FantasyLabs Pro Review

FantasyLabs Pro Review

Complete Tool Analysis
fantasylabs pro review

Complete FantasyLabs Pro Review for July

In this FantasyLabs Pro Review, we’ll discuss the team, the product and it’s features. FantasyLabs was established in 2015 and is a daily fantasy and sports betting data tool. FantasyLabs Pro enables users to quickly and easily test daily fantasy sports theories, models and ultimately winning lineups. Check our FantasyLabs Promo Code page for all the latest special offers when signing up.

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fantasylabs pro reviews by hello rookie

Founded in 2015 by industry ringers Peter Jennings and Jonathan Bales, FantasyLabs Pro is a top shelf sports data tool.

With Colin Davy on the team, there’s no wonder why FantasyLabs has been able to make such an incredibly successful product. Davy won the first two ‘Hackathons’ at the MIT Sloan Sports Conference in 2015 and 2016.

To geek out a bit, the theme of the contest in 2015 was data visualization. Davy’s take was visualizing and quantifying offensive complexity in the NFL.

Importantly, legendary investor Mark Cuban established a financial position and strategic partnership with FantasyLabs in January 2016.

FantasyLabs Pro Review of Subscription Types & Options

Essentially FantasyLabs offers 1 package. However, they commonly have a ‘free trial’ option limited to 5 days. The standard subscription price for the pro service is $69.95 per month.

In addition, they tend to offer limited-time discounts. For example, right now you can save $10 per month when subscribing to the service and grandfather the rate in.

fantasylabs data functionality review

FantasyLabs Pro Review of Noteworthy Data & Functionality

The top sports are covered and include NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf & NHL. Perhaps most importantly, FantasyLabs is powered by data in real-time.

The main tools available to you when subscribing to FantasyLabs Pro are as followed:

  • Build Models
  • Research Trends
  • Create Lineups
  • DFS Pro Insights

fantasylabs ux and ui review

FantasyLabs Pro Review of Platform & App UI/UX

The FantasyLabs Pro data platform is incredibly intuitive and well-built. When we seriously want to research data and or test theories, we operate on a laptop or desktop.

FantasyLabs understands this, which is why them beautifully designed the lineup builder, dfs analysis, real-time news and player props into the app for mobile use.

fantasylabs review summary

FantasyLabs Pro Review Summary 2019

The power of data cannot be understated. If you’re trying to do anything in business or strategy these days, it’s all about understanding and harnessing important data.

FantasyLabs Pro Review Details
  • Functionality
  • Mobile Use
  • Accuracy
  • Insight
  • Value

FantasyLabs Pro Rating Overview

We've come across a number of daily fantasy sports data platforms in our time and currently FantasyLabs is the absolute best all-in-one package.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not to give FantasyLabs a go, simply sign-up for the free trial and give it a test run.

What you're going to find is a whole new world of analyzing problems and coming up with solutions. You'll quickly learn that you're no longer handicapped by limited information.

In fact, the question simply becomes, 'can you handle it'.