June 7 DraftKings NBA Finals Lineups

June 7 DraftKings NBA Finals Lineups

Chris blew me out of the water in Game 3. The final score was roughly 240 to 203.

My secondary lineup again surpassed my primary by roughly 20.

I’m looking for a redemption in Game 4 for myself and one Boogie Cousins.

In Game 4 of the 2019 NBA Finals, we share 3 players in our dueling lineups. With very surprisingly both have Boogie in the Captain slot.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainDeMarcus Cousins$10,200
UTILSteph Curry$11,800
UTILKawhi Leonard11,600
UTILKyle Lowry$8,000
UTILAndre Iguodala$5,800
UTILShaun Livingston$2,600

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainDeMarcus Cousins$10,200
UTILSteph Curry$11,800
UTILPascal Siakam$9,400
UTILKyle Lowry$8,000
UTILFred VanVleet$6,000
UTILSerge Ibaka$4,400

As we discussed in the Hello Rookie Podcast, below you’ll find a couple of additional DraftKings Showdown Lineups that we also like tonight.

Additional DraftKings Lineups We Like

Chris’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainJordan Bell$2,400
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILSteph Curry$11,600
UTILDraymond Green$10,600
UTILDeMarcus Cousins$7,200
UTILFred VanVleet$6,200

Joseph’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainKlay Thompson$12,900
UTILSteph Curry$11,800
UTILDraymond Green$10,400
UTILMarc Gasol$6,400
UTILSerge Ibaka$4,400
UTILAndrew Bogut$4,000

joseph's draftkings nba finals lineups game 4

Joseph’s NBA Finals June 7 DFS Lineup Thought Process

Wow, if you didn’t have Steph in the Captain slot in Game 3, you paid the price.

I indeed, paid the price.

While Steph’s importance cannot be overstated, I’m walking on the wild side again tonight and not having him at el’ capitan.

Instead, I’m running with none other than the large and slow man known as Boogie.

It would be extremely difficult for Cousins to repeat the terrible stats line that he turned in for Game 3. Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Cook, Bell, Jerebko, McKinnie and Livingston are not viable fantasy options. (With that being said, I actually am rolling with Bogut at UTIL in my secondary lineup. He has an official 2 inch vertical and is similar to molasses in terms of speed, but GS needs another big man in the paint.

In terms of low tier plays, I believe that Bogut is as low as you can go (no pun intended). At $4,000, he’s most likely to produce compared to the entire rest of the GS roster at $4k or below.

In my primary lineup, you’ll similarly notice that the lowest I went is Ibaka at $4,400. Serge had a block party in Game 3 and I’m riding the coattails of that high. In addition, it’s a continuation play on the lack of large and quick men in blue jerseys.

Steph will be steph yet again.

I think Lowry listened to our last podcast and heeded our advice to get more aggressive. (That and Klay’s absence led to a monster of a Game 3 for Kyle.) I like him to again, meet and exceed value.

Siakam is everywhere and nowhere at once. He’s the man of many faces. I continue to love me some Pascal.

Danny Green’s value to a hike north after a playoff and finals high in scoring. I’m not high on that trend continuing. However, I am high on the likelihood that one Fred VanVleet meets and or exceeds value yet again…

draftkings june 7 picks

Chris’s NBA Finals June 7 DFS Lineup Thought Process

How does that classic saying go? Every once in a while a squirrel pulls his head out of his own ass and finds a squirrel. Joe did that tonight with Boogie. One in a million doc.

Where he dropped the ball was the Siakam pick. At this point in the series I think it’s safe to say we have seen the best of Pascal. Clearly the Warriors have solved this puzzle, and as I mention in the video, it isn’t that complicated of a puzzle to solve.

Beyond that, Serge has disappeared and given his minutes, his fantasy value is now completely block dependent. He should be avoided at all costs.

Iggy continues to provide consistent value without needing a ton of usage. If he puts together a complete game tonight 7x value is in play, but at the worst we are looking at a 4x floor.

I’m dominating this series right now and look forward to choking out whatever life Joe has left in him.

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Hello Rookie NBA Finals Dueling Lineups Summary

At this point, the lack of variation in viable fantasy options is becoming apparent in this year’s NBA Finals.

Fred and Steph are likely to be in your lineup. You’ll then be deciding between Kawhi, Pascal and Draymond. Following those extremely wide variations in choice (sarcasm detector’s beeping increases), you’ll have to decide between Boogie, Gasol, Lowry and Thompson. From that point, it’s what we in the business call a shit show. It’s a smörgåsbord of 10 – 15 fantasy point ceilings.

With all that being said, it’s really difficult not to love Steph Curry play in the NBA Finals.

So, if nothing else, cheers to Steph, potentially another ring and Andrew Bogut’s vertical jump.

Chris is getting into CFL mode. Drinking of scotch increases to NHL level times ]17[ .


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