June 2 DraftKings NBA Finals Lineups

June 2 DraftKings NBA Finals Lineups

Chris won our NBA Finals Game 1 Dueling Lineups competition.

Our final score was 201.375 to 196.62 in a dfs-wide rather low scoring affair.

He was very well-rounded and even a hobbled Iggy managed to put up 25 fantasy points.

In Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals, we share 3 players in our dueling lineups.

Dueling Lineups Running Record

Chris Wins


Joseph Wins


Tonight’s DraftKings Lineups

Chris’s Lineup

CaptainKawhi Leonard$17,700
UTILSteph Curry$11,600
UTILAndre Iguodala4,600
UTILKyle Lowry$7,600
UTILMarc Gasol$7,000
UTILOG Anunoby$1,400

Joseph’s Lineup

CaptainDanny Green$7,500
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILSteph Curry$11,600
UTILKyle Lowery$7,600
UTILFred VanVleet$5,800
UTILDeMarcus Cousins$5,400

As we discussed in the Hello Rookie Podcast, below you’ll find a couple of additional DraftKings Showdown Lineups that we also like tonight.

Additional DraftKings Lineups We Like

Chris’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainKyle Lowery$11,400
UTILKawhi Leonard$11,800
UTILSteph Curry$11,600
UTILMarc Gasol$7,000
UTILFred VanVleet$5,800
UTILOG Anunoby$1,400

Joseph’s Secondary Lineup

CaptainDeMarcus Cousins$8,100
UTILSteph Curry$11,600
UTILDraymond Green$10,400
UTILPascal Siakam$9,800
UTILFred VanVleet$5,800
UTILSerge Ibaka$4,200

joseph's june 2 draftkings nba finals lineups

Joseph’s NBA Finals June 2 DFS Lineup Thought Process

Well, here we are.

Fred VanVleet has becoming a fantasy mainstay in these NBA Finals. Also, Fred VanVleet has been crowned.

Norman Powell’s fantasy reign has seemingly come to an abrupt end, while we cross our fingers on Danny Green shooting well.

DeMarcus Cousins sprints back into the fantasy arena, or jogs, actually let’s face it, he walked. (Nonetheless, I’ll roll the dice on a walking boogie over Livingston, Bell, McKinnie, Jerebko, Cook, Bogut or the GS water boy.)

Looney is damn near the same price as Gasol. Thanks DK, that’s fair…

Iggy has trouble jogging.

We’re faced with rolling the dice on Boogie (period).

This is what building a lineup with extremely limited mid-tier options looks like.

chris's june 2 draftkings nba lineups

Chris’s NBA Finals June 2 DFS Lineup Thought Process

Chris was unable to write anything today. Also, Google’s compute engine was down for several hours today, which is always nice.

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Hello Rookie NBA Finals Dueling Lineups Summary

In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, we indeed had some of questions answered.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m actually really excited to watch Game 2 and the rest of the NBA Finals play out.

Toronto fans are bringing a whole new level of energy and excitement to the game.

As a fantasy player however, we’re looking at luck playing a much larger role than usual.

Nobody is excited about their entire lineup tonight.

A handful of players are going to put up 15 or less fantasy points tonight and it makes for abysmal value prospecting.

If you can get hyped about running Ibaka at Captain so that you don’t have to reach for GS’s waterboy, this is your night. Bask in it.

Perhaps DK can make a few salary adjustments for Game 3 and beyond so that the top third average actually gets over 2 bills.

Chris is in the bag. It’s noon.


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