Top QB Sleepers for 2019 Fantasy Draft

Top QB Sleepers for 2019 Fantasy Draft

Introducing our favorite NFL QB Sleepers for the 2019 NFL season.

Sleepers can be found anywhere in a draft and that fact tends to be especially true at the quarterback position.

QB Sleepers Updated: July 9, 2019

Look at last season’s draft: Rodgers went in the 3rd, Brady in the 4th, Wilson in the 5th, Cam in the 6th, Wentz/Cousins in the 7th… None of these guys lived up to their draft slot, this happens almost every year and I think you have to adjust your draft strategy for this reason.

qb sleepers 2019

While there are a few mainstays in the top 10 qb’s (Brees, Rodgers, Wilson etc.) it seems like much of the list sees a fair amount of turnover each year. New to the qb list in 2018 was Mahomes, Ryan, Luck, Goff, and Prescott.

Of that group, Mahomes, Ryan, Luck, and Goff all made this article last year. If Trubisky played a full season, he would have been QB10 and also made our qb sleepers article last year. The QB position is by far the easiest position to identify late round value and there is plenty available again in 2019.

Let’s get straight to our top QB sleepers for 2019. The following qb sleepers are listed with our overall Hello Rookie QB Rank, Average Draft Position (ADP), Strength of Schedule (SoS) and key player/positional/team notes.

Top 5 QB Sleepers Guide for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football Season

HR RankQuarterbackADPSoSAdditional Notes
5Carson Wentz105If he’s healthy top 5 QB is a lock… 100+ passer rating each of last 2 years, runs enough, w/ elite o-line, weapons, and playcaller.
13Mitch Trubisky224We have him considerably higher than ADP but may be too low… finished QB15 last season despite missing two games and going under 175 yards five times.
14Jimmy Garoppolo1625Offense was loaded and now adds Coleman, Samuel, and Hurd… Shanahan could get production out of Trump at QB. Top 10 QB if he avoids injury
15Matthew Stafford2628A mainstay in the top 7 for nearly a decade, Stafford’s production dipped mostly due to broken back and issues around him (OL injuries, Tate trade, Marvin/Kerryon injuries)
N/AJoe FlaccoN/AN/AOf the QB’s going undrafted, we feel best about Flacco. Great weapons (Sanders, Sutton, Hamilton, Fant, Butt, Fumagalli) and much improved system under Scangarello.

qb sleepers worth targeting in 2019

Our Favorite QB Sleepers for 2019

In general, when fantasy players talk sleepers they are referring to late round WR/RB picks that could vault into the top 10-20 at the position. There is less of a need for research on QB Sleepers simply because there are only 32 total QB’s in the NFL. Generally only 20 to 25 of those qb’s get drafted in a fantasy draft.

That being said, we think the absolute best approach to drafting a fantasy team is through QB Sleepers. Everyone knows high end RB/WR’s are at a premium, so targeting one or two of these later round QB’s with huge upside allows you to load up on early round RB’s and WR’s.

There are two types of QB Sleepers. The first is coming off of a freak down year or injury. Last season this group included Andrew Luck, QB5, and Matt Ryan, QB3.

The second group went through some sort of offseason change that altered their fantasy value. This group last season included Mahomes (took over starting job) and Trubisky (Nagy as HC).

Here are five qb sleepers we think you should target as this year’s best late round value picks:

#5 QB: Carson Wentz

Can Wentz get back to a top 5 QB in 2019? He has the weapons mand system to make it happen.

Carson Wentz

QB Sleeper | Philadelphia Eagles
We can give almost an identical pitch for Wentz as we did for Andrew Luck this time last year. Halth is the absolutely only concern here. If he plays a full season, he’s a top 5 QB no questions asked. Making him one of our prime qb sleepers for 2019.

Wentz was a top 5 QB in his second season, with a QB rating of 101. He only played 11 games last season missing time early and late due to injury, but still managed a QB rating of 102 while averaging 280 passing YPG.

The Eagles offensive weapons are elite, the offensive line is elite, the schedule is extremely favorable and they have arguably the best play caller in the NFL as his head coach. Jackson gives them the game-breaking big play receiver opposite Jeffery that they have been looking for.

Carson Wentz Draft Strategy

You have to setup your draft board and trust it. We have Wentz as QB5, but have no interest in any quarterback before round 7. He is currently going in the middle of round 8, but jump on him in the 7th if tier one is off the board (Mahomes, Rodgers, Luck, Watson).

#18 QB: Mitch Trubisky

After last season’s QB15, Trubisky may be ready to break out in Nagy’s system.

Mitch Trubisky

QB Sleeper | Chicago Bears
We knew coming into last season that Trubisky was going to be an elite streamer option at quarterback. While he isn’t good enough or consistent enough to put up big numbers in bad matchups, we think his situation has been improved. The combination of Nagy, Helfrich and the weapons they have assembled in Robinson, Gabriel, Miller, Burton and Cohen should absolutely shred bad defenses.

Trubisky had some of the better statistical games we saw from fantasy quarterbacks last season. Inversely, he had some extreme lows, with 5 games under 175 yards. Even so, he finished as QB15 despite missing more than 2 games on the year.

With that being said, he’s had an offseason in the Nagy system and a ton of depth has been added to the interior of the offensive line, including RT Bobby Massie. Additionally, he sees a much more favorable schedule in 2019 (4th rated SOS of all QB’s). All in all, we think Trubisky has a legitimate shot at a top 10 QB finish, making him one of our top 5 qb sleepers of 2019.

Mitchell Trubisky Draft Strategy

Trubisky is currently going early in the 13th round. Given other qb’s in that range, namely Jackson, Allen and Foles, you may want to grab him mid-12th. Due to the fact that there is a decent chance he comes off the board ahead of some of those names.

#14 QB: Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G. was supposed to be a top 10 QB last season? Can we get that production at a discount?

Jimmy Garoppolo

QB Sleeper | San Fransisco 49ers
The third guy that fits our qualifications as on of the top qb sleepers in 2019 is Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G. looked like a fantasy stud over his stretch with the 49ers in 2017. He obviously suffered a knee injury last year, but will be back prior to camp and when healthy, he’s a legitimate fantasy option at QB.

We love the weapons in San Francisco this season. Hurd and Samuel were two of our favorite wide receivers in this year’s draft and give the 49ers depth behind Goodwin, Taylor and Kittle. The trio of Coleman, Breida and McKinnon is arguably the best pass-catching backfield in the NFL.

Combine those weapons with the Shanahan system (which allowed Nick Mullens to average over 280 passing YPG and 8.3 YPA as a starter last season) and you have a potential boom play or 1 of the top 3 qb sleepers of 2019. Obviously the knee has to be right and he has to stay healthy, but if he gives you 16 games in this system, he’s an absolute steal at his current ADP.

Jimmy Garoppolo Draft Strategy

Garoppolo is going to be one of the first backup fantasy QB’s off the board. His current ADP is QB16 but fantasy owners haven’t seen him in this 49ers offense for almost a year. That number will undoubtedly rise as we get into the 2019 NFL Preseason. If you really want to go get him, the late 9th round or early 10th round should be a safe spot to step to land him.

#13 QB: Matthew Stafford

Stafford has been a top 10 fantasy QB every year for nearly a decade, can he get it back?

Matthew Stafford

QB Sleeper | Detroit Lions
If you are looking for recency bias, it’s all over Matt Stafford here… Currently being drafted as QB24, (prior to the nightmare that happened with this offense last season) Stafford was a top 12 fantasy quarterback every full season of his NFL career. Performing as a top 7 qb on a yearly basis, Stafford ranks as our #2 among qb sleepers for 2019.

Sure, last year was a disaster in every sense of the word for one of the best arm talents in the game. However, both tackles were hurt, both guards were hurt, all of the wr’s were hurt and star rb Kerryon Johnson got hurt. Additionally, Cooter struggled to adapt with a limited arsenal of weapons. Thus, Stafford took his beating, but was still able to maintain a 21 to 11 TD/INT ratio in the worst year of his career.

The Lions added pieces to help this offseason including Hockenson, Jesse James, Danny Amendola and CJ Anderson. The biggest addition in our opinion was Darrell Bevell.

This is by far the best offense Bevell’s has ever had. He has two rocks at tackle, a potential pro bowl tight end and elite weapons like Marvin Jones, Kerryon Johnson, Kenny Golladay and Theo Riddick.

Matthew Stafford Draft Strategy

Stafford’s current ADP is a perfect example of overreacting to a popular public opinion. However, that over-reaction simply adds to the list of great qb sleepers. The reality is that a couple of strong drives can turn that opinion around in a hurry. There is likely at least one wise-guy in your draft that knows he’s better than at least a dozen names ahead of him. His current ADP is the last pick of the 14th round, but he’s unlikely to be there in most drafts… Targeting him as your QB2 in round 12 to 13 is your best option.

#27 QB: Joe Flacco

Is this guy elite? Can Denver get the most out of Joe? Can Joe get the most out of Sutton and Sanders?

Joe Flacco

QB Sleeper | Denver Broncos
Flacco is one of our qb sleepers that doesn’t necessarily have top 10 upside. However, he’s the only QB on this sleeper list that you can legitimately get in the last round of your draft.

This means that if you are one of those sicko’s that likes to draft a kicker before the last round of your draft (don’t do it), you can do so and know you can grab a backup QB with actually plenty of upside with your final pick.

Flacco has always been an elite deep ball thrower, but Baltimore was never able to put quality receivers around him or bring in an OC to run a competant offense. This year he has the weapons in Sutton, Sanders, Lindsay, Hamilton, and Fant and an OC in Rich Scangarello that comes from one of the better offensive systems in the league.

The Broncos offensive line was middle of the pack (17th in pass blocking on PFF) but added Ja’Wuan James this offseason. James was one of the better right tackles in the league last season who along with Bolles, should give Flacco plenty of time to throw.

Joe Flacco Draft Strategy

The best part about a draft strategy for Joe Flacco this year is that you don’t have to have one. He’s going undrafted in 12 man leagues, so make him your last pick or even second to last pick. This means that if you’re in a 12 team – 15 round draft, you can go RB/WR/TE with 11 of your first 12 picks.

qb sleepers summary

A Summary of Our QB Sleepers for 2019

Look, we could go on all day about qb sleepers. A case can be made for every single starting qb in the NFL, especially when given an entire offseason to sort through offensive line, coaching and coordinator changes.

Perhaps, we’ll even put together a deep qb sleepers article which would of course include those known as deep-deep sleepers.

Though we don’t completely see the need for such an article, we know that there are those of you out there who exist. Those who prefer to implement radical drafting strategies to ‘shake’ things up and or find the unicorn that inevitably emerges every NFL season.

While some of those deep sleepers might be known as Murray, Winston, Jackson, Allen or Foles, we at least feel confident in providing you with our top 5 qb sleepers at the top of this article.

QB Sleepers or qb value picks, we’re essentially ranking 32 starting qb’s and highlighting those that can provide you value in your draft as a whole.

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