May 20 NBA DraftKings Lineups

May 20 NBA DraftKings Lineups

Joseph picked up 2 wins and lost 1 for a net gain of 1 win in the Hello Rookie Dueling Lineups competition.

Chris now leads our NBA Playoff series 13 – 8.

We have put forward lineups for the DraftKings Showdown (GS @ POR) tonight, as well as the Classic format for tonight and tomorrow night’s slate (MIL @ TOR).

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We share 4 players in total. Chris has Seth Curry in the captain’s seat and Joseph has Moe Harkless at captain. Significantly, Chris was able to fit CJ McCollum and Joseph is reaching into the POR fire-sale with Evan Turner.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainSeth Curry$5,100
UTILSteph Curry$11,200
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILCJ McCollum$9,000
UTILKlay Thompson$8,400
UTILMeyers Leonard$5,400

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainMoe Harkless$9,000
UTILSteph Curry$11,200
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILKlay Thompson$8,400
UTILMeyers Leonard$5,400
UTILEvan Turner$3,800

joseph's draftkings nba showdown lineup may 20th 2019

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 20th DFS Lineup Thought Process

Rights, so Turner v McCollum isn’t a fantasy matchup I’m dying to see – no matter the circumstances.

However, Harkless v Seth at captain could lend some tailwind in what could be described as a Portland fantasy dumpster dive.

It gets old saying, but I see no logical reason to not be starting Steph, Klay and Draymond in your lineup tonight. (If I were so inclined, an additional Showdown lineup might include one of those 3 @ captain and building around that pillar. Perhaps the top point earner on DraftKings does just that tonight. I’ve been burned too many times however, in paying up for the el capitán position in these NBA Playoffs.)

While I’d like to roll the proverbial dice on Hood, his quick downturn in everything stats and even minutes has me steering clear. Portland absolutely had to win in Game 3 at home on the 18th and Hood was mia. Additionally, both Lillard and Kanter are continually dealing with what sound like pretty serious injuries. (Lillard, Kanter and Hood having a combined miraculous comeback in Game 4 is doubtful in my opinion.)

If I’m worried about one thing, it’s the very real possibility that Collins has a better game than Leonard. (While very likely not the greatest fantasy play, I addressed this issue in our Classic contest by inserting them both into the lineup.)

chris's draftkings nba showdown lineup may 20th 2019

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 20th DFS Lineup Thought Process

For one game slates, these single entry Conference Finals Showdown contests have been chaotic. Just when you think you have one of these coaches rotations down, we get 30 minutes out of Meyers Leonard, a Damian Jones start, a Rodney Hood disappearance, and George Hill is suddenly a shooter.

I’m betting on another crazy turn of events tonight: Portland’s actually going to win a game in the WCF, and it will be on the back of CJ McCollum. I’ve got CJ in both the Showdown contest and classic contest tonight, so I need him to get hot and extend this series to a 5th (and likely final) game.

With Seth and Meyers I’m basically just chasing minutes trying to figure out what Stotts is thinking. Both guys have been productive when given minutes in this series, and if I can get 25 out of each of them tonight I guarantee I take down Joe.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

We all know POR is in some serious trouble.

It turns out that GS, even with K.D out, doesn’t lose a step.

Steph, Klay and Draymond have all risen to the occasion. A myriad of additional fantasy options are available on the GS bench as reach plays and I continue to like Looney, especially as Iggy appears to need a breather/medical treatment.

Chris summed up TOR outlook perfectly in today’s podcast. They are similarly to POR in serious trouble.

Kawhi is a mountain of a man, but indeed only one man. Siakam is a fantasy stud, but the duo cannot contend with a stout MIL swath of producers.

Brogdon and Giannis are a dynamic duo who are exciting to watch and own in fantasy.

Mirotic and Hill are extremely solid value plays as Gasol continues to roll.

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