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MyBookie Review

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mybookie review

Complete MyBookie Review for July

In this MyBookie Review, we’ll cover the company behind the brand and the product itself. MyBookie is gambling website and began it’s online operations in 2014. It is legally licensed to operate by the government & laws of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, whatever weight that carries. Additionally, MyBookie points out on their website specifically that it is controlled, operated and administered entirely within the Netherlands Antilles. If you don’t really care about what we’ve written in our review, grab your MyBookie Promo Code and get started.

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mybookie reviews by hello rookie

MyBookie has been a bit of a phenomenal in recent history, with positive reviews littering google search results and the brand being listed at the top of blogs all over the internet.

As a potential new player, you most likely want to know if the company is really legitimate or not.

In my opinion, based on everything I’ve researched (I dive pretty deep), the answer is no. I would not recommend creating an account, depositing money and or playing at MyBookie.

Found out more below.

Just so we’re on the same page:

Like most, if not all ‘offshore’ sports books and or gambling websites, finding exact ownership and leadership of MyBookie was an exercise that I could not complete.

However, I’m an open (though critically) minded person. For me, the sports betting industry is overly frowned upon. After all, the lotto doesn’t seem to land much scrutiny, in many states marijuana is now legalized and sports betting & dfs are slowly but surely becoming legalized. Hell, we even went through Prohibition in the United States.

Do we frown upon all whiskey because at one time it was illegal to buy, sell, transport or create alcohol? No, we look at the entire episode as a non-sensical idea.

Look, you may not have realized it, but ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports along with the rest of the entire mainstream media reports on betting relating information.

Whether it’s as simple as noting the game-lines or who’s the favorite, sports betting content is everywhere.

I could go on and on, but I’ll finish the above with this thought. Just because sports betting has had to operate in the shadows or black market for so long, doesn’t mean that all who have ever been attached in some way to betting on sports are to be thought of as criminals.

With that being said, the amount of money involved with online gambling and sports betting in general is staggering. When combined with the criminality of operating in this industry, very shady entities and people do indeed emerge.

Until online sports betting is legitimized in the United States through proper regulations however, we are left to sort through the mess on our own. (And or rely on more trustworthy sports books.)

A few quick notes:

Just like many things in life, when it comes to using an ‘offshore’ sports book, your experience may vary.

So, yes, some people may have had an absolute perfect experience in dealing with MyBookie.

However, in coming to my conclusion to not recommend MyBookie or most other ‘offshore’ sports books, I take the entire body of information that I can find into account.

Also, in MyBookie’s rules and regulations the following statement is available:

‘Any service that MyBookie offers is intended for recreational players only. We reserve the exclusive right to refuse, limit or close any client account if we find that it is being used otherwise.’

What do you think the term recreational player means? Sure, they could just be overly cautious about players of a certain ‘caliber’ trying to game their systems.

More logically however, it means that they reserve the right to refuse, limit or close any client account they want to.

BetOnSports connection:

When MyBookie launched, they flat out marketed the fact that a number of former employees (senior management even) of BetOnSports were operating MyBookie.

Below is an exact quote previously pulled from the MyBookie website. It has since, been taken down.

We are a new sports book site, but our owner group and management team ran BetOnSports, one of the most widely recognized sports books in the world, for a number of years.

Why does that matter?

Well, BetOnSports has one of the most colorful pasts in all of online gambling.

Again, it’s not just because the BetOnSports founders we’re indicted and sent to prison for breaking several US laws. It matters because the US players who had accounts with BetOnSports lost nearly everything.

In fact, only roughly 4% of account balances we’re repaid to users with accounts.

If you’d like more information on the founders of BetOnSports, dig Gary Kaplan and David Carruthers.

The BetSoft Relationship

MyBookie works closely with a company called BetSoft Gaming. BetSoft is well known for developing amazingly cutting edge casino gaming software. However, BetSoft faced some problems in 2016. While information is widely unavailable regarding the problems, there seems to have been some abnormalities related to several progressive jackpots offered by Betsoft slot machines.

Notably, Bovada dropped a series of BetSoft Gaming casino lines in 2016.

Web Partners Partnership:

Web Partners is an affiliate marketing business operating out of Costa, Rica. They work closely with MyBookie, although it is unclear exactly how close. (Not that it matters much, just another piece of the puzzle.)

Relationship with Pat McAfee:

Pat McAfee, a former punter for the Indianapolis Colts and former member of the Barstool Sports team is now partnered with MyBookie.

MyBookie Review of Betting Types

All the typical betting types are available along with live betting and a number of line options.

mybookie review of rollover policy

MyBookie Review of Rollover Policy

If you’re seriously considering betting online with MyBookie, you seriously need to take a look at their rollover requirements.

In addition, the ‘house rules’ and ‘terms and conditions’ are so tricky that even if you don’t accept a promotion, special offer or bonus, you need to read them as well.

You’ll be surprised by what you find both as someone who potentially accepted a ‘bonus’ and frankly someone who hasn’t.

mybookie review of house rules

MyBookie Review of House Rules

Again, before creating an account or depositing money, you need to know what you’re getting into.

MyBookie’s house rules have little gems like this all over, ‘House Rules will supersede any verbal or written offering of any MyBookie staff member.’

Therefore, you should probably understand said rules front to back.

mybookie review of ui and ux

MyBookie Review of Platform / App UI & UX

Look, MyBookie functions just fine on desktop and mobile. Frankly, this is the current industry standard.

If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. MyBookie like many other ‘offshore’ gambling websites however, doesn’t have a stand-alone app to be reviewed.

Again, to be fair, the actual desktop and mobile design and functionality is solid. (It’s the problem of transparency and a really rough history of corporate leadership that we’re not thrilled about.)

mybookie review of sports book menu

MyBookie Review of Sports Covered

MyBook covers all the major sports along with a number of additional options. Some of the additional sports betting options include esports, cycling and pinball.

mybookie review summary

MyBookie Review Summary 2019

Here’s the conundrum, MyBookie’s platform is pretty and they offer a tremendous amount of promotions and bonuses.

Similarly, they’ve seemingly been pouring money into marketing efforts. However, the same people who ran BetOnSports, now run MyBookie. BetOnSports is responsible for causing an insane amount of US players to lose essentially all of their account funds back in 2006.

MyBookie Review Details
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  • Rollover Requirements
  • Betting Types
  • Mobile Use
  • Legitimacy

MyBookie Rating Overview

Part of me want's to jump on the bandwagon and push MyBookie's enticing deposit bonuses to unsuspecting or unread potential participants.

However, I cannot.

This is because the sports betting laws in the United States are undergoing a change.

Over time, when the US enters sports betting in scale it's going to inevitably hit many 'offshore' books and betting operations in a big way. And I just don't feel comfortable making money from such a situation.

This MyBookie Review should serve is a bright red flag for US customers considering betting on the platform.