QB Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football

QB Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football

The debate on just how early you should draft a QB-1 that will live on every year. We will always come down on the side of waiting to draft one.

We will cover this at nauseam over the next few months, but here are some real quick tidbits to take with you: The difference between QB1 and QB 15 is generally around 5-7 fantasy PPG, while the difference between RB1 and RB15 is typically 10-12 fantasy PPG. Combine that with the fact that you only start one QB per week, vs as many as 3 RB’s in flex leagues, and you can see why RB scarcity becomes an issue in a hurry.

Furthermore, we believe this QB class is as deep as we have ever seen, and you can make a legitimate argument (we have see videos below rankings) that there are as many as 17 QB’s that are viable QB1 options this season. Which of course means there is a ton of value later in drafts.

We will not get too in depth with our draft strategy, subscribe here to have our draft guide emailed to you, but here is the easiest way to break down what we think is the perfect approach to your 2019 draft:

We want to take 4 RB’s and 3 WR’s in the first 7 rounds of the draft… including a running back in round one no matter what. Rounds 8-12 include 2 QB’s, 1 TE’s, and 2 WR’s. The final rounds are used on kicker and defense, a sleeper RB/WR, and a high upside TE2 (we were on Ebron/Kittle/Howard last season… all went 12th round or later).

While this draft strategy gives you the best chance to load up at the most important positions, RB and WR, you simply can not miss at QB or you are playing the waivers all season. This makes your pre draft QB rankings, and ability to find value QB’s in those later rounds, extremely important if you are using this sort of strategy.

best qb rankings 2019

Without further ado, below you’ll find our Hello Rookie top 25 QB rankings. Additionally, you’ll notice rankings for their Average Draft Position (ADP) and Strength of Schedule (SoS), as well as notes for each player.

Top 25 QB Rankings for 2019 NFL Fantasy Football Season

HR RankQuarterbackADPSoSAdditional Notes
1Patrick Mahomes132Number 1 fantasy player 2018, offseason issues w/ Hill and a rough schedule will narrow gap between him and QB2 in 2019.
2Andrew Luck36Remember the calls to bench him after slow start to 2018? Finished QB5 and offense added even more weapons this offseason.
3Deshaun Watson53The team tried to address the offensive line, can’t get worse. Hopkins/Fuller/Coutee is a top shelf WR core.
4Aaron Rodgers231Typical Packers offseason, let a WR walk and replaced him with an aging TE. If chemistry is there with Lafleur he will be top 3 once again.
5Carson Wentz105If he’s healthy top 5 QB is a lock… 100+ passer rating each of last 2 years, runs enough, w/ elite o-line, weapons, and playcaller.
6Jared Goff1127QB11 is insulting. Finished 2019 (2nd yr in NFL) QB7 and would have been higher if Kupp stayed healthy.
7Drew Brees717QB9 in 2017 and QB8 in 2018. 5 ceiling / 9 floor after 12 consecutive years of being in top 5. Easton at C is huge, Cook/Murray great new weapons.
8Matt Ryan813A QB3 performance last season proved that  he’s still elite. Gets OC Koetter back, most weapons back, huge upgrade at o-line in draft.
9Baker Mayfield424It’s all there, looked the part as a rookie, loaded offense around him, great offensive line, offensive minded coaching staff
10Russell Wilson616Was a top 10 QB and didn’t have a rushing TD in 2018. Limited weapons around him, but appears to thrive in Schottenheimer’s run heavy offense.
11Ben Roethlisberger1530Had one of his best statistical seasons after moving from Haley to Fichtner. Losing AB hurts but has best o-line in NFL and plenty of weapons left on the roster.
12Philip Rivers919Lost Tyrell Williams, but still has Allen, Williams, and Benjamin and hopefully gets a healthy Hunter Henry back. was QB11 last year and QB8 in 2017.
13Mitch Trubisky224We have him higher than ADP but may be too low… finished QB15 last season despite missing two games and going under 175 yards five times.
14Jimmy Garoppolo1625Offense was loaded and now adds Coleman, Samuel, and Hurd… Shanahan could get production out of Trump at QB. Top 10 QB if he avoids injury
15Matthew Stafford2628A mainstay in the top 7 for nearly a decade, Stafford’s production dipped mostly due to broken back and issues around him (OL injuries, Tate trade, Marvin/Kerryon injuries)
16Tom Brady1326Seems sacrilegious to have the goat at 15, but production dipped last year (QB14) and now Gronk, Gordon, or Hogan are gone. We know, we know, it doesn’t matter…
16Cam Newton1212Production dipped under Norv Turner last season, weapons are extremely limited, and we can expect even more 12 personnel with Olsen back this year.
17Jameis Winston1414While we want to say Bruce Arians will find a way to get him to make the most of the loaded weapons he has, Koetter was never able to and Leftwich as OC is uninspiring.
19Kirk Cousins1810Drafting Irv Smith likely means a lot of 12 personnel coming, but with Diggs and Thielen still on the field, not a huge concern. Bradbury should help o-line immediately.
20Kyler Murray1920Passing could be a struggle system has never worked in NFL, bad protection, limited weapons, but tremendous upside as a runner and team will play from behind a lot.
21Dak Prescott2111Roster returns relatively unchanged, Kellen Moore promotion is… interesting. Three years in and we know who he is, 22/10 TD/INT with 3.5 fantasy PPG as a runner.
22Lamar Jackson2023As a starter he averaged over 10 PPG as a runner, limitations as a thrower are clear: 36th in expected comp. % +/- and under 150 passing ypg.
23Josh Allen1715Had a rough year as a rookie with first year HC/OC. Great offseason additions: Smoke Brown, Cole Beasley, Cody Ford, Tyler Kroft, TJ Yeldon.
24Nick Foles231Was extremely accurate last season, but ranked dead last in intended air yards. Will benefit from easy schedule, above average wr core, offensive line and DeFilippo
25Sam Darnold2518Another guy that could surprise this season. Gase at HC is huge, signing Bell, Osemele and Crowder will obviously help but Beachum and Shell are still a concern.

qb rankings top 25 for 2019 fantasy football season

Our Favorite QB Targets for 2019

We’re talking top 25 qb rankings and certainly the 25 total quarterbacks that are sure to get drafted in your league. The only qb’s that we don’t cover but perhaps get drafted late are Josh Rosen, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco and Marcus Mariota.

If you have to reach as deep as whoever is under-center in Washington, you did something wrong – give up now.

With that being said, we quite like Flacco to have a revengeful year and I actually like Derek Carr. What with Carr’s 4,000+ yard, 19/10 season last year, Chris continues to shun.

Again, you make rate some qb’s higher or lower than our rankings. However, generally you’re going to find that groupings are there. In other words, you could essentially break all 25 players into groups of 5 and interchange them without much argument.

The top 15 will largely remain in tact, but each tier below is largely interchangeable from a fantasy perspective.

Here’s our top 25 qb rankings with video analysis for the 2019 season. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for out top rb’s, wr’s, te’s, d’s and even k’s.

#1 QB: Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

QB | Kansas City Chiefs

#2 QB: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

QB | Indianapolis Colts

#3 QB: Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson

QB | Houston Texans

#4 QB: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

QB | Green Bay Packers

#5 QB: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz

QB | Philadelphia Eagles

#6 QB: Jared Goff

Jared Goff

QB | Los Angeles Rams

#7 QB: Drew Brees

Drew Brees

QB | New Orleans Saints

#8 QB: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

QB | Atlanta Falcons

#9 QB: Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

QB | Cleveland Browns

#10 QB: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

QB | Seattle Seahawks

#11 QB: Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger

QB | Pittsburgh Steelers

#12 QB: Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers

QB | Los Angeles Chargers

#13 QB: Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford

QB | Detroit Lions

#14 QB: Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo

QB | San Francisco 49ers

#15 QB: Tom Brady

Tom Brady

QB | New England Patriots

#16 QB: Cam Newton

Cam Newton

QB | Carolina Panthers

#17 QB: Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston

QB | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#18 QB: Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky

QB | Chicago Bears

#19 QB: Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

QB | Minnesota Vikings

#20 QB: Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray

QB | Arizona Cardinals

#21 QB: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

QB | Dallas Cowboys

#22 QB: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson

QB | Baltimore Ravens

#23 QB: Josh Allen

Josh Allen

QB | Buffalo Bills

#24 QB: Nick Foles

Nick Foles

QB | Jacksonville Jaguars

#25 QB: Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold

QB | New York Jets

qb rankings summary 2019

A Summary of Our QB Rankings for 2019

Again, like most years, we’re fans of shooting for 2 mid to low tier starters that are statistically undervalued. We love this approach because theres little worse than uncomfortably joining an early run on qb’s. Especially when there is in-fact highly under-ranked qb’s on the board.

Another way of considering this viewpoint is the fact that there are roughly 17 qb’s who threw for 270 yards or more per game last year. Because so much of the league has been shifting towards passing, we’re seeing a much wider range of not only capable qb’s, but efficient and highly performing.

Conversely, there is a case to be made for drafting a rare talent such as Patrick Mahomes. Let’s face it, the kid threw for 50 touchdowns last year. The next closest was Andrew Luck, still 11 back. Offseason moves aside, he’s a special player. If by some miracle you’re able to get him at a descent spot, I don’t hate it. Although your league probably isn’t very competitive.

Let it be known that I’d be perfectly happy with Carr as my #2 this year.

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