NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups April 22

NBA Playoff Dueling DFS Lineups April 22

In a tradition of journalistic integrity here at Hello Rookie, I’m not going to shy away from keeping track of our dueling lineup record.

It should be known that Chris currently leads at 1 – 0. He pummeled me 251.25 to 174.75. (Although, I quite like my odds tonight.)

With only two games on the NBA slate tonight, we of course have many matching picks. (50% to be exact. In other words, half of our rosters are the exact same.)

Nevertheless, there are still 4 players that will ultimately determine who takes the Hello Rookie Dueling Lineup Game 2.

Below you’re graciously invited to note our picks. Please keep in mind that we don’t consult one another when constructing our lineups. If we have similar picks it is in fact, coincidental. With only two games on the NBA slate tonight, that’s frankly hard to avoid.

Chris’s April 22nd NBA Playoff Lineup

PG – *R. Jackson
SG – *J. Harden
SF – *K. Middleton
PF – B. Griffin
C – *B. Lopez
G – E. Bledsoe
F – D. House Jr.
UTIL – P.J Tucker

Joseph’s April 22nd NBA Playoff Lineup

PG – *R. Jackson
SG – *J. Harden
SF – *K. Middleton
PF – J. Crowder
C – *B. Lopez
G – E. Gordon
F – L. Kennard
UTIL – A. Drummond

* Indicates shared player.

josephs nba playoff april 22nd lineup

Joseph’s NBA Playoff April 22nd DFS Lineup Thought Process

I’m essentially banking on Andre Drummond to come out swinging with Detroit’s back against the wall (down 3 – 0 to the Bucks). Similarly, I’m a little more concerned about Blake’s knee than Chris is. He had an amazing Game 3, but I’m not ready to place a bet on him having a better game than Drummond.

I want shares of Houston because they’ve been pulverizing Utah (leading the series 3- 0). While we share Harden, I couldn’t make CP3 fit, so I made the leap for Gordon. Gordon gets minutes and plenty of attempts, we’ll see if he has an average 20+ fantasy points or is able to shoot well and enter the 30 point range.

Luke Kennard at $4,900 fit nicely for me. He has a high average floor over the last 10 games, a solid field goal average, gets plenty of minutes and frankly has nothing to lose tonight. I’m hoping he lets it fly early and often tonight.

While I’m not ecstatic about Jae Crowder tonight, he fit my needs at $4,000. Utah is again down 0 – 3 and someone will be at least creating stats on their roster. I like Rubio and Gobert of course, but they didn’t fit my salary needs and I wasn’t compelled to substitute others to make them fit. If Jae is in the 20 fantasy points realm, which he’s been averaging, he will have played his role in my lineup.

chris nba playoff april 22nd lineup

Chris’s NBA Playoff April 22nd DFS Lineup Thought Process

First and foremost, Chris let me have it for leaving $1,700 on the board in our inaugural Dueling Lineup contest. (Which was well deserved – I was rolling the dice and trying to be a little too clever as it were.)

Chris’s overarching thought process revolves around finding and utilizing statistical value. Specifically, he was looking for players that met at least a 6X value (algorithmic projections vs salary).

Noted in the podcast was D. House Jr. logging a few 5X games in the playoffs and Griffin’s usage rate being large and in charge. He also notes that he wanted to go Houston and Milwaukee heavy.

According to Chris, his lineup is the best ‘cash game’ lineup you could build tonight.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

I’m going to be winning tonight and bringing the series to 1 – 1.

Chris is going to play it off like a freak accident and quickly change the subject tomorrow during The Hello Rookie Podcast.

In fairness however, if Kennard and Gordon don’t each have 20 – 30 + fantasy points tonight, I might be in trouble.

On the other hand, Chris paid $7,700 for Blake Griffin and his knee brace. He’ll be in trouble if Blake doesn’t have another herculean effort tonight.

Lastly, for those interested in NBA Playoff Prop Bets, Chris highlighted the following platforms in today’s podcast along with some interesting lines.

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