NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups May 8

NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups May 8

Chris pulls out a less than thrilling victory in our DraftKings NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Game 12 competition.

His win last night brings the overall series to 7 – 5.

In summary, he won 282 to 255.25. He was better rounded and Millsap went for 44 fantasy points. Additionally, Ennis III put up an astounding 3.75 for me. (Overall, it wasn’t a phenomenal night for most mid to low-tier fantasy options.)

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It’s now Game 13 as we compete with 2 games on the NBA Playoff Slate.

We’ll be competing in the DraftKings NBA Classic Format tonight.

Game 13 will be determined by 6 players, due to the fact that we coincidentally share 2.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

PGSteph Curry$7,900
SGPat Connaughton$4,000
SFGiannis Antetokounmpo$10,300
PFJayson Tatum$5,800
CDraymond Green$7,200
GEric Bledsoe$4,900
FKhris Middleton$6,300
UErson Ilyasova$3,300

Joseph’s Lineup

PGJames Harden$10,200
SGGeorge Hill$4,200
SFGiannis Antetokounmpo$10,300
PFKevin Durant$9,300
CKevon Looney$3,200
GAustin Rivers$3,500
FPat Connaughton$4,000
UMarcus Morris$5,300

josephs draftkings nba playoff lineup may 8th 2019

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 8th DFS Lineup Thought Process

Well, it’s become quite clear, Chris is squirming tonight.

I’ve got him against the ropes and he’s absorbing body shots.

He hates Rivers, Hill ]JJ[ and life. Also noteworthy, he loves Erson.

Tonight’s a W for hellorookie_j.

I love tonight’s slate because it lends perfectly to a top heavy lineup.

Harden, Giannis and Durant are going to ball at per usual.

Mid to low tier players in Morris, Rivers, Connaughton and Hill are going to produce. (Although filling my final slot was difficult and I ultimately decided on Looney. GS is in trouble concerning their depth. Chris should have attempted the #mckinnieproject tonight. Someone has to step up and it just so happens that Livingston is MIA for the most part.)

Perhaps my win tonight is the biggest yet.

chris draftkings nba playoff lineup may 8th 2019

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 8th DFS Lineup Thought Process

The gloves are off and I’m done treating Joe like the new-born-baby-DFS-player that he is. I lobbed him a few softballs early on in the series, but he’s let those wins go to his head and is turning into a monster. Joe, the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.

Joe could look at a slab of marble and puke out his go-to line: I love this slate because it lends perfectly to a top heavy lineup.

His lineup tonight is particularly uninspiring, and I hope Brogdon (mid-video Joe ‘confirms’ that Brogdon is out tonight) comes back to take a massive bite out of his lover George Hill’s playing time. He continues to believe that Hill is a better play(er) than Eric Bledsoe.

Just so we are clear on the argument here, Bledsoe averaged 16/5/6/2 this season compared to Hill’s 6/2/2/1.

I’m not even going to discuss our lineups. Watch the video, watch the games, check back tomorrow to see the DFS infant, down 8-5 in the series, squirm in it’s soiled diaper.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

Things are getting interesting in the NBA playoffs.

Houston has a chance to pull ahead 3 – 2 against GS.

Chris’s unconditional love for one Eric Bledsoe and his prideful decision to start Erson are going to be his downfall this evening.

Although, I must say, I love that he’s rolling the dice on Steph tonight. We’ll he hasn’t been his self as of late, he’s bound to have a stand-out game soon.

Time to bring the Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Series to 7 – 6.

Chris is drunk.


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