NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups April 30

NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups April 30

Joseph reigns supreme yet again, with a bodacious win in Game 6 of the Hello Rookie DraftKings Dueling Lineup Contest.

The series is now tied as I look to take the lead tonight in Game 7.

In what’s becoming typical dominance, I ended up winning 263.75 to 246.5.

In summary, Siakam and Millsap had outstanding performances for me. On the other hand, Chris was let down big-time by Aminu.

Nevertheless, we battle it out again with 2 games on the NBA Playoff Slate tonight.

Being somewhat of a pleasant surprise, we only have 3 of the same players in our lineups this time around.

Therefore, Hello Rookie Game 7 will be determined by 5 different players.

We are obviously down to share our lineups. Think you can do better? Compete against us directly in the free Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Contest. (Locate and enter manually or scroll down and click the button below that links directly to the contest.)

Chris’s April 30th NBA Playoff Lineup

PG – J. Harden
SG – *K. Middleton
SF – M. Morris
PF – *K. Durant
C – *D. Green
G – A. Iguodala
F – G. Hayward
UTIL – N. Mirotic

Joseph’s April 30th NBA Playoff Lineup

PG – G. Hill
SG – *K. Middleton
SF – G. Antetokounmpo
PF – *K. Durant
C – *D. Green
G – A. Rivers
F – A. Horford
UTIL – J. Brown

* Indicates shared player.

josephs nba playoff april 30th lineup

Joseph’s NBA Playoff April 30th DFS Lineup Thought Process

This time of year is fun! With the cream rising to the top in the NBA Playoffs, there is bound to be a ton of fantasy scoring.

My strategy going into tonight is to rely heavily on a foundation of Giannis, Durant, Draymond and Horford. While there are certainly other stars that will perform well, such as Steph, Harden, CP3, Kyrie and even Bledsoe, I feel confident in my ‘star plays’.

With a hero strategy in effect, winning absolutely requires bottom to mid-tier picks that produce. So, I’m reaching on George Hill, Austin Rivers and Jaylen Brown.

(The way I see it, I have 2 outs or 2 ways of winning.

#1, everyone plays well – the moon shot.

#2, my stars play so well that it makes up for sub-par performances from my ‘reaches’.

George Hill – At $3,500, Hill fits for one of my biggest reaches. Look, it’s not pretty, but he does in fact average around 20 minutes a game with the second team and is highly efficient. I’m aiming for anywhere around 20 fantasy points here as his ceiling is only 25. Additionally, it’s a play on a possible uptick in minutes as Sterling Brown left Game 1 early with back spasms.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – I really don’t think much needs to be said here. Like Chris referenced in The Hello Rookie Podcast, every single lineup tonight is either going to feature Giannis or Harden. I’m going Giannis because he’s so incredibly relied upon to produce. His ceiling is as fat as they come, averaging 50+ fantasy points against Boston this year. I’m sure Harden is going to do his thing, but I’m turned off by the 3 point flopping controversy – especially with NBA refs under the microscope.

Austin Rivers – As referenced above, the big question mark on tonight’s likely highly watched outing between Houston and Golden State is what the refs are going to call and not call regarding flops and 3 point contesting. Austin Rivers is a deep – deep – deep stretch for any kind of decent fantasy production at this point. However, compared to others in the $2,800 realm, he stands out. The relatively unlikely play here is that Harden and CP3’s drama behind the arc brings Austin Rivers onto the floor a bit more than usual. He’s averaged 17 fantasy points per game against Golden State this year and is just ending an illness which sidelined him in Game 1 of the series.

Al Horford – While some wouldn’t like a Horford and Giannis start, I actually quite like it in the playoffs. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Horford’s game in the 1st meeting was his defense of Giannis (which believe it or not was still 37.5 fantasy points). The bottom line is that these 2 are ballers and they’re both going to fill up the stat lines. Horford’s averaging just north of 50 fantasy points against the Bucks this year. I moved players around to make sure I was able to fit Horford into this lineup.

Jaylen Brown – Right, so I was a bit hung-up on who I wanted to fill up my final $4,800. I like Iggy a lot too, but with the drama undoubtedly to unfold in the Houston v GS Game 2, I had to go a different direction. In addition, even with Iggy getting the nod to start in Game 1 and what looks like Game 2, he mostly relied upon for defensive purposes. With that being said, it’s a close call, Iggy’s a vet and has been known to get hot. Jaylen Brown on the other hand, has averaged 32 fantasy points per game against the Bucks this year. Furthermore, Brown gets tons of minutes and has been extremely efficient behind the arc in the last 3.

chris nba playoff april 30th lineup

Chris’s NBA Playoff April 30th DFS Lineup Thought Process

Joe’s lineup is impressive at the top, squeezing in Horford to my Hayward and Jaylen Brown to my Iguodala, but is it classy enough? Are we OK with a lineup featuring Austin Rivers and George Hill? Is there anyone in the DFS community, or any community, that thinks class when they hear those two names? I think not.

James Harden – At $10,100, or 191,292 Mexican Pesos, Harden is the highest priced player in this slate. I think Giannis has a higher ceiling and will have lower ownership, but Harden is the right choice. He has been more consistent, plays around 25% more minutes and gets more usage in those minutes. Harden had a 90+ point DraftKings game against the Warriors earlier this year, but I think 7x is his cap tonight. The main reason I love Harden is his 5.5x floor, and the fact you are getting that production at PG, which I believe is the weakest position in this slate.

Gordon Hayward – Hayward struggled to bounce back from injury this season, but his hair game remained strong and eventually everything came back as well. He was on fire heading into these playoffs, and has been over 5x in 3 of 5 games these playoffs. Despite his poor form earlier in the season, he somehow managed to average over 25 DraftKings PPG in the series matchup with the Bucks, so clearly this is a matchup he enjoys.

Marcus Morris – At $4,200 on DraftKings, Morris has reached value in 7 of his last 10 including 4 of 5 playoff games. He has done so with just a 18% usage rate, relying on points, rebounds, 3 pointers, and the occasional assist/steal/block. He isn’t anything flashy, but like Harden has a high floor tonight and like this matchup (26.3 DraftKings PPG or 6.3x value). What could be classier than a Morris twin in the playoffs?

draftkings april 30

Andre Iguodala – Andre Iguodala’s $4,700 salary is indicative of regular season Iguodala… we are talking about postseason Iggy. Postseason Iggy plays 20% more minutes (even more when he starts as he is tonight), sees a 50% bump in usage, doubles his scoring, and improves statistically everywhere else across the board. He has hit at least 5x value in 3 straight games and 5 of 7 postseason games. He’s a lock to make it 6 of 8 given another start, and how often Kerr will have to use the death lineup in this series.

Nikola Mirotic – While I generally don’t advocate punting in lineups, I have been throughout these playoffs and tonight is unfortunately no exception. My punt play tonight is Mirotic at $3,500, and while I don’t love needing Mirotic, he’s a hell of a lot classier than Rivers or Hill. Mirotic has been the most consistent 3 point shooter for the Bucks this season, and is the one guy aside from Giannis and Middleton that plays well in this matchup. He had 34 DraftKings points against the Celtics as a Pelican earlier this season. Sure he is a liability on defense, but given the way Connaughton, Ilyasova and Lopez are shooting the ball right now he provides some much needed offensive ability for the Bucks.

I haven’t made a full grown man cry in almost a week. While Joe doesn’t meet the criteria to end that streak, he will be in tears on tomorrow’s podcast.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

I like my odds again tonight.

Chris is going to be trailing for the first time in this series after tonight.

Tomorrow, we’ll likely here Chris say things like, Mirotic screwed me (when his 3 point shooting comes back to reality. Or perhaps Iggy and Hayward are the culprits this time.

Either way, all I’m trying to decide at this point is whether or not I should play Queen or Journey in opening tomorrow’s podcast.

You’re welcome.


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