targeting. This will make you a better fantasy player, bettor, and sports fan. From finding streamer options in your season long league to value plays in DFS, PFF will improve your game.

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