May 29 NBA DraftKings Lineups

May 29 NBA DraftKings Lineups

Chris picked up the win in our last Showdown contest featured MIL v TOR.

After seeing my lineup, Chris decided to change his at the last minute for our Dueling Lineups competition.

Editor’s Note:

Wow, Joe pulling out the old changed his lineup line. Fact check: both lineups outplayed Joe’s best lineup for the night (258 and 233 to 221) and the switch to the second lineup, which was agreed upon, was done on video merely to create a more entertaining contest (original lineups were one player apart). SAD!!! But not surprising.

He now leads, 15 – 10.

Nonetheless, the lineup he put together for that contest was formidable and took 2nd place in our field of 100.

We only share 1 player in our main lineups tonight (which is surprising). It’s GS @ TOR NBA Finals Game 1 – DraftKings Showdown style. Let’s GO!

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainSerge Ibaka$6,300
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILSteph Curry$11,400
UTILAndre Iguodala$8,000
UTILKyle Lowery$7,800
UTILMarc Gasol$6,000

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainNorman Powell$5,400
UTILSteph Curry$11,400
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILPascal Siakam$9,000
UTILKlay Thompson$8,400
UTILKevon Looney$4,800

As we discussed in the Hello Rookie Podcast, below you’ll find a couple of additional DraftKings Showdown Lineups that we also like tonight.

Additional DraftKings Lineups We Like

Chris’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainKyle Lowery$11,700
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILMarc Gasol$6,000
UTILAndre Iguodala$6,600
UTILJonas Jerebko$1,800

Joseph’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainJordan Bell$9,000
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILSteph Curry$11,400
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILKlay Thompson$8,400
UTILKevon Looney$4,800

joseph's may 29th nba draftkings lineup

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 29th DFS Lineup Thought Process

Lots of questions to have answered in Game 1 and throughout the GS v TOR series.

“So many questions?”

Danny Green? Norman Powell? Fred VanVleet? Marc Gasol? Iggy? Buggie? K.D? Bell? McKinnie? Perhaps these are the questions that [JC] was asking in his puzzling twitter pictures.

I’m very interested to see what happens with Powell & D. Green.

I’m similarly very interested to see who – if any – out of Bell, McKinnie and Jerebko becomes a fantasy stud in this series.

To me, those are the biggest fantasy wild cards in this series, I think it’s quite evident.

As per usual, we can expect monster games out of Steph, Kawhi and even Draymond. With Siakam, Klay and Lowery, I think we can expect solid 30 to 40+ fantasy showing throughout the series.

Ibaka? I’ll pass for now. For the actual game, I think he plays a crucial role in a double headed monster in the paint between himself and Gasol.

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 29th DFS Lineup Thought Process

I think this series is going to be more uptempo and high scoring than most people believe… certainly more uptempo than anything Toronto saw out of Orlando, Philly, and Milwaukee.

The two players that I expect to have a huge series for their team will likely be matched up against one-another for 30+ minutes each night. Curry and Lowry seem to love playing each other. Over the past four seasons Curry has averaged 30/7/4/1 against Toronto, while Lowry has countered with 24/8/5/3 against the Warriors.

Both guys will need their A game if their team is to have a shot at the title this season. Kerr always has a surprise for his opponents and I think he will have something planned for Kawhi. The Warriors have to make the supporting cast beat them, and Lowry’s matchup with Curry will be one of the more favorable options Toronto has.

On the other side, it looks like Golden State may get Boogie back at some point this series, but KD seems doubtful. This means Steph has to continue his hot play as he is likely the one Warrior that should be safe from The Klaw.

While both Draymond and Kawhi were 6x machines in their Conference Finals series, I feel much more confident in Kawhi maintaining that level of play. Dray is a career 35 DraftKings PPG player against the Raptors, and that number holds up at whatever sample size you use. He has averaged 35 against Toronto over the 5 seasons, and 35 over the past two.

Kawhi on the other hand averaged 44 DraftKings PPG vs the Warriors over the last 5, and 55 over the last 2. Combine that with the added minutes and usage he has seen throughout these playoffs, and I think Kawhi is a far better play than Green.

The two cheapest salaries on my roster are the Raptors centers. We get a chance to target Ibaka and Gasol in a game where they should face Looney, Bogut, Draymond, and Bell in some sort of rotation at center. That group has been the softest D vs Center throughout these playoffs, giving up 50+ DraftKings PPG over the last two series.

Like Joe, I can’t wait to see what these two teams and coaches have in store for us from matchups to rotations. Unlike Joe, I’ve built a winner despite the lack of clarity.

One last note. That $2.5 million contest is super sexy, and the million dollar top prize is certainly going to make the game more interesting, but play responsibly. Focus a chunk of your bankroll on single entry cash games… live to play another day. Cheers to 16-10, enjoy the Finals!

NBA Playoff DFS Contest – Free to Join – Bragging Rights at Stake

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It’s free to join and is a first come / first fill DraftKings NBA Showdown Format contest.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

The countdown has begun for NBA Finals 2019.

The popcorn is on standby.

Looking forward to seeing Kerr & Nurse duel it out lineup and rotation wise.

All I can do at this point is shrink Chris’s lead in our Dueling Lineups.

I look forward to doing just that.

If you didn’t know, Chris is drunk (editor’s note: true.).


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