May 10 NBA DraftKings Lineups

May 10 NBA DraftKings Lineups

Chris stole a win last night. Some how, some way.

Update on Chris’s Stolen Win: It appears that Jamal Murray had a steal removed from the stat line after the game.

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hellorookie_j lineup

Thanks to an early morning stat change, I went from winning last night to losing. The series is now 9 – 5 (Chris leads).

In summary, he won 294.25 to 292.75. We were back and fourth all night. Rodney Hood and Mike Scott were phenomenal calls by Chris.

Collins and Harris each had roughly 33 fantasy points and Aminu basically laid an egg with 12…

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Game 15 in our Hello Rookie Dueling Lineups Series is upon us. With only 1 game on the NBA Playoff Slate tonight, we’ll be competing in the Showdown Format.

We share 3 players in all, during a 1 game slate (which isn’t bad). We both have Harden at captain as well as PJ & Gordon at UTIL.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainJames Harden$17,700
UTILSteph Curry$10,400
UTILP.J Tucker$7,200
UTILEric Gordon$6,600
UTILAndre Iguodala$5,800
UTILAlfonzo McKinnie$2,000

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainJames Harden$17,700
UTILDraymond Green$10,000
UTILP.J Tucker$7,200
UTILEric Gordon$6,600
UTILAustin Rivers$4,400
UTILKevon Looney$3,800

joseph draftkings nba lineup may 10th 2019

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 9th DFS Lineup Thought Process

Right, so it’s Showdown format time with HOU & GS rosters (and a ruled out K.D).

What could go wrong?

I have no actual money involved in this lineup but am happy to share it.

Harden is the captain in showdown formats until hell freezes, Steph shoots better or K.D isn’t ruled out.

I think Draymond is expensive AF, but could very well have another monster game with a very limited bench and no K.D.

We’re both on the P.G and Eric HOU bandwagon, it’s hard not to be given their production and matchups.

Austin Rivers could keep me alive or kill me again. It’s a coin-flip. Here’s to Rivers on the uptick, needing to contain a high pressure game out of Steph.

Chris hates one Kevon Looney. If I win tonight, it could very well be because he choose to start McKinnie and I went Looney.

This is where were at tonight fantasy wise ladies and gentlemen.

Looney v McKinnie. (Draymond could prove to be an enormous x factor as well. Kinda stoked Chris wasn’t able to fit him.)

chris draftkings nba playoff lineup may 10th 2019

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 10th DFS Lineup Thought Process

winning on draftkingsAnother night, another win. Like I said yesterday, I’m done babying Joey… he loses every single night moving forward.

Apparently he tucked himself into his bunkbed last night thinking he picked up the W, only to be shocked when he woke up and saw yet another L. No I did not have DraftKings fudge the numbers… he’d just as soon take this industry down than admit defeat.

If there was a night for Joe to steal a win, this would be it. I’ve built lineups just about every day for the past six years, but this series is the first time I have ever taken the Showdown format seriously.

One game slates are what I would consider a night off from DFS, but I have to admit the format has grown on me and the addition of the captain slot does add some strategy to a one game format.

That being said, as I stated in the video, I think there is only one well-bearded man that can go in the captain spot tonight and Joe and I both have him there.

I like Steph’s offensive upside for the next two games as his usage should be sky high as he will have to return to MVP Steph to get the Dubs into the Western Conference Finals. He averaged 30+ in 3 regular season games without KD this year.

Joe and I both have Tucker and Gordon. They have been the best consistent value plays for the Rockets this series, and you have to think they both reach value again at home tonight.

I’m also betting that the Durant injury has a significent impact on both Alfonzo McKinnie and Andre Iguodala.

When Durant missed time in the regular season, McKinnie picked up the bulk of the minutes and has been the only bench forward (considering Looney a C) to get minutes for Golden State these playoffs.

‘Grandpa Iggy’ as Joe calls him will be pushed to his max for the next two games. He will be asked to pick up additional minutes, to spend more time on Harden, and to contribute on offense as the Rockets defense will likely try to smother Steph and Klay. He’s been a rock throughout these playoffs, and I think he has one more 5x+ performance in him tonight.

Tonight we toast to a 10-5 lead and doubling Joseph up!

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

Nobody wants to say it.

Nobody wants to admit it.

Golden State is in trouble.

They were in trouble before K.D went down.

We’re looking at Grandfather Iggy, McKinnie, Looney and or Bogut to be highly and I mean highly relied upon to produce on both ends of the court.

If any duo in the history of the NBA are capable of this HOU task, Steph and Klay are towards the top of that list.

However, neither of them have been in their ’15 or ’16 form.

For the love of basketball, get busy offensively Mr. Rivers.


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