NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups May 1

NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups May 1

Chris pulls of a win in Game 7 of the Hello Rookie DFS NBA Playoff Series.

He now leads the series 4 – 3.

Christopher’s fearless lineup defeated my heavily benched Boston squad 282 to 276.5.

In summary, Boston got blown out and had 3rd stringers running for the final ~5 minutes of the 4th quarter. Also, Nikola Mirotic had 31.75 and Iggy played strong with 32.75 fantasy points.

With only 1 game on tonight’s NBA Playoff Slate, it’s Showdown format time.

Thankfully, we only share 2 of the same players in this Showdown.

Hello Rookie Game 8 will be determined by 4 players.

Below are our May 1st DraftKings NBA Showdown lineups. Pick through them. Compete against us either by manually locating the Free Hello Rookie contest or by clicking the link to join further down this article.

Chris’s May 1st NBA Playoff Lineup

Captain – A. Aminu
UTIL – *N. Jokic
UTIL – C. McCollum
UTIL – E. Kanter
UTIL – P. Millsap
UTIL – *Z. Collins

Joseph’s May 1st NBA Playoff Lineup

Captain – D. Lillard
UTIL – *N. Jokic
UTIL – J. Murray
UTIL – M. Plumlee
UTIL – R. Hood
UTIL – *Z. Collins

* Indicates shared player.

joseph dfs nba playoff showdown lineup may 1 2019

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 1st DFS Lineup Thought Process

D. Lillard – It’s now blatantly clear that Lillard isn’t classy enough to make Chris’s lineups. Which happens to be absurd on all counts. As I said in The Hello Rookie Podcast today, I strongly believe that in a Portland v Denver Showdown contest, both Lillard & Jokic must be in the lineup.

With that being said, paying up for Lillard and Jokic happens to entail reaching deep on essentially half of the entire lineup.

While I could be eating my words tomorrow, I’m standing by this claim until I’m proven wrong.

Lillard continues to be white hot and I anticipate another 50+ fantasy point game multiplied by 1.5 at the captain spot.

N. Jokic – If you’re familiar with the game of basketball, you know that including Jokic in a Showdown lineup is absolutely required. Not only does everything that Denver does revolve around him, he happens to be really, really good.

Chris appropriately called out Jokic’s triple double betting line in the show today. A truly rare talent and stat monster. (Psss… It’s why he’s the most expensive player tonight.)

J. Murray – I haven’t fell in love yet with Jamal Murray. However, for me it came down to giving him or McCollum the nod. Being that McCullum has let me down in the past and Murray is a bit of a young rising star with his hands on the ball virtually all game, I went Murray.

He’s a dynamic player, who when not getting boards is still able to convert behind the arc.

M. Plumlee – First and foremost, Millsap is a beast and I would much rather rely on his production. However, at $8,000, Millsap is a bit overvalued. Sure, Plumlee isn’t a star and none of us are necessarily excited to see him play tonight. At $4,200 on the other hand, Mason Plumlee (when on the floor) lives in the paint and isn’t afraid to get dirty.

In Game 1, Plumlee saw 24 minutes and put up 26.5 fantasy points. I’m crossing my fingers that he sees similar minutes. If he does, he will produce and fill my low tier salary needs.

R. Hood – I’m predicating my Rodney Hood play on two main factors.

#1, Denver’s defense is swiss cheese and it’s all hands on deck for slashers and shooters.

#2, Hood is priced at $3,000 and has a high likely hood of getting his hands on the ball. At that price, I simply want someone who’s going to get touches.

Lastly, if for any reason McCollum or Aminu can’t ‘get going’, it’s a bit of an open scrum to fill the spot between Hood, Harkless & Turner. (Not necessarily positionally, but floor/squad/lineup wise.

Z. Collins – Chris and I are both playing Collins, so our matchup cancels out. For others, I suspect that they’ll likely be choosing between Collins and Leonard to fit a punt play.

I think it’s a complete toss-up between the two. Leonard is $400 more and Collins has routinely seen more minutes. Collins is young and shows a not so bleak future as a #2 or #3 big man in the league.

chris dfs nba playoff showdown lineup may 1 2019

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 1st DFS Lineup Thought Process

James Harden’s eye tried me last night, but in the end true class will always prevail, and my lineup last night was classy in the purest form of the word.

Even with Hayward back to the all hair/no game version of himself we saw earlier this year, I was able to pull out a decisive victory to take control of a series I should have never let Joe hang around in to begin with.

As much as I want to point out how classless it is to roll out Rodney Hood, Mason ’15 MPG’ Plumlee, and Zach Collins… tonight isn’t about class. Tonight is about yin and yang, right and wrong, good and evil.

There is a right way to build a lineup, in this case my way, and there is a sinner’s way to build a lineup… full of greed and lust, in this case Joe’s way.

My lineup is balanced and beautiful, with not three but five guys that could potentially put up over 30 DraftKings points tonight. I have the epitome of ceiling with the Serbian triple double, but this lineup is led by a 6′ 10″ Nigerian-American showstopper that happens to be eager for redemption.

That’s right, my strategy for tonight revolves around Al-Farouq Aminu in the captain spot. I’m betting it all… everything… on a bounce back game from Aminu.

Aminu had a great opening series against the Thunder in round one, and has plenty of recent success in this matchup heading into this series. If I can get 30 or more out of him tonight I think I have a legit shot at hitting a home run with this lineup.

While not paying up for Lillard or Jokic at the Captain spot allows me a much more balanced lineup than Joe (I’ll start Kanter/Millsap/Collins to his Hood/Plumlee/Collins), I open myself up to getting ran out if Lillard has a monster game for the 30% of guys that will have him in that 1.5x spot.

We will have to wait until 9:00 EST to see who wins, but I think we all know how this classic good vs evil battle always turns out. I look forward to making the series 5-3 tomorrow night.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

We got a real barn burner on our hands tonight.

We both feel great about our lineups and one of us will undoubtedly be pissed about the final results.

I need Murray to put up big numbers tonight.

I also need Plumlee and Hood to see minutes.


Relying on Aminu as captain is perhaps the biggest x factor of the night. I would argue that virtually everything revolves around that one decision and is likely a costly one.

hellorookie_j looks to tie the series by early morning est.

Time will tell.


Lastly, for those interested in NBA Playoff Bets, Chris highlighted a few lines in today’s podcast. Namely, Jokic over 43.5 points+rebounds+assists, I mentioned triple double earlier but don’t pay attention… thus I still build lineups the way I did today.

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