Where to Bet on The 2019 MLB World Series

Where to Bet on The 2019 MLB World Series

Daily fantasy and sports betting experts aside, some of us simply want to place a ‘casual’ bet on sports occasionally. We’re betting that one of those occasions is the 2019 MLB World Series. Perhaps you haven’t watched a baseball game all year but indeed care to make things interesting. Below you’ll find the best places to bet on the World Series this year, at least as we see it. Rule of thumb: Always read the fine-print concerning policies and rules.

Most casual sports bettors will be seeking to place a bet on who will win the 2019 MLB World Series. We’d just like to point out an additional bet that goes hand in hand with picking the winner and that’s the Series MVP.

Who will win the 2019 World Series?

Who will be the 2019 MLB World Series MVP?

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2019 world series mvp contender alex bregman

DraftKings World Series Betting Options

If you thought DraftKings was just for daily fantasy sports, think again. DraftKings is leading the rollout of sports betting across the United States. If you live in a state where the DraftKings Sportsbook is legal, consider yourself lucky and create an account today to place your bet on the World Series.

Current 2019 MLB World Series DraftKings Sportsbook Lines
Washington Nationals +192, Houston Astros -235
Gerrit Cole +650, Justin Verlander +750, Jose Altuve +1000, Alex Bregman +1000, Max Scherzer +1300, Anthony Rendon +1400, Juan Soto +1400, Stephen Strasburg +1400

FanDuel World Series Betting Options

Along the exact same lines, FanDuel isn’t just for daily fantasy nerds. In-fact, they feature one of the fastest growing sportsbooks in the United States. It’s a virtual toss-up in deciding whether to bet on DraftKings or FanDuel, especially if your a casual player who simply bets on big events such as the World Series. However, the same holds true, if the FanDuel Sportsbook has been legalized in your state, count your stars, create an account and make a wager.

Current 2019 MLB World Series FanDuel Sportsbook Lines
Washington Nationals +200, Houston Astros -240
Gerrit Cole +650, Justin Verlander +750, Jose Altuve +950, Alex Bregman +1000, Max Scherzer +1200, Stephen Strasburg +1400, Anthony Rendon +1500

Monkey Knife Fight World Series Betting Options

Here’s a daily fantasy sports / sports betting / prop betting platform that you’ve likely never heard of. It’s called Monkey Knife Fight and it’s an increasingly popular source to make wagers on sporting events. Monkey Knife Fight (or MKF) is a very unique resource for sports fans. They’re essentially running a prop betting platform under the guise of ‘playing’ daily fantasy sports. However, the writing is on the wall so to speak when it comes to sports betting in the United States and they’re likely to remain unfettered.

With that being said, MKF is only offering props for individual games throughout the World Series, compared to betting on the entire Series or the Series MVP.

Bovada World Series Betting Options

There will come a day in the United States when sports betting is legalized across the nation, where consumers in every state can decide whether they want to place a legitimate bet on a legitimate platform with legitimate consumer protections. However, that day has not yet come. Thus, for those of us who live in states where DraftKings and or FanDuel (among others) haven’t cleared all the hoops necessary to operate, we’re limited to aforementioned MKF and the blackmarket.

The online sports betting black market is none of our first choice, however, when beggars can’t be choosers, Bovada comes to the rescue for sports fans across America. Bovada is a ‘legitimate’ place to place a wager, just be aware of all the fine-print including but not limited to rollover requirements.

Current 2019 MLB World Series Line on Bovada
Washington Nationals +175, Houston Astros -215

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