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NFL Fantasy Football Playbook 2019 – 2020

Welcome to our NFL fantasy football playbook. Here you’ll discover everything from NFL player rankings and sleepers to drafting strategies, fantasy football promotions and the most frequently asked questions related to NFL fantasy football.

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So you think you’re man enough to pull off a zero RB draft? Better men have tried, most have failed, but we have some tips (including what late-round RB targets you should be targeting) to help you swing the odds in your favor in 2019.

As millions, maybe even trillions, of our fans know we have been releasing player outlook videos almost daily on the Hello Rookie YouTube channel. This article will break down our thoughts for all of the fantasy-relevant running backs that we have videos for.

Last week we identified 5 running backs that you have to target in your fantasy league this season. As a counterpart to that article, here are 5 running backs that you need to avoid at their current ADP.

Running back is the most important position in fantasy football. Consistent, high scoring RB’s are the hardest things to find in your draft.

Every year there are NFL Rookie Sleepers that we all kick ourselves for not being higher on. Drafting certain rookies makes sense & knowing their ADP is required.

You want deep sleepers… we got deep sleepers. All 12 players on this list of deep sleepers are available after pick 128, and 11 of 12 after pick 148.

Introducing our favorite NFL QB Sleepers for the 2019 NFL season. Sleepers can be found anywhere in a draft and that fact tends to be especially true at the quarterback position.

The running back position is arguably the most important position in fantasy football.

Trying to find wide receiver sleepers is one of the more challenging things to do in fantasy football, and it gets even worse when you are looking at these guys in May.

NFL Fantasy Football Resources
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Yahoo is what you call an oldie but a goodie when it comes to fantasy sports. With that being said, they offered bigger NFL contests than ever before towards the end of last year and we expect them to do the same the entire 2019 – 2020 season. So, dust off your Yahoo account (or create a new one) and use our Yahoo DFS Promo Code for NFL this year to get started.

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Grab our DraftKings Promo Code and use it to take advantage of the latest DraftKings promotions for NFL Fantasy Football.

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Use our FanDuel Promo Code in order to get the latest & greatest FanDuel promotions and bonuses for NFL Fantasy Football.

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Get the best and largest Draft Promo Code offer currently available on for NFL Fantasy Football.

NFL Fantasy Football FAQ’s

What’s the best website to play NFL daily fantasy sports?

What’s the best website to play NFL season long fantasy football?

What’s the best website to host an NFL dynasty fantasy football league?

Where can you play NFL daily fantasy sports for free?

What’s the best source for NFL daily fantasy sports lineups?

What’s the best NFL daily fantasy sports app?

What’s the best source for NFL daily fantasy sports stats?

Where can you find the best NFL fantasy player rankings and sleeper picks?

Every year we rank NFL players for daily fantasy and season long fantasy purposes. In other words, the best NFL fantasy player rankings and sleeper picks are ours, of course. Typically we include the top 25 to 100 players per major position including QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, TE’s. In addition, we always provide our NFL sleeper picks for all the same positions. Our sleeper picks range from 5 to 20 players per position that we think have a high probability of having a break-out season.

Moreover, we provide a complete analysis of potential NFL Rookie Sleepers each and every season. In preparation for the 2019 fantasy football season for example, we’ve covered the top 35 rookies who are likely to make an impact in the NFL in coming years.

Importantly, we begin ranking NFL players as early as May and continue to update our rankings leading up to the coming season. By choosing our rankings and making our sleeper predictions so early, we’re able to have a firm grasp as to where players are going in drafts. By continually participating in mock drafts, we have a solid gauge of individual player adp (average draft position). Thus, through grinding, homework and frankly hard work, we’re pleased to report our findings and analysis in the articles found above.

Lastly, if you’d like to have a ‘leg-up’ on your fantasy football competition this season, we highly recommend participating in Best Ball by Best Ball is a phenomenal way to prepare yourself important upcoming NFL fantasy football drafts. There are tons of options for free mock drafts. Best Ball however, provides a much more real setting due to the fact that each draft costs $1. In turn, much of the rift-raft types of participants (drafting kickers in the first round etc) are mitigated.

Where can you find NFL daily and season long fantasy sports strategies?

In addition to providing in-depth NFL player and positional analysis, we also provide all sorts of NFL fantasy football strategies. From daily fantasy football, season long fantasy football, point per reception scoring, drafting strategies and even fantasy football dynasties, we’ve got you covered.