numberFire Promo Codes & Discounts 2020

numberFire Promo Codes & Discounts 2020

Discounts, Deals & Coupons | Updated May 1st, 2020
numberfire promo codes

Absolute Best numberFire Promo Code Offers for May

Use our numberFire promotional code and try a new daily fantasy sports data resource while saving money in the process. Get signed up while you can, as this promotion is only available for a limited time. Give yourself an edge and save 50% off your subscription with our offer this May.

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Promo Code ENDZONE
Promotion $9.99 Premium Subscription.
Promo Date May 1st, 2020 | No Expiration Date
More Details Click here for a complete rundown on how to use our numberFire discount codes.

Types of numberFire Premium Monthly Promotions

NumberFire essentially offers two types of promo codes.

The first will give you a percentage discount off your total purchase. If you are ready to commit to making numberFire your tool for the 2019 NFL season then this is likely the promotion for you.

If you are more on the fence, then you may want to take a look at our second type of offer.

Our second promotion that we generally run for our users is a free numberFire trial. With this promo you will get a free month, or reduced cost month, of numberFire premium. This is perfect if you are on the fence, and simply wanting to get a feel for their tools, data, projections, and premium articles.

There are also times where we have only one numberFire discount code to offer our users.

Either way you will find every offer we have available at the top of this page at all times.

In the latest update to this page on February 1st, 2020 we have a 30% discount for new numberFire users.

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Why We Love numberFire Premium Tools

If you have read our numberFire premium tools review, you know how we feel about this resource.

The reality is that any daily fantasy tool is only as good as it’s data, and nobody does data better than numberFire.

In addition to having proven over the past half-decade to be the leader in advanced sports data analytics, numberFire has recently upgraded their lineup optimizer and DFS tools.

numberFire cut their teeth in the sports world outside of the daily fantasy world.

They started out of a love for data, and it’s taken them 5 years to fully realize how useful that data is to DFS players.

The accuracy of their projections has always been the main reason we frequent their website, however now they have expanded those projections to allow you to build the perfect lineups right on their website.

numberFire-dfs-toolsLock in the players you want to target that week, and simply click the optimize button. numberFire triggers 200,000 lines of code that look at over 5,000,000 different factors to determine what players would best fill out your lineup.

Player values can be determined for wide number of platforms, as pricing is automatically loaded for FanDuel, DraftKings, DraftDay, FantasyAces, FantasyFeud, Yahoo, and several other popular DFS websites.

Whether you are looking for the best possible punt play, trying to identify sleepers, or just looking to see all possible lineups with a certain combination of players, the lineup builder is the perfect tool.

So when you ask why we love numberFire premium tools, it isn’t just the tools, the lineup optimizer, the premium content, it’s really because of the data.

Their data is just plain better, it’s more thorough, which makes their projections more accurate, and each of those tools and resources that much better.

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Where Do We Find Our numberFire Promo Codes?

Our team works directly with the marketing staff at numberFire to ensure that our visitors always receive the best possible promotional offer.

Anyone that operates an eCommerce website will tell you that the easiest way to seal the deal on a potential purchase is with a coupon code.

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90% of the people that find themselves on numberFire’s premium tools landing page are on the fence about whether or not it’s a good value.

By offering a high traffic, niche-specific website like our exclusive coupons, numberFire is just ensuring that they get a chance to prove their value to the guy who may be on the fence.

Try it at a discount for a month and decide for yourself whether or not numberFire premium tools are a good fit for your DFS workflow.

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Are numberFire Premium Tools Worth the Cost?

This is always the million dollar question.

Our readers want to know that the tools are worth their time and money.

We think numberFire is worth your subscription for a number of reasons:

Accurate Projections – Where do you currently get your data from? How many different sources do you compare?

Why not have a workspace that gives you the most accurate sports data on the planet, and allows you to use it to create optimized lineups right on the site?

Save Time – How many hours do you spend each week building lineups?

Wouldn’t it be easy to say I want to play these five players, show me the best possible combinations of players I can play around them?

That’s what the numberFire premium lineup builder does.

It isn’t just spitting out prebuilt optimized lineups, it’s working in tandem with your research and picks for the week to spit out lineups that you are going to feel great about.

Save Money – A lot of you will save money with these tools, and we don’t simply mean by using our promo codes.

When we first started researching this product, we were amazed how many of our users pay for data, then pay for a lineup optimizer, then pay for rankings and weekly articles.

That’s a lot of money, when you could get all of those things from one spot, optimize your workflow, and save in the process.

We use numberFire data for our season long leagues, our fantasy drafts, setting our lineups and identifying waiver wire targets, as well as all things DFS.

Improve your DFS workflow, and start building better lineups with numberFire premium tools.

numberfire pricing discounts for 2020 nfl season

Register and use our exclusive NumberFire coupon code this February and save 60% or more on your first month’s membership.

Using our numberFire Discount Code couldn’t be easier. Simply click the link, copy the promo code and paste it into the box at checkout.

NumberFire Promo Offer Rating

These promotion reviews and ratings are meant to help you gauge how good of a deal you are getting. The closer a promotional offer gets to 5, the closer it gets to being a max discount in the industry. Our current rating for NumberFire puts it just slightly better than the majority of the industry, but still behind sites like Fantasy Pros and RotoQL.

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