May 23 NBA DraftKings Lineups

May 23 NBA DraftKings Lineups

Joseph grabbed two phenomenal wins last night in what’s becoming a trend of winning.

Chris’s tight grasp of the lead is slipping in our DraftKings Dueling Lineups competition.

He now leads, 14 – 10.

The two wins described above are the result of the Monday – Tuesday Classic format and Tuesday night’s Showdown format contests.

In our 2 slate classic format contest, Chris tallied 283.5 and Joseph put up 354 (taking 2nd place overall in the contest).

Similarly, Joseph’s low tier captain play finally paid off as George Hill out performed Chris’s Giannis captain choice in a final score of 237.88 to 231.12.

We’re battling again tonight with the POR v TOR series tied at 2 – 2. We share 3 players in our dueling lineups for this DraftKings Showdown.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainEric Bledsoe$8,400
UTILGiannis Antetokounmpo$11,600
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,400
UTILPascal Siakam$8,000
UTILMalcolm Brogdon$7,000
UTILGeorge Hill$3,600

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainGeorge Hill$5,400
UTILGiannis Antetokounmpo$11,600
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,400
UTILKyle Lowry$8,800
UTILMarc Gasol$6,600
UTILBrook Lopez$6,000

As we discussed in the Hello Rookie Podcast, below you’ll find a couple of additional DraftKings Showdown Lineups that we also like tonight.

Additional DraftKings Lineups We Like

Chris’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainKawhi Leonard$17,000
UTILGiannis Antetokounmpo$11,600
UTILMalcolm Brogdon$7,000
UTILMarc Gasol$6,600
UTILBrook Lopez$6,000
UTILPat Connaughton$1,600

Joseph’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainBrook Lopez$9,000
UTILGiannis Antetokounmpo$11,600
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,400
UTILMalcolm Brogdon$7,000
UTILMarc Gasol$6,600
UTILNorman Powell$4,400

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think it’s obvious that the DraftKings Showdown format is largely based on the captain’s position.
However, it not entirely for the 1.5x multiplier. Rather, it’s the 1.5x salary cost to fill the slot.
In other words, by breaking down the captain’s position into essentially 3 different tiers including, low, mid and high salaried options, we give ourselves the best perspective.
A lineup is able to win with a low, mid and high salaried captain. Determining which tier of salary to play when is the real phenomenon.
The old phrase, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, proves to be true time and time again.

joseph draftkings nba showdown lineup may 23rd 2019

Joseph’s NBA Playoff May 23rd DFS Lineup Thought Process

Chris is going to have his panties in a wad, but yes I’m placing George Hill at Captain.

Again, I’m staying away from plays like Ilyasova, Mirotic, Green, Connaughton, VanVleet and Ibaka.

While I don’t necessarily mind running with a couple of them in a classic format, I think showdown (on average) requires a more balanced approach.

So, I’ll take Giannis, Brook and George for MIL 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.
Similarly, I’ll run with Kawhi, Kyle and Marc for TOR any day – any time.

I’m turning over a new leaf if you can’t tell. No longer will I typically rely on hero plays and long shots. I want the work horses in the middle (albeit, when Giannis & Kawhi are going – they seem to be required).

chris draftkings nba showdown lineup may 23rd 2019

Chris’s NBA Playoff May 23rd DFS Lineup Thought Process

We are 25 days/contests/lineups into this series, and Joe is starting show signs of a pulse. Albeit he’s rolling out the same cash lineup every night, but a pulse none the less.

The challenge I face is, knowing what lineup he is going to play, how do I get leverage in the Showdown format? I can’t fade Kawhi or Giannis, Hill’s ridiculously low salary makes him a near impossible fade, and I’ve talked him into a love affair with one of my favorite plays this series, Marc Gasol.

I’m going off the radar to get some leverage tonight… I think I can find low ownership and max-upside by rolling the dice on Eric Bledsoe in the captain spot. Bledsoe has been inexplicably bad this series, and there are calls for Bud to bench him. I don’t think the Bucks can

I could also pick up some points if I get a bounce back performance from Pascal Siakam, who has arguably the third highest ceiling out of the players available in this Showdown contest, but who’s inconsistently makes him difficult to roster at his current salary.

Joe tends to get intolerable when he wins a game or two in a row… All of the sudden the recap from the night before moves from a 30 second portion of our podcast to the first 5-10 minutes. We will shut him up tonight and make tomorrow’s show much more tolerable for everyone. You’re welcome.

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Hello Rookie NBA Playoff Dueling Lineups Summary

Let me put it this way, I ‘love’ my Dueling Lineup going against Chris and the rest of the field.

I ‘like’ my secondary lineup, inserted for additional thought.

My secondary lineup essentially takes the Norman Powell factor into account.

Norman Powell has been an absolute spark plug off the bench for TOR and will likely continue to be just that.

Especially as Siakam continues to be a volatile scorer.

At the $6,600 (Captain) or $4,400 (Util) salary mark, I find him to be fairly priced. He’s been trending nowhere but north and has hit the 30 fantasy point mark in the last 2.

While I don’t hate a Middleton play, he’s also been volatile and is quite expensive.

I’m off Siakam and Bledsoe completely. Brogdon is steady eddie as always.

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