TE Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football

TE Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football

The depth of the tight end position is one of the most important factors in the Hello Rookie draft strategy. While the top 4 tight ends are clearly the class of the position, below that is a muddled group of about 10 players that could finish in just about any order.

For us, the tight end position has a clear number one heading into 2019: Travis Kelce. Kelce finished last year with 295 fantasy points, which would have put him at WR7. His 150 targets were second among tight ends, just 6 behind Zach Ertz. One would hope that after multiple instances of domestic abuse and child abuse, the Chiefs are going to be without Tyreek Hill for at least 8 games, which should mean an even larger role for Kelce in 2019.

Beyond that, Kittle remains our number 2 tight end. Given the weapons this offense added this offseason, we can’t project a ton of additional targets for Kittle this season, so we expect to see similar productivity to last year.

Where our rankings may turn some heads is in the three spot. We have OJ Howard ranked as our third tight end, bumping Ertz down to four. We just can’t ignore the upside Howard has heading into this season. He was TE5 when he went out with injury last year, and his team lost almost 250 targets this offseason, the majority coming from Adam Humphries and DeSean Jackson.

Closing out our top 5 is Hunter Henry, another young tight end coming off from injury that had a chunk of targets leave the roster this offseason between Tyrell Williams and Antonio Gates.

A quick note on the two rookie tight ends. We absolutely love Hockenson’s skillset, and think he is a top 5 talent in the league already. That being said, Noah Fant may have found himself in a better situation given the system he is in. Scangarello brings the San Francisco system in with him, and clearly the team wanted to find a Kittle-esque player because they targeted another athletic Iowa tight end in the first round of this year’s draft. Check out our sleeper tight end article for more on Fant.

Each player name in our rankings is linked to a corresponding player outlook video for 2019. 

top 30 nfl tight ends for 2019 fantasy football

Top 30 TE Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football Season

HR RankTight EndADPSoSAdditional Notes
1Travis Kelce1322nd in targets at TE position, will be #1 in targets with Cheetah out. We have him projected to put up top 5 WR numbers.
2George Kittle36Averaged over 10 YPT which is nuts for a tight end w/ 136 targets. Was TE2 last season despite a dumpster fire at QB and playing half the year with a fractured rib.
3OJ Howard53So many targets available after offseason moves, and was incredibly productive with limited targets last season. Had 2 games of 2 fantasy points or less and was still TE5 in fantasy PPG.
4Zach Ertz231This is likely the only spot you won’t see him TE3, but so many mouths to feed in Philly and Goedert really coming on. Still 156 targets last season, and gets his guy Wentz back.
5Hunter Henry105Missed all of last year w/ ACL. Is 100% already and ready for camp. Chargers lost ton of targets with Antonio Gates and Tyrell Williams both gone. Will have huge year if he can stay healthy.
6Evan Engram1127Will get share (with Tate and Shepard) of OBJ’s targets. Was great down the stretch averaging 80 YPG, but way too inconsistent last year.
7Jared Cook813The Saints need another weapon in the passing game, and Cook is coming off the best season of his career. Kamara and Thomas will be primary yardage guys, but could carve out big red zone role.
8Austin Hooper424Koetter way better w/ tight ends than previous OC’s. Caught 80% of targets last season, so clearly deserves larger role.
9Eric Ebron717Will not repeat last season… team added Funchess, get Doyle back, RB’s will be even more involved, and Hilton still the #1 guy. Should still give you 8-10 TD’s.
10Trey Burton616Another guy that deserves more targets. We thought Nagy would bring more Kelce w/ him from KC. Clearly has red zone role, was 4th at position in TD’s last season w/ 6.
11Chris Herndon1326Finished TE18 in FPPG despite only 7 starts. Anderson, Crowder, Bell only competition for targets and Gase will have Darnold much improved this year.
12Greg Olsen1530Seeing him lower pretty much everywhere else, but was really good when active last season. Finished TE11 in fantasy PPG. Aside from McCaffrey still not a lot of competition for targets on this roster.
13T.J. Hockenson919Detroit absolutely needs him to be heavily involved. After moving Tate they needed inside guy to move chains and provide red zone threat. Extremely polished rookie.
14Delanie Walker2628Only one game last year, but was TE7 in 2017 and TE5 in 2016. However Humphries/Davis give them way more at WR than those years.
15David Njoku1625Super talented and a coach that understands how to utilize tight ends. Issue is just too many mouths to feed. He will likely end up being TD dependent/poor man’s Ebron.
16Tyler Eifert1212Played only 4 games, but was 10th in FPPG over those 4. Is injured every year, but is a must start when active. Was TE3 in 13 games in 2015, and TE2 in 8 games in 2016.
17Jordan Reed1414He’s two years removed from being that Jordan Reed. Targets were there last season (7 per game), but was never healthy and production was nowhere to be found. They need him to be that guy again with Crowder gone.
18Noah Fant224Sorry, but watch the film, he is not T.J. Hockenson. Even so, very good athlete, good route runner, and Scangarello (49ers system/Kittle) will get him the ball if he can play.
19Jack Doyle1810Ebron is the red zone machine, but Luck clearly trusts Doyle everywhere else. Was TE12 in FPPG last season and caught 80% of targets.
20Mark Andrews1920We were on Hurst this time last year, but Andrews popped last season. Caught 74% of targets while averaging 16+ YPC. Baltimore will run a ton of 12 personel under Roman.
21Jimmy Graham2111The Packers somehow didn’t address the TE position this offseason, so he is still the man here. Had 10 TD’s in 2017 and LaFleur may find a way to make him more effective this season.
22Dallas Goedert2023Ertz usage made him very inconsistent, but talent is obvious and he clearly deserves a larger role in year 2. It’s all about targets here, would be top 5 TE if Ertz was out.
23Mike Gesicki1715Was disappointing last season, but Gase has never got a lot out of his tight end and Gesicki got only 32 targets. Chad O’Shea is the new OC, and he coached a fairly solid in New England for the past 9 years.
24Kyle Rudolph231Drafting Irv Smith is a huge concern because volume has been issue in pass, and Rudolph is a great blocker while Smith isn’t, meaning if someone has to chip an end or stay in pass pro it will be Rudolph.
25Jordan Thomas2023Spoiler alert, you are looking at our #1 sleeper for the TE position in 2019. Texans offense is so much better when the TE position is heavily involved. He is far and away the top TE on this roster, and is a converted WR so he is a pass-first TE.
26Cameron Brate2518Benefited from OJ Howard injury last season, but Howard back healthy and Arians may not run as much 12 as Koetter did. Still, he is a red zone machine.
27Hayden Hurst2111A guy that had only 13/163/1 last season, with a QB that struggles throwing the ball, a system that doesn’t want to throw, and 2 other TE’s that will play is in our top 30. He’s that talented… can they get him involved?
28Jason Witten2518Grandpa Jason could be fantasy relevant once again, right? Was TE10 in 2017, and supposedly looks bigger and faster right now. Somebody test this man for something.
28Nick Vannett1715Vannett was up and down last year. He would have a huge game, then disappear for a stretch of games. If he finds a consistent role in the game plan he could be a fantasy steal in 2019.
29Ricky Seals-Jones231Has to hold off Clay to keep TE1 job here, which will be a tough ask, but could see a bump in targets with ?’s at receiver, super pass-heavy scheme, and a team that will trail big in most games.

our favorite nfl tight ends 2019

Travis Kelce

TE | Kansas City Chiefs
Player outlook video for Travis Kelce coming soon…

George Kittle

TE | San Francisco 49ers
Player outlook video for George Kittle coming soon…

OJ Howard

TE | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player outlook video for OJ Howard coming soon…

Zach Ertz

TE | Philadelphia Eagles
Player outlook video for Zach Ertz coming soon…

Hunter Henry

TE | Los Angeles Chargers
Player outlook videofor Hunter Henry coming soon…

Evan Engram

TE | New York Giants
Player outlook video for Evan Engram coming soon…

Eric Ebron

TE | Indianapolis Colts
Player outlook video for Eric Ebron coming soon…

Jared Cook

TE | New Orleans Saints
Player outlook video for Jared Cook coming soon…

Austin Hooper

TE | Atlanta Falcons

Trey Burton

TE | Chicago Bears
Player outlook video for Trey Burton coming soon…

Greg Olsen

TE | Carolina Panthers
Player outlook video for Greg Olsen coming soon…

T.J. Hockenson

TE | Detroit Lions
Player outlook video for T.J. Hockenson coming soon…

Delanie Walker

TE | Tennessee Titans
Player outlook video for Delanie Walker coming soon…

David Njoku

TE | Cleveland Browns
Player outlook video for David Njoku coming soon…

Chris Herndon

TE | New York Jets
Player outlook video for Chris Herndon coming soon…

Tyler Eifert

TE | Cincinnati Bengals
Player outlook video for Tyler Eifert coming soon…

Jordan Reed

TE | Washington Redskins
Player outlook video for Jordan Reed coming soon…

Noah Fant

TE | Denver Broncos

Jack Doyle

TE | Indianapolis Colts
Player outlook video for Jack Doyle coming soon…

Mark Andrews

TE | Baltimore Ravens

Jimmy Graham

TE | Green Bay Packers
Player outlook video for Jimmy Graham coming soon…

Dallas Goedert

TE | Philadelphia Eagles
Player outlook video for Dallas Goedert coming soon…

Mike Gesicki

TE | Miami Dolphins

Kyle Rudolph

TE | Minnesota Vikings
Player outlook video for Kyle Rudolph coming soon…

Cameron Brate

TE | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player outlook video for Cam Brate coming soon…

Hayden Hurst

TE | Baltimore Ravens
Player outlook video for Hayden Hurst coming soon…

Jordan Thomas

TE | Houston Texans

Jason Witten

TE | Dallas Cowboys
Player outlook video for Jason Witten coming soon…

Nick Vannett

TE | Seattle Seahawks
Player outlook video for Nick Vannett coming soon…

Ricky Seals-Jones

TE | Arizona Cardinals
Player outlook video for Ricky Seals-Jones coming soon…

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