numberFire Premium DFS Data Tools Review

numberFire Premium DFS Data Tools Review

numberFire Daily Fantasy Tools Review

So you are considering a subscription to a premium fantasy tool, but aren’t sure which one is the best choice? We were recently granted early access to the new numberFire NFL premium toolkit, and were blown away by it. Before we jump too far into our review on this product, let’s take a closer look at just who numberFire is and why we trust them as our primary DFS data provider.

numberFire has been in the business of analytics for over 5 years… they were one of the first sports data websites to exist and have led this industry for past 5 years.

numberFire’s advanced analytics are the most thorough of it’s kind. We developed our first fantasy sports / sports data algorithm over a decade ago, so this is our forte. What numberFire has done in terms of just how thorough their research is and how accurate their algorithms are is unprecedented.

numberFire gets that content is king… As a premium subscriber, you get access to premium articles that aren’t available to the public. These include free lineups, expert picks against the spread, next-level game-by-game breakdowns, and much more.


How Do We Use numberFire’s Premium Tools

So this is the million dollar question, no tool is of any use if you don’t have the necessary skills to use it. No algorithm is perfect, few are even worthy of being considered good, but numberFire’s algorithms consistently rate as the industry’s best and with good reason. According to the numberFire premium tools landing page, they have an impressive amount of code that goes into their projections:

We’ve built over 200,000 lines of code that iterate over 5,000,000,000 points of sports information to give you the smartest analysis and insights about the teams and players you love.

We are talking about thousands of different types of data making projections for a game that involves quite a bit of luck… even the best tool can’t project a turned ankle, early foul trouble, wacky Jason Kidd type rotations, or other freak factors that affect fantasy sports. For that reason, we prefer tools that allow you to build your lineups, then make suggestions on how they could be improved. numberFire premium tools have this built into them.

If you want to stack Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant, but aren’t sure who to plug in around them they have a tool for that. Simply pull up their lineup optimizer, lock in Romo, Witten, and Bryant, click generate lineups, and the tool will generate x number of lineups with those three players and give you projected scores for each lineup.

If you have ever struggled with deciding how to fill out a lineup, or couldn’t decide between a handful of players, the world’s most accurate projection tool is a great tiebreaker.

numberFire Premium Tools Pricing

Are the numberFire Premium Tools Worth Their Cost?

This is clearly a subjective question, but there are certainly some things to consider when analyzing numberFire’s value. Some questions I would ask right away would include:

How often do you play DFS?
This is at the center of this discussion. The more time you spend building daily fantasy lineups, the more value numberFire premium tools provide. The lineup optimizer acts as your DFS workstation. Their tools for picking against the spread provide great insight into how many points each team is going to score every week. Their premium articles will help you identify sleepers, value plays, and quality punts that could otherwise take you hours to find.

Do you play season-long fantasy football?
numberFire is owned by FanDuel, and their tools are clearly designed for the daily fantasy sports player, but they also provide valuable tools, data and content that the season long fantasy player can use. numberFire can help you dominate every round of your draft, identify targets on the waiver wire, set the best possible lineup, and more.

Do You Love Data?
I am a strong believer that inside every DFS enthusiasts is a data-lover. Someone that enjoys the process, loves doing research, creating and testing strategies… if this is you, then you are going to love playing with the premium tools on numberFire.


How Accurate Was numberFire During Our Review

Projections are a really hard thing to analyze… If you pull up a website like FantasyPros that tracks and analyzes projections, the guys that are consistently safe every week tend to do better than the risk takers. However, it’s the picks from the risk takers that are more useful… Don’t tell me that Adrian Peterson is a good play every week, I know he is, he’s also $9,000+ every week. Tell me when that guy that is priced/ranked in the 20’s is going to make a jump up into the top 10… that’s information I can use.

The accuracy we were most concerned with during our numberFire review was value… What we did during this review was compare numberFire to dozens of other projection tools on the market, both free and premium. So, how well did numberFire project value? numberFire consistently identified value better than any other set of data we tested, and the results were not even close. This didn’t come as a major surprise, numberFire has built a reputation on better data. If your data is better, your projections are better, you identify value better, your tools are better.

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