numberFire Premium Review

numberFire Premium Review

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numberfire premium review

Complete numberFire Premium Review for July

In this numberFire Premium Review, we’ll be covering both the company and the subscription product(s). numberFire was founded by Nik Bonaddio in 2010. numberFire is a sports analytics platform that offers a premium subscription package. When you’re ready to pull the trigger, grab a numberFire Promo Code before creating your account.

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numberfire premium reviews by hello rookie

A premium subscription from numberFire includes customized fantasy football draft kits, exclusive articles & analysis, complete analytics & advanced stats and game/spread/totals picks.

numberFire actually has a tremendous backstory.

The brainchild of Nik Bonaddio, numberFire is the direct result of an incredibly smart young man who correctly identified an emerging market and brought a competitive product to life.

He’s a 6’5″ perennial all-conference athlete with brains to boot. His first big time gig was at Yahoo (you may have heard of it, they used to be a frequented search engine) as a software engineer.

Nik is a ‘techie’ with a background in information systems and intuitive design.

Nic Bonaddio is an American success story.

He brilliantly built and marketed numberFire from the bottom up.

He not only packaged a great product, but went through all the modern start-up resources available. One of those important resources proved to be the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, which is a seed funding and ‘mentor’ providing organization.

Following the ERA event, numberFire quickly captured $650,000 in funding from RRE, Penny Black and David Tisch via BoxGroup among others, and was off to the races.

To fast forward through a ton of hard work and smart decisions, numberFire has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and is now owned by dfs giant FanDuel, as of September of 2015.

Importantly, numberFire remains independently operated.

numberFire Premium Review of Subscription Types & Options

numberFire offers a tiered monthly subscription model consisting of Recruit, Rookie and All-Pro plans.

The Recruit plan consists of a customized fantasy football draft kit, articles & analysis and analytics & advanced stats.

Next, the Rookie plan consists of everything in the Recruit plan plus NBA™ / MLB™ / NFL™ / NHL™ game/spread/totals picks and FIFA World Cup™ picks & tools.

Finally, the All-Pro plan consists of everything on the Recruit and Rookie plans plus NCAAF/NCAAB game/spread/totals & Picks and NCAAB bracket tools & help.

numberfire review of data and functionality

numberFire Premium Review of Noteworthy Data & Functionality

numberFire is one of the leaders in the sports data world for a reason. They’ve put in the leg-work and created algorithms for stats that matter.

To be more specific, they’ve put together over 200,000 lines of code that iterate over 5,000,000,000 points of data.

Where other platforms rely in large part on a qualitative opinions, numberFire’s back-bone is pure data.

numberFire features a fantastic lineup builder that will spit out a lineup for you daily (for those on a tight schedule).

The ‘Advanced Insights & Projections’ are a phenomenal one stop shop to not only get picks, but to quickly analyze important metrics that everyone should be factoring into their lineups.

When March Madness rolls around, numberFire has your back by offering solid sleepers and most-likely upsets.

If you like ‘flying solo’, numberFire offers individual player rankings with more data points than you can fathom.

numberfire review of ux and ui

numberFire Premium Review of Platform & App UI/UX

The platform (both desktop and app) itself is well designed and thought out.

Again, when it comes to numberFire, it’s not about glitz and glamour, it’s about data.

So yeah, it’s intuitive, it’s easy to navigate and it’s not prone to being glitchy.

numberfire review summary

numberFire Premium Review Summary 2019

We’d like to reiterate that while numberFire does offer plenty of opinion based analysis, we frankly love that it’s deeply data driven.

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numberFire Rating Overview

One of the things that we've actually been working on is exploring statistical data models in an effort to better understand exactly what data points or metrics are coherent and actionable.

I suspect that we'll be using numberFire for a number of our own analysis.